Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?

"Nightline" hired two attractive actors to pretend to be obnoxious in a speed-dating experiment.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?
Tonight, we set up an experiment to answer a question that may have been on your mind, if only sub consciously since high school. If you're good looking how much can you really get away with? If you thought somebody was attractive would you overlook a bad personality? And if so, how bad? Here's juju Chang with what we're calling a "Nightline" love lab. Reporter: We're at the world bar in New York City for a speed dating event. Eight men, seven women and just eight minutes to decide if there's a love connection. But what no one knows is that today there's a ringer in their midst. Meet Lindsay. She's a professional actress. Generally a guy who's interested in you just for your looks doesn't ask you any questions. Just kind of like hey. This story all started with an online dating profile that went viral a couple of months ago. Aaron Carter fan. Appearance? Fabulous. Personality, not so much. Famous past times, knocking cups out of the hands of the homeless and tricking boyfriends to thinking she was pregnant. She turned out to be a social experiment conjured up by a comedy writer. I wanted to see if there was a lower limit of how awful a woman could be before men wouldn't message her own dating websites. Over 1,000 men still wanted to date her. With nearly 40% of American singles looking for love online. Relationship coach donna Barnes said men just can't help themselves. It all starts visually for a man as far as attraction. You say visual, I say shall shallow. Okay, so men are shallow online. But surely they wouldn't be as blinded by beauty in person. Well, we decided to find out. Which brings us back to the world bar and our ringer, Lindsay. Tonight, we asked her to be not just beautiful, but obnoxious in that same special Aaron Carter fan way. One time I did sleep with my cle college roommate's boyfriend, but I couldn't help it. He was hot. He kind of looked like you. At the end of the night, they would have a chance to decide who they would be willing to date again. Will they choose our despicable beauty? My friends call me the goddess. She's not going to make it easy. Mike is taken aback. I try to play it up. But macho takes it right in stride. They call me the goddess. What I'm getting from you is a confidence, but not arrogance. Thanks. It's a good thing. Lindsay's date seems to be looking for a positive spin. Arrogant and manipulative things and he's like I like that you're blunt. People aren't themselves when they first meet somebody. They're trying to put on the person that they think you're going to like. Right. So I think it is refreshing on some level for someone to say hey, this is me. When she digs her gold digging line on this guy. I want to meet a guy who can take care of me. Make it happen. Well, the sugar daddy in the right way. You know? Like. Fur coat and hat, I got it. For me, yes. Her next date Steven tries to take it as a joke. A man who can take care of me. That's kind of my goal. You know? I. I'm not trying to work for it. Nobody is trying to work for it. No. I would like to retire and play basketball every day. Although this guy actually tries to talk her out of it. Wouldn't you be bored if you didn't have anything to do all day? I could find -- I'm not going to sit around and eat bonn-bonns. What would you do? Get up, go workout, go shopping. Meet up with friends, go grocery store, cook a nice dinner. She says she would be a ho happy housewife, even though it's not entirely clear she would be content. I miss partying and being wild. And hooking up with random people. Those were the days. I'm Lindsay. But there's one guy who seems a match for her in awfulness. I like to think of myself as a goddess. You know what, that's really ironic. I like to think of myself as a god. Really? I do. I'm zeus. You can meet my aphrodite. Okay, we have a confession with he hired him, too. How will these women deal with the equivalent of the Aaron Carter fan. The queen's got to stay home to make sure the castle looks good. Jarid begins by complimenting himself. I feel like I look incredible, wrinkles aside, which make me look distinguished. I'm owning it. I need another drink. . Christine is not charmed. Not good. Are are we fighting? Reporter: Jarid is trying to convince these women their place is in the kitchen. The thing you like about salsa dancing, do you feel that's a good thing to have for life. Not that the man is the leader, but that the man is the provider. Daniella isn't buying it. Not necessarily. I've done my studies. Reporter: Clearly she's not interested. But Alexandria is more receptive. Best friend, girlfriend comes on to you. Is it your responsibility to keep her faithful to her boyfriend? He's trying to convince her that cheating is okay. She is not being satisfied by someone and I can satisfy that person and I'm interested in doing so. You make a valid point, sir. Good Alexandria be doing the same thing guys were doing, excusing bad behavior if someone is good looking? If so, she was the only one. Three men thought Lindsay was worth a second date, but sure enough, Alexandria was the only woman who wanted to go out with our Mr. Opinionated and obviously sexist undercover date E er. I didn't think he was obnoxious at all. I ended up agreeing with him in the end. Not because I found him attractive but because of the way he presented the material. She happens to work for ABC. Though we promise she was not in on the experiment. Remember Daniella, she definitely wasn't buying jarid's argument. He seemed a little by, not crazy, that's too much. But that he wanted to experiment different things. As for the men, Trevor was one of five guys who wanted no part of Lindsay. I just thought she was a gold digger. Giving women everywhere some hope that men aren't completely driven by looks alone. It's funny because there are a lot of women who are gold diggers. And she was just a little bit more obvious about it than most. Overall, she was nice to me. I would say. But one thing that alarmed me was she said that she wanted a guy to take care of her. Our actors felt those alarms should have been more obvious. Three guys picked Lindsay. Nice. I'm not surprised because I really did feel like I was being undesirable. I'm happy that my number is low. Because that behavior shouldn't be rewarded. Were you surprised by the results? I'm not particularly surprised. I have faith in women that they hopefully have a little more depth, I hate to say, in choosing a partner. Although in fairness, it may not have been balanced. I think even his body language was different. If she wasn't making eye contact she probably wouldn't get the same response. When men are ready to settle down and have a real relationship, they want beauty that's more than skin deep. When you're really looking for a relationship, men are looking for a lot more than just looks. Yes, they need to be attracted to that person, but there needs to be substance to back it up. Juju Chang with insight into the human condition tonight.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" hired two attractive actors to pretend to be obnoxious in a speed-dating experiment.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"22813258","title":"Shallow Dating: Are We Blinded By Looks?","url":"/Nightline/video/shallow-dating-blinded-22813258"}