State Fair

The Lookout team breaks down just how many calories some of these state fair foods are packing.
8:00 | 08/21/13

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out which one of these summer treats will make your belly grow the least. Oh, the tastes of summer. Goy sugar, hot indulgence. Can you guess which one of these is least fattening? Mac and cheese on a stick. Banana on a stick. For that matter which is most nutriti nutritious. We're here at the wisconsin state fair to find out. Like a fair food face-off. Let's start easy. Which has fewer calories, the turkey leg or the doughnut cheeseburger? Diet turkey leg. What about you? Doughnut cheeseburger. The turkey leg has 1200 calories. The krispy kreme cheeseburger has $741 t surprise? I know I was. Next up fried veggies versus a cream puff. You think the cream puff is worse than the fried vegetables? The fried vegetables 760 calories. The cream puff 500. Finally the beer doughnut or the fried mac and cheese? Beer is good for you. Says the wisconsin ite. The beer doughnut 610. They have cotton candy. Caramel apple. This all started when my two kids and I were sent on another tough assignment for the lookout. Make that three. I'm pregnant. Candy. What do you say? Thank you. Somewhere in this crowd the man we were here to meet, he's got a secret. He says you can actually eat junk food without getting fat. I'll have a chilly dog, please. The idea here is you just have to know which junk food to choose. It's good. It's easier said than done. Before we meet up with david i try it alone. Let's see, pizza or turkey leg, nachos, fried dough, frozen custard. What's the best of the worst? Oh, lord, please let this be the one. We need that dipped in chocolate. What's better than cookie dough? Cookie dough on a stick. Throw in protein. Can we get a chicken on a stick? Then it's back to the sweets. This is heavy. Thank you for the extra plate. After a little dusting of sugar we're chowing down at the picnic table in total hog heaven. Can you grab me a candy apple, please. David is making purchases of his own. Let's go. This is a junk food intervention. No! I heard you were coming. I just hoped you wouldn't show up. I got a call a quick timeout. Of course our breakfast is packed with an insane amount of fat and calories, so -- we're going to replace this chicken with this delicious chili dog. Chili dogs, not chicken? Yep. Think portions. Grilled meat always better than fried. For you, young lady, two chocolate covered frozen bananas. So ditch the cookie dough and go bananas. It's a chocolate covered desert but with fiber and potassium. Nice. We're going to take this. I'm sorry, guys. We're going to give you a delicious caramel apple. The difference try a whopping 124 grams of fat to one. You're getting vitamins and minerals and saving over 1,000 calories which is a third of a pound of body fat. If I get sick, it's not going to be pretty. Just what you need after a chili dog, right? More rides and about five stubbed animals later -- here's a winner! It's time to explore our lunch options. Smoked turkey leg, fried pickles. Did I mention this fair has more than 90 foods on a stock. Pork chop on a stick. Frog legs on a stick. Probably not the most healthy but it sure is fun to eat. You can say that again. This can't be bad for you? Finally I decide on a stand with a sweet and salty men yu. I ordered a couple of their specialties including something caed a fry dog. Where is the hot dog? Buried under all the french fries. Whoa, french fries with bacon and cheese. We have a krispy kreme cheeseburger, fried something on a stick, I think peanut butter and jelly. That's a corn dog fried in french fries. The chocolate covered bacon on a stick is a hit with the kids. I love it! That's the doughnut and that is the bottom. Every by the is simply delicious. Oh! I spotted them. Looks like they're eating some sort of doughnut hamburgers. I'm going to find them a better swap. Corn dog, please. Chicken sandwich, please. Perfect. I think we just saved a half pound of body fat. Hi. You caught us red handed. Yeah. Good-bye fry dog. How about this though, this is half the calories. Think simple. The regular corn dog has almost a quarter of the fat. That has a day's worth of saturated fat. I managed to find here the boneless, skinless chicken breast sandwich. Remember, pick a lean protein. It will keep you fuller for longer. What about my french fries in all natural wisconsin cheese. This is enough for all three of you. If you indulge, do share. As for the chocolate covered bacon on a stick it's surprisingly low in fat and calories, if you just have one. How can I make better decisions? Try to break free of the sea of beige you're eating, bring some color into your diet. Color? Okay. By the end of the day after all that indulgence, even the kids were ready for, yep, salad on a stick. Nothing fried. Finally it was time to say good-bye to the land of food on a stick. We had digested a lot of great information, too. Though I needed some tums, it had truly been one delicious journey.

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{"id":20031220,"title":"State Fair","duration":"8:00","description":"The Lookout team breaks down just how many calories some of these state fair foods are packing.","url":"/Nightline/video/state-fair-20031220","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}