Ultimate Descent: Paragliding off Everest

Two Nepali men go on an adventure of a lifetime, traveling 500 miles to the Indian Ocean.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for Ultimate Descent: Paragliding off Everest
For many, climbing the earth's highest mountain is the ultimate physical achievement but for the two adventurers you're about to meet, getting to the top was just the beginning -- the easy part. Here is the spectacular story of how they came down. That is the roof of the world. The holy summit of mount everest. Many have climbed it. Very few have flown off and no one has attempted this. From 29 thousand feet to zero in just one trip. The ultimate summit to sea decent. Tackling some of the most dangerous terrain in the world. My goal is all the way to the ocean, which is my dream. A dream to fly from the top of mount everest and then kayak to the indian ocean. Sound insane? The everest flight alone has top athlete head's spinning. I wouldn't dare go up everest and then try to fly it. It seems like there is is a one in a thousand chance to pull it off successfully. This is one of his few early believers. He said okay, we're going everest. We leave in one month. We have no help, we have no sponsors and no equipment but we're going. I wanted to do something. Adventure together. His first challenge, climb mount everest without permits, money, or high altitude climbing experience. If you put me in jail, I'm happy to go to jail. It's a lot of money. He has no such money but the perfect accomplice. A veteran mountaineer who wants in. He would take baboo to everest and babo would take him to the ocean. They were able to kind of go in and utilize the camps. Bumming food, supplies and cramped shelter off of other high priced expeck additions. He begins to size himself up against earth's highest peak. With paltry support, they begin a push into the death zone, above 26 thousand feet. Sunlight coming. But the sunrise bounce along with the oxygen is now running dangerously low. I need to fly now. I cannot do anything if I cannot breathe. I said give me two breaths. With a blast of their last oxygen, he takes their lives into his hands. We're up! Half way around the world, kimberly is singing, too. It was just this straight line going off the mountain and you're like that's it. They're in the air. Opened it up and gave them the perfect conditions. In just 42 minutes, all the turmoil faded away. They climbed 15 miles to an airstrip in napal but their celebrations are brief. They weren't done with their expedition. Still ahead, 500 miles of hiking and kayaking, a full month's trek, starting with some of the most powerful rivers in the world. Jaws, anxiety and the meat grinder are some of the aptly named rapids along the river. He did tell me that his partner can't swim. They lost paddles, babo got stuck and thought he was going to die. And the trials continue eve when they reach the slow smooth majesty. Very difficult to see. From then on, the two hide in the reeds at night. They were just surviving off of the fruit from the trees. Mango, mango. He can be up at 8,000 meters smoking cigarettes and be fine and he was having a challenging time breathing. But two months after sailing and 29,000 feet lower, the two finally run out of lands to explo explore. Wading in, their goal achieved. The minute, it was different. All over the world, national geographic readers agree with overwhelming majority they are the 2012 adventurers of the year. To find out more about their

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Two Nepali men go on an adventure of a lifetime, traveling 500 miles to the Indian Ocean.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"21242814","title":"Ultimate Descent: Paragliding off Everest","url":"/Nightline/video/ultimate-descent-paragliding-off-everest-21242814"}