Surgeon and woman accused of drugging, raping two women

Dr. Grant William Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley were arrested last week and are facing multiple felony charges in California.
6:53 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for Surgeon and woman accused of drugging, raping two women
Rep a picture perfect seen her in a you tube video she posted enying a beach vacation in Mexico. He, handsome B reality TV star. Cross P wit THA rfect someone isn't an easy thto do andt's definitel mucharder than I thought it would. Eporter: A popular doctor. Hi, I'm D grant robic orthopedic surgeon atewport re. R: She, as ear-old. My name is cerissa Reilly an I am pursuing a teaching credential in physical education Rorher living a seemingly beautiful life under is no California dream story. We havell heard of of a woressedn sheep's clothing. Well, acan wear scrubs or a be a beautiful woman. Reporter: Dr. Grant robicheauxnd compa, ce rileye arrest weicking up two women, and wail assaulti them. One neighbor says T seemed Normal. They seemed like aeautiful happy couple. Butiful and happy looking and friendly and nice. Repr: What'smo, are cy videos Ty say the defendants are several video of where the women in id appear to be highlyated beyond the ability to con or resist, and they're barely responsiveo defendants' sexual advances. Base thisevidce, believe that there migmany unidentifiedtims out TRE. Reporter: Newport beach police andrange county district attorney's ice announ todayhave identified two Jane doe victims. Jane doe number one claims in 2016 the cple invite her to a boat Y. Became intoxicated and that's when she W taken to Robicheaux's home where shes th andap while she was incapable of resistin po say the encounter was with the uple at was taken unconscis to ro H where couple sexually assaulted her. Allegedly woke and scamed forelp. A neighbor called the Newport betment who responded to scene and inigated. Authorities now B on the number videohe couple made, there D be huneds Mo Jane does. Ims there T be out ere. Don't wan T happen to anyerwomen. It is rare but it isn't he that yohave a woman being used toait and lur other women. It lulls a victim into false sense of ty,nd S she mathinking, well, there are two of they're couple, there is this other womanthand she wl help me. She will pro me. And your defees, guard is eporter:38-year-old Robicheaux, an opedic surgeon, practiced here Newport care med gup. Authorities say he was well known in part to his 2014 brav show about online dating. Authoritie there's no evidence any of the women on the O victims of his alleged attacks he has severalid onoutube and even named bachelo of thy orae cst magazine. Bicheaux's coddant was ll known in the southern California dance scene. One ofhaib their neighbors said he is shocked by the news He's a very nice guy. I know personly. She's verynice. I know their family. Ey Vernice. Reporter: Another neighbor tells a differe story. My mom told me a T E hrd screaming. I don't want to -don't knowwas a year two ago -- and the police don't know what cam of it Repter: Authoes say Robicheaux may have a longer history of sexually assaulting women sore casting a net. Saying graduated from te university in 2003 andhen from medical school TRE in 2007. Completed his residency at uc Irvine medical center in 2012 and kplied a fellowship at new York university hospital R joint diseases in 2013. Around the time of the T alleged attaple partied at various music festival including burning man, the dirty BIR campout, a the spshtival. ?????? Reporter: In his YouTube video, Robicheaux iseen partying at what appears to a musifestival. E know some vicms M blame your buzz you need to hearyour conscious decisions to party withe defendas or withny using a or her intoxatingubstances them a pass to rape, assault, or have sex past the point consent. Because O toy's technology, it is a bit easier to find victims. Social media can bextremely helpful. The rn extremely helpful and the fact thathere is of the women is goingxt helpful. See it and hat circance, I where. I should come forwar Reporter: Couple denying therges. THR attorney T theyave been are of these accusations for a nr of months and they are to have the proper spotlightd on this case in a publictrial. It mt be noted thanone of the aegations in this matter relate T O concern Dr. Robieaux's medical practice or Robicheaux and Riley's arrest last week stemmed froother Al creaime earlier this year. On January 19, they're accused ofsessing large quantities ofegal drugs along wi T ill unregistered assau rifles.four other firearm large capacity magazines at robichearesidence. Reporter: Authorities say the California state medical board es have an opennv inrobicheaux. Both robicheaud Riley a now $100,000 bail for an orthoped surgeon ds sound low to me but what you haveo mind is that bail cannot be punitiv the oy actions thaeed be M are you have sure theety of th community and you have to ent the defendants will return back to the courtroom. Reporter: If convic 40 years in state prison, riley,30 H good old-fashioned detective think we're go to beearing from a lot O think that because of the climate that we'rein,omen will nt to cooperate. They will want to cooperate.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"Dr. Grant William Robicheaux and Cerissa Laura Riley were arrested last week and are facing multiple felony charges in California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57927140","title":"Surgeon and woman accused of drugging, raping two women ","url":"/Nightline/video/surgeon-woman-accused-drugging-raping-women-57927140"}