Tameka Raymond Says Usher Is a 'Control Freak'

ABC News Exclusive: Tameka Raymond reveals details of her effort to get more time with her kids.
9:41 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Tameka Raymond Says Usher Is a 'Control Freak'
Usher is one -- the most famous musicians in the world but to his kids he's just a debt. After winning a legal battle with his ex wife to -- last year. The R&B superstar got primary custody of their two children but to make is challenging that ruling particularly after a scary accident and -- home. And now she's taking the heat. For many of -- most devoted fans. I sat down with her for an exclusive interview to talk about everything from how they met to -- went wrong. To why she thinks he's fame has helped him win the legal battles over their children. It was an accident that had America holding its breath. Beckett and looking. The five year old son of pop star usher nearly drowned in a pool. But what -- offered the public a rare glimpse into a celebrity custody battle now Archer's ex wife to -- says she wants to set the record straight. I feel like the kids are not getting proper care. And I think the reason for that is he's not fair. Talking for the first time exclusively to ABC news about her five year old son's accident the accusations. And revealing details of her effort to get more time with the children. She shares with her superstar ex husband. She says his massive success as an artist in TV personality. Often means he doesn't have time to care for their two young boys. He travels I'd say 85% of the time so how -- things get so ugly. Because he filed for full custody. When they first got divorced the former couple shared custody of the kids. But that all changed in 2000. Eleven he filed to take my children away. And I don't know what his fans think but -- I'm not supposed to fight he -- to sit SA. Okay you can have on the yet another cute -- hip out like that much -- these are my baby. It wasn't always like that. -- -- -- -- usher in 2001. When she was hired as a -- for some of his music videos. That some of her handiwork. On his hit you don't have to call. They began dating in 2005. -- in love -- Be married and had two children. But their relationship grew rocky and by 2009. Usher released this song -- Called papers. -- including two Mika -- the lyrics are loosely based on their break up and last week they're now five year old son -- the fifth. Nearly drowned in his father's swimming pool. When his hand got caught in the drain at the bottom of the pool. The boy's -- dove in after as did the housekeeper but they couldn't shake him free. To contractors managed to free the boy but he wasn't breathing. -- on PR -- issues. -- they don't know the milk. To -- describes the heart stopping moment she got. The call -- he doesn't call me regularly so when I saw -- number come up. I mean we jumped up and I figure he has the voice I need to get this. Usher was a mile and a half away at a recording studio at the time and raced back to the house to see his son. To meeker says he was the superstar who call to teller about the accident. I was mad because I was like how did this happen. Who is watching him. Why I was my son -- -- -- you know nearly three minutes. You know. What happened here you know what went wrong because you have -- staffers. And assistance and made in shafts and managers and -- all these people that are around. Why can one get my son out and why would that no one in the pool with him did you glean -- from not -- -- Blame is a hardware because I don't blame him for the accident I -- was angry that it happened on his watch. For this mom it was a horrifying case of deja Vu. Her eleven year old son Kyle from a different father. Died in a jet skiing crashed just one year ago did you think yourself please yes no not something like this again. Yes it was like I relived it let my brain just went into all the old -- thinking and I instead on the five -- I've had his call before. Last week sneak ahead to relive that moment yet again. When the 911 tape was played in court. It really scared me that my kids were in in a situation. And it -- -- -- complete chaos when I heard that. You know the first time I heard that the tape in his entire it was in court. -- it really really did hurt me I'm very concerned about the different caregivers. And the different maids in the different nannies in the different family members and that. You know my kids -- around a lot of different people. In their -- -- This is almost like the Twilight Zone to be in -- situation is like surreal act at the pinch myself sometimes and say. You really don't have your kids -- it just doesn't even seem right. Which is why she says just days after little -- near drowning the couple was back in court to because lawyers requested an emergency hearing. Hoping to at least -- temporary custody of their two young sons. When the incident happened. My attorney filed an emergency motion so that when my son -- release from the hospital he wasn't gonna have to go back. To the house where the incidents happen because based on our -- our custody schedule despite now. My son was released into his father's -- again. I -- that an emergency. May we approach -- but a judge disagreed. Ushered been granted primary custody at a prior hearing and the court refused to change that. Despite his ex wife's arguments that he's rarely home because -- -- schedule were courting and performing. They -- auto business here. -- -- I think that wealthy men. And men that are -- status are winning these cases. -- There winning them but these are very busy man and that's why there will -- that's why they're wealthy. Do you think that he won the custody fight because he's rich and because he's archer. I think that played a huge role but there was more than just that working against him -- in court -- were accused of threatening them. Hitting him spitting at his girlfriend that now. All true all true. All true. They be relevant in connection with the custody case. I don't think they should be relevant I mean we went through a divorce I was very hurt during that process. No I'm not -- no I'm not meant he's moved on Blake. Of course the initial time that I saw the girl friend. She was brought to my house on my son's birthday he was very uncomfortable. And it was it was meant to push buttons. You took a psychological. Examination in connection. Yet witnessed in the psychological report in this case determined that you have in moderately severe mental disorder. Who. The psych evaluation was something that his side order and say that we both had to take it. That I -- -- is that when it was time to read the results of the psych evaluation. His attorneys moved to have the that cameras out. His attorneys moved to have the records sealed and narcissistic. Personality traits. That's was actually that diagnosis was acting we all have a little. Narcissistic personality disorder especially those of us in the limelight but I don't -- is something that. Affects your parenting. That's my issue. See you think it's unfair to characterize you as having some sort of mental disorder. I know it's unfair now she gets her kids only ten days a month do you think that he hates you right now. -- -- -- Absolutely not now. He is a father my children. I think that he has good intentions for the children. I think that he's control freak a bit you know I think that he's accustomed to getting his way. After the last hearing. The two shared what seemed to be tender moment at the end of the last hearing -- usher -- you. But you -- but. I call that I think we've -- that as the casket -- I don't think it was a sincere gesture would you want from us. I'd like to have my first writer refusal which means -- when he is not present the kids come home to their mom. -- out stay within me and watched. Whatever show he's dime they come home to their mother I had this feeling into ram that my four year old lost his first confess my baby. You know things better -- precious moments. I'm dismissing him. To make it says she tries to remain positive by immersing herself in -- world a foundation she started in memory of her late son do you believe he's a good father. Absolutely I think he really -- -- my children. And despite everything she tells us she's hopeful that she and -- superstar acts will figure it out. For those two little boys do you feel powerless. In this situation when you talk about how much you love your kids -- you want your kids back with you -- -- time. And a court has said. At times I feel powerless I feel powerless but I am a fighter. I'm a fighter and you know what -- worth it and I I don't have anything else to live for these are my children.

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{"duration":"9:41","description":"ABC News Exclusive: Tameka Raymond reveals details of her effort to get more time with her kids.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19965266","title":"Tameka Raymond Says Usher Is a 'Control Freak'","url":"/Nightline/video/tameka-raymond-usher-control-freak-19965266"}