Tim McGraw on Marriage, Music and Getting Sober

"GMA's" Josh Elliott talks with the country star about his life with Faith Hill and his new album.
3:00 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Tim McGraw on Marriage, Music and Getting Sober
What with twice for number one hits in more than forty million albums sold Tim McGraw. Is a country music mega star but he's -- more than a velvety voice and in ten gallon hats. On screen he's played husband to Gwinnett health -- Sandra Bullock. But he talked about his real life marriage to Faith Hill and his new album. When he sat down with Good Morning America anchor Josh Elliott for Nightline in. Call it -- cajun homecoming. Country superstar Tim McGraw. Board about four hours from New Orleans swooped in for his own -- Super Bowl party. Unveiling a new song. One of those nights. On Good Morning America. We've got a chance to visit backstage with a -- had it hit maker. And sit down in his old stomping grounds. The famous New Orleans -- -- to Tina's. Welcome home yes. Always lose -- what is New Orleans I think is the soul here but it's in the country music world. That the 45 year old McGraw is true legends. A multi platinum careers for hits such as. It's -- love. My kind of -- More than forty million albums sold three grammys won and now. A new out. Two lanes of freedom. Luckily for me with this new record that it came out when it was ready instead of sitting there waiting. Hadn't been ready for two years and not coming out so there there's a sense of for human for me in that aspect and -- -- dirt dirt there we were revealed to do with the musical wanted to do music. Others moments there that -- delay some down and you just -- -- I think they'll. Perfectionist in me never thinks innocence completely ministers comes up for re sort of in the barrel -- that. You know you -- always we yes. Think debt at the end of the day. With this record -- major record I want to -- And the new McGraw has a decidedly new look. -- on full display in this People Magazine cover -- Just the latest incarnation in a career full of high profile turns including hit movies like the blind side. We like to -- -- legal guardians. And country strong. We can't expect to be the toast of the town after the -- you felt really. And at the heart of it all his marriage to fellow country mega star -- hill. They met on the road and been married for sixteen years and have three daughters but he reveals that he almost lost -- all until we finally quit drinking. These decisions that you reach with faith. Or is that still something that just sort of comes to you. Well I would say additional -- and put my decision to -- It's easy to fall into you -- bureau. Quote -- story and are you sort of there's -- part of you that feels like that's what you're supposed to do. So I think that it takes a little bit grown up to get past that five years ago and a lot of things professional moloch personally we're going -- -- was used in there more. As a crutch to get past some of those things -- that a deal -- And so are prepared to be dangerous because a further. You've got away from dealing with things in and sort of -- it -- with alcohol or drugs -- order reviews and further the harder it was going to be to do within the law. Heaviest -- -- -- buildings and at least from sober. But silver does not mean dull the first couple of country has been sharing the stage in Las Vegas. Considerable chemistry still very much a -- So we're after all started when we sort of your -- -- still spent here at special thing for me is special because she's such a fantastic things I mean she really. -- -- -- -- Ever hurt and his public as -- -- are onstage. Offstage the couple guards their children's privacy and who really -- To keeping family family and really privacy. Private now just like if you act like a rock star -- treated like a love for the act like a fairly -- treated like apparently. Family has been something -- had to search for. Growing up or he was shocked to find out that his father was the famous baseball pitcher Tug McGraw. I want Sorin warrants arousal level we drove to Houston -- borrows money and a -- and we drove to Houston and saw in the visibly briefly. And there and I never really spoke to an assortment -- eighteen years old home. We never really had a father son relationship. I think it bothers you more secure older I think those most of its new kitchen alone -- disorder but you know it I think it drove me -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- I found -- it was my father. If it gave me a certain rather thick and what I could do. So he gave me something. That he didn't intend to give me need a -- renew gave me. He never knew because after reuniting. -- lost his battle with brain cancer in 2004. That left him empty and -- -- channel that all into his iconic anthem of forgiveness. Live like you were dying. What kind of father. Does that mean you but that you never think got a -- Cummings especially for girls can affect I think you figure if you do you don't you have to stuff. Halfway correctly you're doing pretty good. And now the next chapter for this relentless and restless spirit filled soon -- the road again touring with the sound that's pure country. -- Tim McGraw. Although all kinds of music -- -- very. Musicians and every style of music but I think there's something special about corrections -- putting -- -- student. Pillars and I think -- -- As you get older you -- you start stacking up life experiences and and the new vision of life changes in your experiences in life change. And on this no longer about. It's fun in this dark brooding place to be it's about sort of open an online book and and -- -- honesty and music. John -- in New Orleans.

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{"id":18406235,"title":"Tim McGraw on Marriage, Music and Getting Sober","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA's\" Josh Elliott talks with the country star about his life with Faith Hill and his new album.","url":"/Nightline/video/tim-mcgraw-marriage-music-sober-18406235","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}