Selma Blair describes the moment she received her multiple sclerosis diagnosis

In an emotional interview, the actress discusses her 7-year-old son's reaction to the diagnosis, how she's living with her symptoms and her wanting to raise awareness about MS.
8:19 | 02/27/19

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Transcript for Selma Blair describes the moment she received her multiple sclerosis diagnosis
She'll look Blair have that the interview. Jeers Robin Roberts should. How are you doing I can do bear very well thank. Very happy to see you being in puts it. You know you just. Put out what being in the middle of an aggressive form of multiple it's cooler systems like. Selma Blair has a message for the world multiple sclerosis may have affected her voice. But not the power of her words when I first got and that's I. No idea at what it was. It affect me. And so make speeches you'll notice. Is I have expects Basmah but to stone him right now it is interesting to. That didn't fit to be here to say this is what my particular case looks like right now and it could be very very different ending year. For the best. The actress speaking for the first time about the disease she's been battling for years what's called a snowflake disease because it's different like a fingerprint for every one. Not one size fits all and on Sunday Selma made an emotional return to the red carpet thing. For the first time since going public with her diagnosis for months ago attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party. With the support of her customize Cain. A moment of triumph. Turning to cheers from the press. The actress became a household name in movies like legally blonde. The sweetest thing. And of course our euphoria cruel intentions an alert or not Sarah Michelle Allen one of my dearest call this morning and said I'm really. Helping change people's lives I can't bend my left leg well for years her illness was a mystery the 46 year old suffering troubling symptoms she says doctors didn't take her seriously so she developed her own coping mechanisms I was drinking I was in pain I wasn't always drinking but there were times when I couldn't take it. And I was really struggling with how what might get get by in life. And not taken seriously by doctors. Single mother you're exhausted the financial burden but the blah Mosul pre menopausal postman and I mean that now no one. Said. She yet and camera may mission just check in that you're asking that it may I kiss goodbye and they just saying no no no we should probably and I even got to the pirates that I need to go to work and I have. Stay awake at dropped my son off at school a mile away. And before I got homeland to pull over and take an act. And I was ashamed. And I. Do was doing the best I could and as a great mother but it was killing me. MS is a chronic often unpredictable disease of the central nervous system which is made up of the brain and spinal cord and optic nerves. Can cause problems with vision balance and muscle control. Before she was diagnosed Selma sop up the help of fellow actor Michael J. Fox who has lived with Parkinson's disease for nearly thirty years I have reached out to him before I was diagnosed. And I GM to him. And I sat I don't know who to tell but I'm dropping things I'm doing strange things. Haven't China might beat dean won't stop moving my leg. I can't feel it's bouncing and I said I'm sorry this is inappropriate I didn't know who to turn to and I don't know him. It was because he is a celebrity. That was an actor that came out that still working the talks about it he got in touch with me. And we began converts say check and Miami mass hits in spots that make it very park console the end process like Mike. If I thought yeah I guess pretty cool again cooling event had thought. When confronted by phone from there but not really. After years of suffering. It was a fall in front of a doctor that eventually led to her diagnosis last August when you were first diagnosed well but initially went through your mind. I cry. I had tears I wasn't they were. Tears of panic they work. Tears of not being. I now to give it to a body. That have lots of control. And there was some relief in because. Ever since my son was born. I was in then and that's flare up and didn't know. And I was giving it. Everything to seem normal I wasn't totally word but I did have about ten minutes of crying. And that immediately got on the phone with my manager 'cause I had to be in Atlanta. The next day after tenants a movie. The basic cause of MS is still unknown but experts say it's at least two to three times more common in women than men. How difficult was it to share with your side not at all. But he would hardly seen. That I was falling and doing things and I was all always laughing and he would imitate me. And Buick that's fine but don't do that the house people think your jerk. And so I did after tellem after an MRI's that I have something on multiple sclerosis. And he almost cried and said will it kill you and I said. No I mean we never know what kills us are there. But this is not the doctor tells me I'm in music. And that is that for Selma. Her diagnosis has also given her a new mission. Can help and want or help anyone being more empathetic it is somewhat that that might seem. Let me oh are a lot worse doctor bit then you know that's the least he can do right now. She's hoping to create a line of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. Well I think people need the confidence to not feel. In visible ones. You have an illness if that is kind of where my mind set as. You know thank you still back to people I'm still access. Mama don't gotta bring home the bacon and a single mom. And Selma is still working part of an upcoming scifi drama series on Netflix called another life what propelled me to really come forward was. Authentic gratitude for all the people that were holding my secret. Netflix and on the movie after when it's a huge thing for people with disabilities mind there are major. That you can still find a way hopefully if you believe and persists. -- still get to work. Her message of perseverance coming throughout that emotional Vanity Fair red carpet on Sunday. Moving even the press. Getty photographer Mike Coppola. Quickly snapped this powerful image sharing his story on mr. Gramm saying quote she turned around her left hand in the air and pause for a second. As she was determined to take control of her body I took my tapered shot of the night right Dan. And captured one of the most vulnerable human moments I have been a part of. What are doctors telling you what's what's your prognosis. The doctor I saw he said within a year. I can happen at the time he's at 90%. Of mine in abilities. So this is that this does say. Let's meet again next year and see different matter from not. And I can still have a conversation that some good enough I was little scare talking. And even my neurologist at no this will bring a lot bow where if you don't want. As that and the G-8 to top went there and for later. But at the close up look can't. And vanity fair's feature on Selma Blair is live on their website Vanity Fair dot com and the march issue of the magazine is on newsstands right now.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"In an emotional interview, the actress discusses her 7-year-old son's reaction to the diagnosis, how she's living with her symptoms and her wanting to raise awareness about MS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61347687","title":"Selma Blair describes the moment she received her multiple sclerosis diagnosis","url":"/Nightline/video/selma-blair-describes-moment-received-multiple-sclerosis-diagnosis-61347687"}