'Sugar Daddies' Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations

Rich, older men offer young women money for their companionship. But is it prostitution?
8:03 | 01/26/13

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Transcript for 'Sugar Daddies' Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations
Across the animal kingdom gifts are an important part of the mating ritual some birds -- their mates with fresh caught fish humans. We opt for shiny rocks and now some dating website are cutting straight to the give and take connecting young women. With rich older man to trade their youth and beauty. For his cash and prizes. We've got a first look inside these mutually beneficial arrangements last summer tonight we bring -- the jet setting new twist. On the sugar baby dating game here's -- Alex threats. You never know where you're going to find love online -- a friend possibly even at your doorstep. The for the right price and legally a young college students become -- -- 63 year old Tommy and 21 year old Monte. They've been together for two years. -- they let me say that. They are. You'll -- they refer to each other sugar daddy and sugar baby Vegas. -- like -- club right except school. Which she needs money -- or go to guy and for Monti who as -- only shooter in profile it's a way to get the education she can afford. He's like I can help you get through school -- -- Aegis travel with me -- plan be around me and keep me company I said. Okay good people school. We observed and the sugar baby comes with other -- Manila shopping today last June Tommy told us he drops five -- in the month on month team. Now these -- with a pair -- choose radio. Could. And will god it's a 387. Find and it's not just Monte he's got six other sugar babies -- -- This is what we call the lost and found or this is what. Some of mind. -- -- surveys -- -- behind Tommy was an IT executive who retired with enough to spend about a 150000. A year on the ladies combined. When you walk into -- -- -- you have a beautiful woman with -- it's it's a compliment to unit. As of now this is like pulling up in a really nice car something. I can compare that way but -- this it has a good feel to. -- a -- he's like a really nice car. It's yeah and like -- car these relationships might not last forever though they started out promising. -- -- -- -- Be classy look then. He's just chance I mean it passed in -- And that eyes on him when was less than he had a job. Almost two years ago having fun of them living life and experiencing stuff I feel like I would never experience about him. If there were. No sex involved with Monty -- your other sugar babies would you still bring them around for companionship and still give them money -- Sexually. Things been different for you I mean he's much older than -- -- -- Are you paying for sex with a young -- well you know you you pay. Somehow somewhere for sex no matter one it is. You know they say while -- for refrigerators. You can look at I mean I'm sure there's somebody right now and send -- exactly what this is -- if they -- say that they can saint. Tommy is thrice divorced and is the father of two young adult around Monte. He -- many of his sugar babies -- -- seeking arrangement dot com. How is it different than prostitution if we're talking about exchange for money for -- I don't see that this way. It's just don't know wham bam thank you ma'am. The courts have decreed that as long as a woman is being paid for services besides -- such as companionship the act does not classify as prostitution. An argument the web site owner also -- If -- -- that he is in fact -- ago. Simply for sex in exchange for many in the using the web site in violation of -- of agreement. Wade says 10% of the two million registered members are sugar daddies and mommies 90% sugar babies. It is really about a romantic relationship between two people all differences. The -- somebody who's very well. Now wade is branching out with miss travel dot com -- you attractive that you don't have the which connects attractive women with generous man to go on exotic trips all paid for by the men. -- 21 alone recently -- the -- and -- on the weekend trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. They met for the first time. Do you. A meeting with the little quirk interrupted bond. -- -- It's. Sunnis. The first moment I met I was very narrow. Because -- a bit of a -- -- man -- employees acted -- him on the possibility of what can happen in the next day Steven -- -- city. And -- people need to put -- and a turns -- the -- -- What did they -- -- I think -- her part of our problems loving him. Our even taking a page from Titanic to score the magical first kiss. The NBA game. You don't have to be a millionaire to be a sugar -- Their sugar babies all the different levels. You know you've got to Wal-Mart -- -- -- reasoning action Neiman Marcus sick of it he's deplored those who shop at target to 24 year old sugar baby believed. -- -- -- a fulltime student at a broadcasts -- Denver when we've the last a 100% of my school is what is. 151000 dollar it paid plant -- happy. Olympia has been -- sugar baby since she was nineteen. And guidance in go to the Caribbean have gotten take crap travel all across any sense as that's -- new -- -- -- And is a pro at juggling several sugardaddies at a time and about to give me -- perspective staggered -- -- -- He's really Nyhan is easy to -- year round easy dying. After dinner it's time to pack for a long weekend in Louisiana where she's meeting up with her main sugar daddy later. Program. Except this is Kenny. Olympia is secondary sugardaddies who's come by the airport to see her off the encounter is sure to be careful this morning. War but for Olympia. 500 dollars later more lucrative. All. Hey this is the first time Larry and Olympia have seen each other in six weeks Leary is a Mormon from Utah. All. They've been in -- sugar baby daddy relationship for a year and a half and claimed their relationship. Is not what you might expect. Is there sacks in this relationship will. -- it's not at this point and we don't believe in having premarital sex. Is this like a perfect scenario for you how we act which is -- someone -- gives you money and you don't have to sleep with them. Have -- -- -- -- money half asleep in bed they're backed me daylight and -- my solemn yeah. That game. The dream that comes at a cost. Some of the gets me -- -- -- that he does not only with incomes. And that makes me feel us. It's like you know I'm not really doing things sometimes -- -- -- senator babies figured at your alias instead it does it lonely for me because I can't always. That person can always be there for me when I need them to be -- And emotional loss they believe is worth the financial game. For Nightline I'm -- express in Shreveport Louisiana.

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{"id":18321034,"title":"'Sugar Daddies' Buy Dates with Tuition, Clothes, Vacations","duration":"8:03","description":"Rich, older men offer young women money for their companionship. But is it prostitution?","url":"/Nightline/video/sugar-daddies-buy-dates-tuition-clothes-vacations-18321034","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}