Tractor Supply Co.: Most Recession-Proof Retailer?

Company that sells everything from cowboy boots to chickens said sales were up during recession.
4:21 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Tractor Supply Co.: Most Recession-Proof Retailer?
He's an almost magical place it's not just that you can get everything from the barbed -- to beef jerky trip east Detroit singles. It's not just the cowboy boots -- boosted yellow rubber boots. Not even the chickens. How well do you sell. Incredibly well will sell about. 15115100. -- and win one story area in about eight week period. The magic of Tractor Supply the national chain store specializing in form where hardware outdoor Wear in the doorway here. The tour -- the Tractor Supply us. Yeah. Is that -- soon to be one of the few places on planet earth. -- the recession. Pretty much never. Haven't. We had a meeting. Our corporate office -- the president of our company said now we're gonna ignore the recession. And every time we go back every year we we speak of how we've ignore the recession when other retailers have had a lot of trouble. You ignored the recession we -- -- fashion through. She sales went up 150%. During the recession. -- -- when he talked. When he -- -- photo and on and. You block list is the store manager of the Graham speak and -- Tractor Supply in Brentwood New Hampshire. They now have more than 11100 stores in 44 states. He just kept opening them throughout the recession in recently announced a best ever one billion dollars and sales. Sales of -- sheets fly traps -- -- -- and bloody sheets and late boxing leave lesbians who rakes and writing lower its. No wonder they're in -- sealed. We'll look back slapping yeah. We've got terrific momentum. -- -- numbers too keen understanding. Of the little guy -- saw a lot of aspiration product. Surely we would never really -- -- a larger. Anyway the guns -- eight wheels -- and buckets. With a profit products have been down times. Sure consumers. Who. Have ways of saving money when times get tough and we have to be a company that helps them save money when times get tough -- -- slogan this -- you need him here. Minimizes the human yourself mentality the -- who replaced backyard gardens and backyard farms. -- -- -- -- -- But my ultimate symbol of success and so what's the -- of the -- What's the deal with the -- this guy visiting -- himself -- as well which people like -- their kids there really can't. Com we do sell it chickens that are going to be used for meat and people just keep those for eight weeks and weeks and then they have six -- -- -- Bentley was lucky to get the last of the -- on hand today. Let's hope that it's -- an experiment that these could face the chickens are not for everyone but it's hard not to find what you need here our -- Our Washington. Yeah we have coast. Yes -- time -- all on sale especially with the kind of this like my wife gave me. She is over for fifty foot sections oppose it. In the instructions I have. She wants hose that doesn't -- think -- -- tank and yet a -- countries voted to get -- environment today as of yet there. And that's our arms did you know not too pricey -- and that -- for the years -- excellent in Newman the longhorns order. I left with a court. Full of supplies in any even touched the Bo Jackson mineral -- still -- books Byrd's seat birth being. And whatever this -- no one actually seems to know a spinning Jamie Spence do you really. Yes. -- what I not to -- now you won't believe this but the only thing they don't so. Is tractors. Oh by the way the spinning -- Stansky Wheeler keeps wire from tangling when you're willing to think it's -- only -- -- -- -- Jenny. Have an idea what a spinning -- is at a time. You bet he feels -- again -- John Berman for Nightline. In Brentwood New Hampshire.

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Company that sells everything from cowboy boots to chickens said sales were up during recession.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17946784","title":"Tractor Supply Co.: Most Recession-Proof Retailer?","url":"/Nightline/video/tractor-supply-recession-proof-retailer-17946784"}