The Shootout: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 3

Heroic first responders put themselves on the line to stop the terror threat.
6:30 | 12/01/16

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Transcript for The Shootout: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 3
Just doesn't under the covers San Bernardino police team arrived at the home address for Ferraro they saw him pull out in his black SUV rental car just in time and we've been. Several seconds later it would probably would have missed him. Sargent Gary shall. Undercover narcotics detective in an unmarked car led the team following in the SUV officer nickel off right behind an unmarked van. You're still right in the second you know might be good a drug suspect. We don't want to know that we're following them. To their surprise it appeared for rope was heading right back to the scene of the shooting at the IRC. They came back with a crunch in a number of times you know that they were very very close to a Princeton. Several times within that four hour time period. San Bernardino chief Jared or blind now believes they were essentially circling in the scene for hours after the attack. Came very very closely originals and a number of times. Apparently trying again and again to remotely detonate three pipe bombs they left behind that had gone unnoticed. You can. Presume they have the detonator in their cars. Potentially it was to try to get close enough today its dollars. But before they could this time to mark squad cars pulled in behind him with lights and sirens. Here. Sargent Andy camps of the Redlands police department who just behind. As we drove northbound from when they took off. I saw them passing for the passengers to the driver passing items or articles to each other said the car. It's a good good guests on inside. Yeah. Shots fired shots fired. They're firing it unfortunately. The deputy Sean while the San Bernardino sheriff's office was the target. 25 yards and issues. Like this year and mutiny was arraigned roster. Have my my left mean gas and Larry needs talking to my left hand. And point my rifle out of the passenger seat this as a vehicle suddenly stopped slamming on break. Veteran point wildly. Admired he. Point in the front. Gone out of the vehicle. Right here at eight color and return fire this way towards a separate vehicle. Senior rivaled yet July rifle stock. And he's shooting back to needs to get open yeah rear driver's side door. And a few miles but it was laying down shooting out of the door and Mike told. And that back portion right here. Died shooting this way towards a male suspect. And I was hunkered down again like this shooting back at them. Then the roof made a break from the vehicle to get even closer to deputy walked. Firing as rent. Here you Shania ounces or he was trying to flank me for whatever. Come up and I was about quite fifty feet away and man charming captioning again also circle law who moved in to protect law and Barry here I'm embryonic Wanda come back and that's one that's when I thought the board hit me in the way that violate discounting about and I remember stumbling and I fell into the grass right over there at the curb. And that it is an agent Everett Helen particularly out while they're down. Enamored ripple my sorts of them looked and saw all my life. And I never reach out and semi Biden thinking there's going to be a big exit when there but it wasn't I didn't see blood. Turn corner from LA like there was going to be tough world. Are they okay keep fighting and I go now like this. Push herself back out into the street and kept shooting of the SUV. Even after being hit yeah. He continued firing at the root out down on the streets I kept seeing so. But for rooks life Malik was still firing from the back of the black SUV. Double bore holes and the windshield she didn't stop shooting themselves to a stop. And at a certain point. She was struck by I think. At least fifteen grounds not certain she was dead and whether there were explosives rigged to go off inside the car police said in a special bomb squad vehicle to pull her out and it was only then that authorities realized it was a woman for a ex wife. The mother of an infant child left behind. Who is now in Foster care it certainly surprised me that you have a woman with a six month quality. Who could do something like this. That's very hard for us to comprehend. Four hours and seventeen minutes after the first shots were fired the two shooters the two terrorists were dead. They had killed fourteen people injured 22 up and left permanent scars in the lives of hundreds more. Still evident now a one year later. Deputy Sean Wallin of the San Bernardino sheriff's department and Sargent Andy caps are back on the job. As our Gary schalke and a colossal although the bullet is still in his life. The three law enforcement officials who commanded the effort and the police department the sheriff's office and the FBI have been praise for the way they worked together. I don't ever want to forget that this is about the families that's what it's all about. Because those people had to face one holiday season already without their loved ones they got another one coming up. An asterisk extremely difficult. The emotions are still raw for the officers who first raced into the bloody chaos of the shooting scene lieutenant Mike men. Officers Sean sound. And the probation departments Nate school run and you knew sponsor right now computer analyst Donnie Ruth soccer. It is such an amazing job she now teaches other law enforcement agencies how to best track down suspects using computer data takes. They went down that way and the citizen who memorize the license plate of a suspicious car and called on one line Stuart boat. Has been honored as a key vote by at least one of many that day San Bernadine. Okay. Okay.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Heroic first responders put themselves on the line to stop the terror threat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"43894179","title":"The Shootout: The Heroes of San Bernardino Part 3","url":"/Nightline/video/shootout-heroes-san-bernardino-part-43894179"}