'Twilight' Author: 'I Have So Many Stories'

Stephenie Meyer talks about her new movie "The Host" and what's next for her.
6:27 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for 'Twilight' Author: 'I Have So Many Stories'
Vampires and Wear wolves used to be scary lead characters and Halloween -- Not -- -- and love stories that make teenage girls everywhere time for inter species romance. But twilight grader Stephanie Meyer has changed all that. Capturing hearts and minds around the world. -- stories are already worth billions. And is ABC's juju Chang discovers she's -- plenty more surprises in store. It's a lover's triangle to meet each news. That's his brilliantly preposterous. As it is profitable but still don't know next. And we can't. Stephanie -- fantasy. Hundred million books and the twilight movie grossed more than. -- -- -- -- The strength. Stay away from you when you. Time at its core a teenage girl in love with the vampire. And the -- who's also -- You love triangle I only. When there's a real problem to be solved this isn't just something that can -- got over easily and then try and work out how you would deal that this turn into a lot more than that you know with the story but. I like the idea -- internal conflict. This time around Meyer has created yet another high stakes -- -- species lovers' romance. We have been invaded by another species. -- race my. Max irons and Jake able play to red blooded human men are. Who are in love with one teenage girl and the spirit who's taken over her body the hopes. For all intents -- and she's dead but then she comes back it's anything on -- and left about is gone. At which point this guy. Elbows in I'm your -- elbow room -- -- went when you know she's bright -- the person does is better to the ground. A man stands up for a woman. Alien or not spectrum are rising emotional moment I understand I'm not faulting -- -- -- -- easily kickers. My character he -- to fall in love with this sort of other species. King. -- -- -- This is yet another intra species romance is as -- his story -- -- just human beings and marketing board -- -- -- read them I love. Regular. Fiction. The letter writing I have for now anyway the science fiction in the panacea its Texas rate holds on to my attention matter stop. You are not going. What about cheering him. Because they're like this this this show. -- -- community. It sounds a lot more racy than it actually end -- that this rise from China one. -- stories bridge the gap between teen and adult fiction. Reminding all of us what it was like to fight the -- brought on by raging teenage hormones. There's a great deal of sexual tension in your. In your stories and most of it is on consummated. Most of that is pretty. -- I do think there's some -- Kind of magical about taking your time with physical attraction and if you make it's that every time some -- -- someone's hand remember when you're fourteen miles a big -- all. You know we skip over -- a -- How you able to channel the sixteen year old girl and all of us that you ever lose the sixteen you're right it's different now that was -- but apparently it's not. So different that I mean I'm not still a little bit and -- the background. Meyer a devout Mormon is an unlikely publishing phenom. The first twilight installment was her very first attempt at writing after she had a dream about a beautiful men glittering in -- meadow. I love the story of how twilight came -- to your brain. -- the dreams that was and especially vivid -- and it certainly has worked out an -- race and Harry. We caught up with -- in Chicago at the bookstore where her very first signing took place. -- -- -- -- -- despite celebrity status she says her most important role is being mom to her three sons. She says they don't see her as a superstar. -- mostly at home dispute in -- you know gear not cool your kids -- -- when they were little and that. When in my in my middle one is trying to suspend which looked as your mom right you know because for -- here because mom is the epitome of normal that's just what mom -- and so they don't realize that it's different for other people. Have they read your -- to they see the movie. Now they'd seen the first I would let them see veterans. I'm careful about what -- lacks because it's too violent or to let its tinged -- sensual. Sensuality and -- ones burning desire is a cornerstone of Meyer's writing. The host explores the notion that finding their soul mate goes beyond the physical body. Did you ever struggled with body image with a long time. In my whole life -- still -- And I am a woman and I don't look like Heidi -- And it's hard sometimes said forget -- and realize that's not important thing -- bombarded by so much it's stunning to me that used Stephanie Meyer mega star. Is insecure. Aren't -- never want. I feel like you know the -- for more famous they're whenever someone is seems like the -- The more difficult just like if he would fit -- -- that capital. Now that's I've always been my. There's been pressure for -- to expand the twilight series perhaps the -- But she says she's done with vampires for the time being right now she's working on a sequel to the -- clearly you're letting your gut. -- your dreams lead you but after the hosts what -- So many stories real fantasy like fantasy with a map in the front piece fantasy and then there's assassin story is a man is there's ghost story isn't. You know there's so many things I'm glad to be able to do -- Legions of fans went -- For Nightline and did you change to --

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{"id":18811277,"title":"'Twilight' Author: 'I Have So Many Stories'","duration":"6:27","description":"Stephenie Meyer talks about her new movie \"The Host\" and what's next for her.","url":"/Nightline/video/twilight-author-stories-18811277","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}