Surgeon who conned lover cited for scientific misconduct: Part 2

Shortly after Paolo Macchiarini’s ex-fiancée Benita Alexander told her story publicly, a documentary on his transplant surgeries aired. It further illuminated troubling issues in his professional life
8:25 | 02/13/21

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Transcript for Surgeon who conned lover cited for scientific misconduct: Part 2
I ordered myself a glass of champagne on the plane and tell us at myself at 6 PM in response to get married and cried. On the week she was supposed to marry the love her life but need to Alexander flew to Barcelona with their friends. Determined to discover how deep doctor Paulo Malcolm reed he's just caption wins. Where Arizona. We're getting ready do little road trip. Abuse Xanana deja. We decided that I was gonna Wear this bluntly. We drive by the house and I'm watching behind all the some icy summoning him. I yelled something soon my friend and I somebody's there. And they jump out of the car. And they walked down the hill. He was pound. And he was not in Russia lake he sent. An amendment carmaker just pounding in his own condoms doesn't it is dawn. And he's dinner I was angry as hell I was angry as hell. You. You know. In the only sack and icu and your white certain you're black shorts and you're free you're wrong you. I'm videotaping this IC a woman and you give us from what I could tell he had a whole family. So. We ring the doorbell and he answers the door and left by a local fast. And he's like Larry years. Yeah we're like always wanted to give you a gift you know. For the wedding for the wedding that never happened basically told CN. His eyes his eyeballs he was looking down. And there are going like. Like he was calculating he was trying to figure out what lie he told him what he was gonna say neck. Thanks see him walk back upstairs I mean my my friends. Open the card are I am. Not even crying and wailing. The last time I ever saw him was when he turned around and walked up ulcers are that I talk to Barcelona. And IE. Decided to text him I've basically send him this long taxed. Telling him that I knew he was lying about everything and he makes me sick. He writes back one work. Wow. Acknowledge that wow. I was devastated. I was shattered. But Needham wondering what else Paulo could've lied about emailed Karolinska Institute where Paulo worked. And while two emails and basically just sat in out. This man is and whom do. He seems to me and this man. He doesn't walk on water. It turns out Paulus professional life was in deeper jeopardy than the need a new. Colleagues in other journalists were beginning to ask more questions and a reporter for Vanity Fair began to investigate. I did a pretty deep dive and I told every CD I could find from any conference he had never been out. Any medical institution that had ever had him and actually put them on a giant spreadsheet. Neither timing didn't make sense he would have to have been in multiple places at the same time. How low also claimed he had a master's degree from the University of Alabama in bio statistics. While also doing a fellowship in thoracic surgery. And I remember calling down there against big no degree about statistics packed I'll cross that one off. And he said yeah I know fellowship and breast surgery. Vanity Fair also found that Paulo misrepresented. His status as a professor at the university of Italy. And that some of his Italian colleagues were aware of this. This guy had falsified his qualifications. His work experience. And yet was going around the world performing human experiments. Masquerading. That is cutting edge operation. Weeks after the magazine article an investigative documentary about Paulo aired on C. Is television. And working for the university. And we are trying to create new organs in the thirties. Countryside. That documentary raises a number of questions about palace techniques. And it showed footage of him admitting to an issue with the patients artificial trachea. While still forging ahead with another surgery the documentary also told the personal stories of patients who had died how low. Claimed the synthetic trachea did not shorten the lives of any of these patients nor caused their deaths instead pointing the finger at their underlying health conditions. Saying they were fatal as may have been found. A stiff significant to be attacked from the on the front pages it's. Please we would have done something wrong then I would understand if it. How do we do. The crime was such that's the Karolinska its you have to. The Karolinska Institute announces they are not renewing Paulus contract and an unwinding his land. Then the leadership of the Karolinska Institute resigns to. Then the leadership of the Nobel Prize committee and medicine resigns. And it was like a bomb went from stock. Karolinska Institute launched multiple new investigations against column. They eventually reversed their previous findings and found Paulo guilty of scientific misconduct took six medical papers he published about the transplants. Protracted. We reached out to the Karolinska institute and they said it is obvious that Karolinska institute's initial handling of this case was insufficient. An inadequate on several points. It is also led to extensive reform work internally at Karolinska Institute. In order to improve and clarify a number of regulations and routine. How low implanted artificial trachea is in a total of eight patients today only one is still alive. That patient has had their synthetic trachea from. Do you still believe in that precedes him of course I didn't even do technology. And come on I mean. The first liver transplant the first kidney transplant different contrast. Did they go over well. No if you do something such. Radically you you expect communications. If you look at his desk area. He has lame duck just trusting people get carried away because this in the promise of being part of something fantastic. But nobody wanted to acknowledge it there was too much everything. I. He was too big to fail in Madison. Until he had lied too much in his personal life. Apollo has never publicly commented on his relationship with Bonita and didn't respond to any of our request for comment on this story ideas totally in love. Have always been a hopeless romantic always will be. I'm just I'm really afraid to let somebody in there again. We should know that last September Swedish prosecutors indicted Powell a locker rainy on charges of aggravated assault. Relating to three of his surgeries it Karolinska university hospital. He has not yet entered a plea but he's completely denied all the charges. A court date has yet to be sets. Of course you can watch the full 21 episode on And who.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Shortly after Paolo Macchiarini’s ex-fiancée Benita Alexander told her story publicly, a documentary on his transplant surgeries aired. It further illuminated troubling issues in his professional life","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75868648","title":"Surgeon who conned lover cited for scientific misconduct: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/surgeon-conned-lover-cited-scientific-misconduct-part-75868648"}