'Snapchat dysmorphia': Patients seeking out cosmetic surgery for 'filtered' look

Doctors are raising concerns about the new trend of patients wanting to look like retouched, picture-perfect versions of themselves.
7:34 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for 'Snapchat dysmorphia': Patients seeking out cosmetic surgery for 'filtered' look
like their fake photos.me evenurning to plastic surger for help here's ABC's Abbie Boudreau. In instaam type neration,ou see all of the beauti women. Coon, now. Could anyboeallyhat perfect? Lihey're jt great making themselves look great Repter: Social Medi feeds flooded wlawless filtered images that ly feature. But for some, like Kimberly pate, kwnk-michelle the r&b singer wh the hit song "vsop,nd the starthe VH1 "L hip-hop" Franch seeingny unrealisc altered photographs have heighten the pressures to be picture per in real life. I think there's a lot of nocial Medi to be competitive. Especially in the music indy no 'S not based on talent. It'sased onpopularity and Instagram ke I've tried to keep the se Repor evenith blossoming music career and more than 5 million follo Instagram, ss she's struggled withelf-esteem for years, trying to unistic beaut ideal. I got my S. Filrs and thing like that. I take great care of my skin. Reporter: With appike face tuneou have the power to comply transformyoself. Bigger eyes. Nose and jawline. Smoother sk even whiter teeth. N snahat can look like a bunny. On instagr you can change your lighting. Oncean lke a completely different person. Repor can even use E kylie Jenner F on Instagram that she offers to promoter lipstick line. Some in the medical comty Y -altering filrsan be dangous. "The journal ofhe a medical assoion"cribing a new phenon Cal Snapchat dysmorphia, a former by dysmorphiceeking cosmeticurgery to look like filtered versions of ves. All of us like the idea of having arar T T away our flaws. What this doe is puts us in position where all we do I focus on our flaws andpend time editing what we think is wrong with us, rather than reflect O T which is good of an ths a professional plastic surgery -- Reporter: Bevly hillsastic surgeon Dr. David saya sh just H easy it can be. That'f you were to show an Ima of a smaller nose, so here W go.we can naturally make smr. At nose better. Oh my gosh. If I put you side byde, tht is. Oh. Do Y seeome in, women and men come in, andy I want to try to lot looks good sl media? Absolutely. It's becoming moreon, people show Ima igr go, this is how I took. It's a morphed image themes. Reporter:t's not just women altering online looks. Apps on iTunes like man let men add sicks,at theatos, beards. Even though everyone I doing it, everyone is on socl Medi ere is thiisk peoplere creating two verons of these. Th sociamedia version, and the person that'sut then the world. Orter: Even celebriti may have as to teams stylists to H them create the perfect post love filtering selves. Khlo kardash telling Chelsea handler in Netflix show -- Let talk Abt apps we' passionate Abou Fac tune is T best thing. I should bg myself up? Yes. I bieve in tune. S. He way to live. It's like how -- Dmatter. It's not real. You a presenting T the world what you want them to believe you are. Repor face tune costs about $4 to download whiace tune 2, a selfie cam and itor, nearly $36 a year. Togeer cpany says both ore than 50 Mon downloads. But psychologisarn these phot filters can be particularlyroubling for teens and Y people, aretill veloping their S self There much moreel compare their images to oer people. They're much more likely toant fix their own a phenonon that's going to concentrate iadoless and young adults. R 20-year-old Sofia app frequently. M why youseace. To fix blees and the mple, whitening teeth, fixing Howo you draw the line between feeling good Think a lot self-talk is realmportant wn app. Do I really need tdjust every of my body? Or iccep this ow I look? Reporter: The israel-based mpanysing this ps warninot todo it with their ap Stop. Stop. Stop distorti Maksucan still recognize you in real life. Useace tune to make me glams,ots my surgeon. Reporter: Face tune telling ABCs in part, fac and face 2 a actually breaking the illusion of perct Bo ideals. Everyone everyone I Ung it. Going on to S itel playing field for everyone. Sociy non belve unrealistic bodndards are actually real or attainable.kimberly says she does not have snapch dysmorphia, but saysheli the P good. Ited her to get black market silicone injtions in hear. Hink it takes two people. Itakesheatient to want the wrong thing for themselves and sgeon to want to go along with wrong decision. Reporter: After painful cocations, S end up seeking out corree surgery fromr. Ya to remove the silicone. Today she he F follow-up in I'metting bacto and I'mustappyhat I jus don'have to around in pain anymore. Eporter: Kimberl say she's going backo her natural look. And name. Ited to go back to the person THA mom made me. And that was T very you know,ubbly person. And thison thaverybody loved. The one thing you't putfi is your psyche and your menhealth. 'Ve goto geto a place where they feel good about selves. Ften W I some sort self-confce serum I coehe astead of all thetions ish for. Reporter: Kimberly says feelul narally. Ma loving yourself minus instagm likes and things like that. If you can do that, that's a thin an me, that's the U state of peace. Now M not scared to get agram. I'm aie boudreain Beverly hills, California.

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{"duration":"7:34","description":"Doctors are raising concerns about the new trend of patients wanting to look like retouched, picture-perfect versions of themselves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57129946","title":"'Snapchat dysmorphia': Patients seeking out cosmetic surgery for 'filtered' look","url":"/Nightline/video/snapchat-dysmorphia-patients-seeking-cosmetic-surgery-filtered-57129946"}