Search for missing jogger Mollie Tibbetts continues, as reward breaks record

Twenty-year-old Mollie Tibbetts mysteriously disappeared after last seen while running along the streets of Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18.
7:03 | 08/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Search for missing jogger Mollie Tibbetts continues, as reward breaks record
The latest O the search R misngol stude from io. Invtigators looking for Calling herdie suspic. He disappearance of 20-yold mollitibbets. Desperate search to find he Now a mtery days deep. Wand if record-breaking reward Mo $270,000 for infoion leading to H safe rn. Ty farming has been upended. Tonight her father witample message. Hang inthere, and I mis you, mollie. Come H mollie's disapprance has rocked herometown of Brooklyn, Iowa. A high cmuf about people. Everyone knows everyone so someone knows ws happed. Mo mother with an urgent believe T I are pleading with you to pleasreleeher. We we're looking for you, and we will never stop. I just want her home. The 20-year-old unive iowatu dpeared oy 18. The day she went missing, our communication was thrgh text and I started you know, about a recipe, wanted T M to a function she was going to. SOI, you know, went ping, T F edients. Around 5:00 tteveng, mollie's brother dropped at her boyfriend jack do house to dog sit. Shntinued T text with her family and it was an exchange of you be home forinner toght? Yes, I'm goingorunfirst. What are we having? Anat was I that W tmmunicatio I had with her. It was aater when she was last seen public. She W last on July th apply 7:30 P.M. Ilening the cit ofbrklyn. Her last known article of selieved toe dark colored runningshorts, ak spts top and running shoes. Daltonhe was ao ING what could become an impot clue herobably has on her fit bits she Nev takes off. She uses it for the tr and for all her run every WHE didn't show up for work the day, H absence raised alarm. O of herk friends called me and said she didn' co in she didt call. In I was , that' not like R. She had actually been sphe summer daon apartment. Dao is not considered a suspect miles away working a constn job the day she dippeared. Shehtave her cell phone, but obviously we've tried St Callier. To voice mail says hisas counication with her was a snchat hened Aro 10:00 P.M. I look back in my ssage. She hadn't opened a of tm oreen a single one. So itarted throw R flags and calling everybody toe if had gotten in contact with Scott called her erher know that mollie missed work. It waspanic,ecause T is so out of mollie aracter. One, one to not show U to rk. Two, not let her emplor know. Three, herboyfrid, myse anderbrother. Wod not do Her fily says have noreason to believe S arunaway.her mother says mollie was excited about an Vaca sheas taking Wier boyfend to attend his brother's wedding in the Dominican reicnow aod of msing person posters is plaough th community E have thetarol airpla and we've had helicopts from local hospitals helping us out as we. The fas joined search D hundreds mollie's friends are assisting. Searchs areombinghrough towering corn fields where had beenown to run. We really hope that we can get found a back home to the people that love nvestigato a looking to other places she known T jog, turning to surveillance videoorhelp. Ve went T all the businesses that we K have video, we've Ave resint where we'veeen able to make contact video I front of their houses. Itigators a also foowing up on hundreds of leadnd from the public, including a psible sighting a truck S I carney, Missouri, 230 miles away. Authorities say they have luded it was not Tibbets. We'reot givpn any possible leads hopehat digital foint. She isery well connected obviously to our advanta to gainny informa Thate ca And they're looking into that fitbit which the say could ide critical ues. That's going toell the story where when shewas. Maybe to an en what she was do 56-year-ol Chene says he was question by the FBI last.ive just 500 yards away a P they CHED. He says H has never met anyone tib family and that he is not a person of interest. Every day that pas th case tt muchharder, but the fact that Ty hav not named anyone as aersonf interest isn't that surprising yet. They to get as much informat N. And then that bireward infoion leading to H whereabouts, now me than $270,000. Put yourself in shoes.ould doything to get her back. A con is related the bad guy. They may witnessed something. The abductio or after the abduction, a changn his . Alof these things THA might be les inclined to report aw enrcy mig to finding R. Meanwhe, her family is scrambli answer, struggling to understand W any would possiy bring harm to mollie. He was fun-lovi, ergetic, spontaneous. One has shared anything even remot negative about mollie. It's a town and so you don't get very far in a small T if become a sort of irritt or negive person. And so S just ay good, person. Ansohy I don't think anybody T M her. N't. Weus need people to think the is somy knows something and they don't eve know it's important. Despit eachxcciating hour goes by without their daugsi T saysivp is not an opon. Ha not a thought. I'm perfectly aware that this can go on for weeksnd months and, you knowut you won't see me giving up hope.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"Twenty-year-old Mollie Tibbetts mysteriously disappeared after last seen while running along the streets of Brooklyn, Iowa, on July 18.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57075974","title":"Search for missing jogger Mollie Tibbetts continues, as reward breaks record","url":"/Nightline/video/search-missing-jogger-mollie-tibbetts-continues-reward-breaks-57075974"}