Survivors and supporters rally together in Girls for Gender Equity walkout

And on social media, women shared why they didn't tell others about their sexual assaults using "#WhyIDidntReport."
7:03 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for Survivors and supporters rally together in Girls for Gender Equity walkout
I know because I did port my own rape, and it me Almos fourcades. Reporr: Emotional plea, a for understanding. I Moy shame deep inside my rib cage. We believe Dr. Ford! We believenita hill. Reporter: As the nation said, a sea of survivors adtes citing. They say ba. Women say fight . They say get back. Women say F reporter: T aim, to make a nation understand why so hard for sexual assault survs to come rw to port. We see you. We belieyou. Reporter: From New York City to Washington, D. W believe Dr. Ford epnd online many wearing blackng the #believesurvivors. Es in solity with Christine blasey Ford andh ramirez,wo women comi forward with allegat nst supreme court nom ett kau kava has denied the allegas against him. It a national conversation spark partly by the WHA going on is justad you say why didn't somebod call the fb ago? I me Y also say when did the what'sn? Reporter: And ts tweet the following day. Have no dbt if the attack on Dr. Ford was a B as sheys, charges would have been iediately fed local law enforcement authities B eitherer or her lovi P th belief, flashpoint at today's New York City hall where survirs broke down while telling T truths can so complex. Even I story online I get called names. I'md, know'm a liar I haveple thrten and harass me. Try to flip the blame, is really M, and it can really be damaging. We stand withyou. Reporter: I today'scrowd, 25-year-d, herself a survivorf sexual assault. She asked us N tree last name. We see Dr. Ford, right, getting death tea hercter ques alone, I don't wan to repts repeat it to anyone so Tim to come forward and still told, kno and I feel T no reflection on the vality of claims or of what happened. Reporte Ely was jus a sophomore high school W she says she was sexually assaultedom sheiewed as a mentor into That I told would say, well did Y say no,r did you say no?dou cry? You know, did you sm, and I el LE that's not -- the issue ishat I didn't want what took place. That's the issue. The issue it I what is 15 and he was in is a pit po and I didn't want anygto occur. Reporter: She says it took months bore she told her friends would years to accepthappened. Took a couple oears of really lik having community and having support and having a place to speak where was able to Rea and see harm THA was done Ando look a how to move andeal and suppt other survivors through that Rorter: In past several da, thousds have to social media sharingir storiesfhy didn't rt. Alyssa MI key Fure in the me, too, movemtweeted directly atsi icas teenager. I never filed report and it took me 30 Y tell ents. Ashley Judd tweeted test time I happened I was 7. I told the adults I came upon. Theyai he's a nice old Nott he meant so when was rapedt 1 I only told mydiwhen an adult read it,he sed me of having S wh man. Sexual abuse and sexual rassment a the most unrreported crimes. To 90% of these crimesf ted. Very few get prod. Whenen do come forward we look at the victim and what she did O dn't much more than we look at theerpetratorn what he did or didn't Rter: Forensic psychologist Dr. Sharedte to WHA is happening to not to come forward. Dr. Ford has had to goo hiding wit her family. She's been harassed and the multiple times. I understand had death threats, so it takes an enormous amou of cou to speak U about methinghat's embasis eating, THA S dn't feeling anybod THA couragepp today on the stepscourt. Aco-founder of the me too campaign is keenly aware of the challenges ad reporting these crimes andshis moment a another Cal to action. Dr. Blasey ford'sccusations anhe way's been treated subseqnt accusns have been a organizing tool, if you willr us in T movement, and so I T it' also been an opportunityor us to sw the world tt theme, this here. It's about survirs coming forward a band togher to move our ageaforward. A scorned woman? Was the content of what he shade? Has any promis you anything by coming forth? Reporter: Burayhe Kavanaugh hearings a reminiscent of whatpened to Anita hill nearly three decad ago. Theig difference is that ita hill dn'e benefit of what we have here day.any people didn't believe her at the time, I think we Ned a lesson from that, and we AUT here a wll not let the same thing Happe twice. We believe Debby ramiwomen and women's anger has been on through theavanaugh confirmation prs. I Thate can win. Halls thesenate, ind.c., on schoampuses and party againsmen in posions of WER. Rter: Manyreg that today's demonstrations will send a message to wagton. Vote to confm judge Kavanaugh and there may be ectoral consequences THA they M face at the bt box if they do oose to ve to confirm J Kavanaugh. Have you H en? Yes! Ave you hadenough? Yes. Reporter: For manyurvivors todayheessage was clear. Bel the let this a reminder that Yo a N alone. Reporter: For Dr. Ford and Ramires courage to speak is area a enormous step. Wouldus say thank you and we see we hr you and Bel you. We see you, we hearyou, we believe you. Rr: For "Nightline," I'm Linda Lopez in New York.

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{"duration":"7:03","description":"And on social media, women shared why they didn't tell others about their sexual assaults using \"#WhyIDidntReport.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58060166","title":"Survivors and supporters rally together in Girls for Gender Equity walkout","url":"/Nightline/video/survivors-supporters-rally-girls-gender-equity-walkout-58060166"}