Tori Spelling on Money Woes: 'I Am Not Broke'

Realty TV star talks about her family's finances and how she actually lost the baby weight.
3:00 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Tori Spelling on Money Woes: 'I Am Not Broke'
When you hear the name tori spelling you may think of the show 90210. Helped her into a boldfaced name. And the larger than lifestyle has certainly been a part of spelling's offscreen persona as well. But now she is coming clean about a darker side, sex tapes and financial hard ship. She opens up to abc's cecelia vega about her 9021-woes. Reporter: We have seen her as done na mar donna martin, seen her as a reality star, we have never seen tori spelling quite like this. Can we talk about your husband's vasectomy? Everyone else has. We might as well. From her husband any most private of parts to her four children, there is nothing off limits in her new book "spelling it like it is." Remember the headlines about how she lost all that baby weight. Turns out it wasn't from exercise. Did I stop eating, no? I in no way, shape or form did anything that was completely unhealthy. Basically, jokingly, I would say, stopped eating diet. Reporter: She writes how unreal reality tv is. You have become the reality tv whistle blower? Are you going to get in trouble for that? I'm that girl. Reporter: This scene in her show, torrie and dean home sweet hollywood was a fake, a re-enactment. It doesn't negate everything we have done for years being a real family on tv. There are still real moments. We want to share that. There are fine tuned moments. Reporter: A real family on tv which sometimes brought her criticism for putting her kids on camera, toddler tantrums. A juicy detail that hasn't gone public until now. A 2009, tori and dean sex tape, that a former friend unsuccessfully tried to sell. Drama she writes about for the first time. Dean and I had a romantic valentine night. Dean said we should tape ourselves having sex. Afterward I checked my angles. They were good. I allowed him to keep it. If there is a code where celebrities don't dish about other celebrities, tori doesn't subscribe to it. Do I want to go to the rachel zoe section? I was a reality star watching a reality star, where she may have staged the scenario. The scene, she is going into labor doing makeup and hair. Were people available to come film it going into labor. Reporter: How about the kardashians, what do you see when you watch the show? A lot of entertainment. Reporter: Is it real? The day she met the crafting idol. Tori said the diva was less than warm and fuzzy. Martha stewart with her cold, relentless perfection is a dying breed. Ouch. She is her own empire. Not only authoring books and branding herself on reality tv. I wanted the store. Reporter: Through sales. This is her store. Where she sells house wares she collects from her trips to thrift stores and garage sales. Through it all she still makes team to be mom. But despite the businesses and her childhood in that famous zip code, this daughter of hollywood royalty says she no longer can afford to live a life of luxury. According to google you are worth $15 million. I want to set the record straight. I didn't have $1 million. That is shocking to a lot of people. Probably. Reporter: Set the record straight, are you broke? I am not broke, no. Reporter: Her father, aaron spelling, died seven years ago, tori reportedly inherited less than $1 million of the family fortune. Did you think you would get more? You know, I lost my father, i lost my hero. Did I think I would get more? Yes. Reporter: She admits bad spending habits mean sheep has had to scale back. You have a masseuse, live in housekeeper, summer home, room service, the ritz. Did that get you in trouble? Hear them lumped together it is hard to hear it. Reporter: After tori and her HUSBAND, dean McDermott had baby four last year. Financial advisers broke the news there wasn't enough money for a vasectomy. My poor husband. I literally the other night sitting in bed talking about it. He said this is so hard. Like people are talking about my -- man parts. Reporter: You were told by your financial manager, not to do it, it was too expensive. Not that we couldn't completely afford it. But they were saying it right now, this isn't a good spend. You can't afford it within the context of our financial situation. Rep Tter:ODAY TORI SAYS THE One thing she has been running from her entire life she embraces. I hated the perception would put on me about being aaron spelling's daughter. The word nepotism, I feel like i was born with it being my middle name. Reporter: Maybe not her middle name but her last. Of the six books this is the first with spelling in the title. This is an amazing man, i should feel proud and I am aaron spelling's daughter. Reporter: Cecelia vega, los angeles.

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{"id":20835707,"title":"Tori Spelling on Money Woes: 'I Am Not Broke'","duration":"3:00","description":"Realty TV star talks about her family's finances and how she actually lost the baby weight.","url":"/Nightline/video/tori-spelling-money-woes-broke-20835707","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}