Suspected terrorist in custody after allegedly detonating explosive device in Times Square

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the explosion "one of our worst nightmares." New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called it an "attempted terrorist attack."
5:35 | 12/12/17

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Transcript for Suspected terrorist in custody after allegedly detonating explosive device in Times Square
A second terror attack in New York City in less than two months this time authorities say an ice is supporter attempted an apparent suicide bombing. Tonight we're learning new details about the suspect how he constructed the device and when he told police after his capture here's ABC's GO Benitez. Hundreds of those whom it's all smoke and I've got. About it that way they have actually that is. This morning terror again walk the streets of New York City this was an attempted terrorist attack. Officials say this was the moment the alleged attacker partially detonated of my vault strapped to his body. Targeted the Port Authority bus terminal and both parts of the complexes smoke. Commuters scrambling to safety and five left injuries. Preliminary investigation at the scene indicates this bill was wearing an improvised. Low tech explosive device attached to his body. He intentionally detonated that device. The suspects 27 year old aka yet a law Brooklyn. A Bangladeshi immigrant who moved to the US seven years ago on a family based decent. He had breaks and wounds to his body. At 6:45 this morning authorities say a lot boarded the subway in Brooklyn bound for Times Square just before 7:20 AM he arrives at the 42 street station surveillance video captures a law walking through a subway passageway during the bustling rush hour commute because nobody. Yeah. Just a few seconds later an explosion. Police well behind them saying. Everybody out of the building everybody out of the building. Sunlight. Warm sun and light. Shotgun song once thought a small. I just can't 200. Receipt of the video was on her way to work what's going through your mind right now as you see all of this going on this is where you work and. And I can think like a thousand even. I believe god that's all about him not only don't Abu even god today. For Port Authority police officers were on routine patrol inside the terminal when they race to the scene they made a split second decision to actually. Get on top permanent restraining. And one of the officers actually remove the device. Offered this person before he could fretted that it made. The bomb was built from the hype about twelve inches and lane rigged with a nine volt battery and a wire that came from a Christmas light. We know that they had been used as detonators. On in many many and inferences in May in fact had. Use those eager to detonate. The bomb or use them at another location that he may have had. Had in mind commuters quickly evacuated the NYPD outfitted with assault rifles walking down the scene. Checking for other possible devices you have to assume that he was going to. A much more crowded area to know to make a statement. Go hooked assume they're trying to kill so. This is going to be a suicide bomber what happens is the bomb. Did not fully detonate and that's that's why he is. He still lives in Brooklyn the NYPD and FBI searching three different homes in the area. Thought to be connected to the suspect his family inside neighbors stunned. Definitely neighbors. Just every capsule doesn't talk. I didn't get the same cell phone. Suffering injuries to his arms and torso a law was taken to the hospital according to sources he made the bomb in his Brooklyn apartment authorities say. A law told them he used instructions found on line. This was a somewhat unsophisticated explosive device. It doesn't appear that it functioned correctly or was designed correctly if it would have operated correctly. We wouldn't be just dealing with a few injuries we will be dealing with many fatalities. And many injuries. Authorities also say a law claims he was inspired by crisis and al-Qaeda propaganda. Which mentioned Times Square as a possible target. I can tell you tonight there's real concern going forward about potential for copycats right now know that there are 1000 FBI ice is related. Investigation is ongoing in the country but what is concerning tonight is that this young man was not born. Anyways radar. Just a few weeks ago Weiss is released this chilling image a picture of Santa standing next to a box of dynamite in. Home ice this uses videos like these to encourage people to commit atrocities around the world and. What I assists and al-Qaeda have turned to is a message out go to the soft targets he's a car is at night he's an explosive device use a firearm. And kill as many people as you can. A soft target is a location that is generally open to the public mass transit station and by its very nature it has to be open. This morning's attack comes just six weeks after save flows like half of Uzbekistan drove a rental truck down a bike path and lower Manhattan. In a Rampage that killed eight people and injured twelve more. The attacker was charged with 22 counts including eight counts of murder and one count of providing support for ices he pled not guilty and could face the death penalty. And late last year more than two dozen were injured in the city's Chelsea neighborhood after a pressure cooker packed with shrapnel detonate. Today an increased police presence across the city. The reality is that we yards ball get by many. Who would like to make a statement against democracy against freedom. Near the statue of liberty in our harbor. And that makes us an international target. As the authorities remain on high alert. Governor Cuomo encouraging New Yorkers to continue on with their every day lives. We're not going to allow them to disrupt does that's exactly what they want. And that is exactly what they not going to get. For Nightline I'm GO Benitez in New York. A thanks to GO.

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{"id":51732772,"title":"Suspected terrorist in custody after allegedly detonating explosive device in Times Square","duration":"5:35","description":"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the explosion \"one of our worst nightmares.\" New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called it an \"attempted terrorist attack.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/suspected-terrorist-custody-allegedly-detonating-explosive-device-times-51732772","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}