A tour of 'Marvel Universe Live!' behind the scenes

Marvel superheroes are brought to life in a show that's part stage play, part musical, part live fight.
6:03 | 08/11/17

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Transcript for A tour of 'Marvel Universe Live!' behind the scenes
Call 1-866-999-0148 to apply now. P Goodbye clowns and hello mutants. There is a new circus for 2017. Giving audiences the chance to see the super heroes and crime-fighting action. There is no animal acts. ABC's Nick Lyon. Vegas. And the circus is in town? Not quite. There is a twist. It's super heroes brought to life in the flesh. The show now touring the country. It's a family show. I play nebula. We are talking nebula and star lord and guardians of the galaxy. Who is star lord? Legendary lock. And green goblin. Spiderman's age-old enemy. This is marvel movie and musical-fighter. It's a weird life we live. I paint myself clean every day for a living. Everyone does his or her own make up. The make up can take over an hour. Do you think they are these characters? Of course. I can make eye contact and see their super hero. They can give him a high five. This is the circus. It's called marvel universe live. I was not going to say no. Self indulgence over. That's the president on stage. They have a tracker and follow that actor. Circa 2017. I feel old. Is this the evolution of touring live entertainment. It's finding the next thing. Marvel and comic book is owned by the parent company Walt Disney and the show is produced by failed entertainment the same company that owns ringling brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus until it closed for good. After 146 years in operation. Why do people want this now and they don't want the circus? People love entertainment. People want to be entertained. When you can bring a stunt show. I don't think anybody ever matched to this level. When I was a kid, it was an elephant. And a tired bear. This was all we got. We have a few other tricks up our sleeve. With flight automation and incredible projections. This is the main brain for the video system. We have projectors all over the set. We project the image of the set. We have 23 or 24 semi trucks that travel with us from city to city. The group spends between two and three days setting it up every week. Are this is the bread and butter and it's what we see in the show all over the place.0 S are this is between shows all week. You have to make this look good. Our creative team is amazing. This is not a sit down show. We are in two days and do four days of performances. Up to to 10 shows a week. They go into the next city. I felt that. I felt that as well. The core people and stilt walkers. Not as easy as it looks. Plenty of fighting which is in fact easier. Have you ever hit each other in the face fully by mistake. This tour goes for two years and in Europe, it will go to 2019 as well. Did they realize it's weird? You are in airports and delays. There is a different life. The first half of the week is a few days. Everything is getting set up. It's never a bad day at work. It takes a person to enjoy it and survive in it. They are sitting in the hotel room. They don't want to do that, no. Super heroes don't do room service. Las Vegas. The story of a highway hero. How this blogger takes down an alleged drunk driver. You wouldn't believe what's in this Kiester.

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{"id":49151761,"title":"A tour of 'Marvel Universe Live!' behind the scenes","duration":"6:03","description":"Marvel superheroes are brought to life in a show that's part stage play, part musical, part live fight. ","url":"/Nightline/video/tour-marvel-universe-live-scenes-49151761","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}