'Twin Peaks' original and new cast members on the top secret remake

The popular TV show is back 25 years later and David Lynch, Jim Belushi and others talk about the lengths they went for secrecy.
7:22 | 05/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Twin Peaks' original and new cast members on the top secret remake
Spoiler alert. There will be no spoiler alerts in this next story because the new season of "Twin peaks" was kept so top secret, even some of the cast members don't know the complete plot. So we spoke to them and their mastermind, director David lynch, about the need for mystery and the revival of the iconic show after 25 years off the air. Here's ABC's David Wright. ??? Reporter: From those first moody bass notes, "Twin peaks" was quirky, murky, and strange. ??? a road not taken, ever, in TV before. February 24th. Entering the town of twin peaks. Reporter: A place full of riddles wrapped in enigmas and sometimes earnestly cradling a log. My log saw something that night. Reporter: The show's central mystery was the death of beauty queen Laura palmer. And in a final twist in the plot, the very last words we hear from her in the final episode of "Twin peaks" -- I'll see you again in 25 years. Reporter: Now are coming true. "Twin peaks" is back for a third season, 25 years later. Sunday nights on showtime. We last saw you -- bloodied. Cackling with laughter. Yeah. How's Annie? Yeah, yeah. A great way to end. The longest cliffhanger in history. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, without question. Reporter: The cast full of familiar faces plus a newcomer or two. As surprised as any of us to be reunited again. We met up with a few of them at the lamb's club bar in midtown Manhattan. I'm relieved after 25 years of pie -- Two more pieces of this pie, MM. You're not a diabetic? I know, I take my blood sugar every day. You must exercise a lot. I'm happy I fit back in the suit. Reporter: For those who weren't watching back in the day, "Twin peaks" was a cop drama like no other. Diane, I'm holding in my hand a small box of chocolate buddies. Reporter: Filtered through the mind of David lynch, "Twin peaks" was a huge hit worldwide. Didn't gorbachev ask George Bush who killed Laura palmer? Evidently the queen as well was a big fan at the time. I heard she dismissed herself from an event on her birthday, she went upstairs because she had to watch "Twin peaks." Wow. Capture and incarcerate. Reporter: That's David lynch, so secretive about this reboot of the show. All music is a little twin peeks-y. Reporter: He'd only talk to us by telephone. Hey, David. Reporter: His answers to most of our questions almost mono si sill labbic. I know you can't give anything away. What bread crumbs can you give sinus. Sunday night, may 21st, we'll start the thing. Right. Then in September, you'll have finished. Reporter: It's not personal. That level of secrecy serves a purpose. Nowadays people on trailers, you've seen the whole film by the time you've finished the trailer and it's really ridiculous. The film sls tis the thing. People will see it when it airs. And just let it unfold the way it's supposed to. Reporter: And it extends even to the stars of the show. We have to wear capes on the set to cover our costumes. Superhero capes? Kind of. Reporter: Jim belushi as new addition to the ensemble. You got in trouble for ad libbing? There was one scene. I can't tell you who's in it. In the middle of that, I threw in a line. And, cut! Mr. Belushi! Yes, sir? Do I need to bring you to the principal's office? No, sir! All right, let's do it again. Orter: Kimmie Robertson plays the daffy secretary, Lucy Moran. It's Pete marttell up at mill. That's your real voice? Actually, David had me speak in a higher register than Normal. So Lucy talks a little more up here. And I'm way down here. Yeah, yeah. Big difference. Reporter: Dana Ashbrook, the resident bad boy of "Twin peaks." David made the cool character, he wrote this call according I got to kind of play. Surfing on a car while you're drinking a beer. You didn't do that in high school? No, I was a geek, total geek. Reporter: Twin peaks was such a phenomenon it inspired the creators of tons of TV that followed. All these shows that have come after, the creators and show runners say they're basically stealing from David lynch. You've got "Lost," "The sopranos." Certainly been an influence. I think when "Twin peaks" happened, everything changed. It was beautiful life, beautiful music, looked like a movie. Reporter: So much of it created almost by accident. By David lynch. The casting of killer Bob, for example. I was on my hands and knees, upstairs in Laura palmer's house. Some girl said, frank, don't lock yourself in that room. Because frank was the set dresser and he was just moving a big bureau in front of the door. But I suddenly pictured frank in Laura palmer's room. Then I said, okay, frank. You go down to the foot of the bed, grab onto those metal bars at the foot of the bed, and stare right at the camera. Oh my god. Those things were the birth of Bob. Wow. Accident. Reporter: This week in Brooklyn, fans of the show lined around the block to participate in a "Twin peaks" popup tribute event. Many of them in costume. My cast name is special agent Dale cooper. He looks just like Kyle mclocklin. Reporter: Taking in twin peaks-inspired burlesque. ??? And I'll see you ??? I am so beside myself that it's coming back. Beside myself. It was so wacky, some of it. It's like life, you know. How do you mean? Life has these same things. I don't know many log ladies. Well, you know. They're not a lot of them but they're here and there, I'm sure. 25 years later, is it hard to get back to hat place? For me, the most exciting thing about this coming back to "Twin peaks" was the chance to work with David again in this world. Because I hadn't had that experience for a long time. And that relationship I missed a great deal. Reporter: As for what's in store Sunday, perhaps agent Dale cooper said it best. I have no idea where this will lead us. But I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. Reporter: I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in New York.

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{"id":47527607,"title":"'Twin Peaks' original and new cast members on the top secret remake","duration":"7:22","description":"The popular TV show is back 25 years later and David Lynch, Jim Belushi and others talk about the lengths they went for secrecy. ","url":"/Nightline/video/twin-peaks-original-cast-members-top-secret-remake-47527607","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}