Understanding the deadly New Zealand volcano eruption

The eruption claimed an unknown number of lives and caused dozens to be treated for blast and burn injuries. This is one of 45 actively erupting volcanoes around the world, experts say.
7:09 | 12/11/19

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Transcript for Understanding the deadly New Zealand volcano eruption
It is known as Lucy lose angriest volcano. Our but this eruption was totally unexpected this staggering video shot by a tourist only moments after the deadly eruption. Capturing the horror as it unfolded. 47 people including nine Americans were on guided visits to white island popular tourist destination when it erupted Monday. Cash soared 121000 feet into the air. In this webcam photo taken within ten minutes of the eruption you can see how bulls hydrants arm to the crater right before the explosion. American Michael shade was at the rim of the volcano what does family capturing these moments they had just left the island twenty minutes before he ruptured. She snapping this photo of a group hoddle appeared. As of tonight there are six confirmed fatalities and eight missing presumed that we do not believe in what you else. We've deployed to the explosion some of the tours trapped on that island where passengers on the ovation of the seas cruise ship. There's quite a few of us crying about all of us I guess crying behind the scenes. Just trying to be strong just because. We dying I Carrey has been impacted rule thinking Menem prior influence. And hopefully that'll returned to us. Born in Matthew you're weak from Richmond Virginia were on their honeymoon Lawrence suffered burns on 20% of her body Matthew 80%. Matthew's mother sharing this voicemail she says her son left her with inside edition. When a joke you know. Volcano actually erupted while we're on the island and I got pretty badly burned so we're a possible New Zealand my hands are burned pleasure it is like Sloan. Survivors sharing details of their harrowing escape. As we just clearance and photos and that both and I are. Anderson I was allowed ash cloud that kind of went from the engine reaches into the sky. Father and daughter Jeff in the Lonnie Hopkins or in their tour boat when the volcano erupted turn their boat around to begin the rest. We just says auditor treat. People they now the best we could but everybody is terrifically then. I didn't have time casino. And I saw that resonate and I felt the need I didn't know aren't what I was doing but I did the best in situation. Rescue helicopters initially coldly island lifting some of the injured back to shore for treatment from here you can look right into the center of the volcano. Enhancing the crater in the steam rising from the vents and that's the area where many of the people were when the eruption happened. It retrieving bodies of the deceased from the island isn't it salute and pierce has. Every day that passes with those bodies recovered as a day of anguish for the loved ones who had been. I think there's two guys who have lost or are missing family and screens. We see in your grief and sorrow and we add to the stated. 25 patients remain in critical condition. Flow the hospitals around New Zealand. A majority of them suffering burns over 30% of their body it's important not to underestimate the gravity of the injuries suffered it is possible but not with the patients will survive but at this kites. Everybody as to proceed McKay that they require friends and family members remaining hopeful. Waiting patiently for the latest updates. Standing strong statement to get back I am holding the fort get I am and seat and paying the price. Media and staying strong women aren't we extra the united issue. White island known as the dramatic fall Cano and its indigenous Mallory is located thirty miles offshore from mainland Zealand. And despite being home to an active volcano. It is still a popular tourist destination attracting roughly 101000 visitors each year. The most recent eruption was in 2016 with no fatalities reported the agency that monitors the volcano. Had registered increased activity for several weeks raising the warning level to two out of five. But they still maintain that the island was safe for visitors. Shoppers did land. Rocky movies like island after the eruption now rescuers will likely become a serious physical and chemical has. The problem with the volcanic ash in the atmosphere ash is pulverized rock. Crystals. And glass this is not good in long and it's so that the combination of of heat. And mix would sulfur gases and skiing. It is not good for people or aircraft. Okay will tourism of the popular trendy locations like Hawaii drawing millions per year. Matt Gutman was there at 2018 after the eruption of kilo way up. Grammys to be a valley and and now it is literally creating this new topography. A ridge has formed where cows used a month John King grass clobber rivers are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Damage best visible from the stock. The eruptions and kill way impacted local tourism but also the lives of residents of the surrounding area. June Farrell's lived here for decades she's lost grazing land for her horses but not her love of the land. So maybe there is life after the Carolina at a Raj at this is the life. This is that life's energy right here this is my read generate another and another year to your C. Trees popping out here and not although candles at the same each has its own personality. They all have their own settings and their own history and their own chemistry of the lava. That comes out so each one is very unique and distinct. Jay Nomo. Nomo but just because ads here who have other. Study the worth of clothes is what these scientists dream up. Pretty much our whole books and tenants notice completely cover the ground you. With the new lava flow coming around against the wall there we'll have too much. As seen here in this match he'll special one strange rock. A team of scientists traveled to leak during the legal volcano in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to studied your score by collecting soil. Again an about face happened and there's absolutely no way we are going to an end nowadays. With Baghdad Mission Impossible. There's a lot of other bombs around here it's just government bonds. It had backed up nova. Lava like this proves there is a seething furnace at the heart of our planning experts say there are currently 45 actively erupting volcanoes globally. In New Zealand volcano was active again today authorities and residents are taking all precautions. A five mile exclusion zone in place around white island. New Zealand is a nation in pain but just how this tragedy will impact tourism here is unknown. But while mourning the loss of so many lines here it is the last thing on anyone's mind. For Nightline I'm Marcus Moore in takitani New Zealand.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"The eruption claimed an unknown number of lives and caused dozens to be treated for blast and burn injuries. This is one of 45 actively erupting volcanoes around the world, experts say.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67646641","title":"Understanding the deadly New Zealand volcano eruption","url":"/Nightline/video/understanding-deadly-zealand-volcano-eruption-67646641"}