Vice TV: Inside Viral Video Powerhouse

Most reporters don't party with dictators and drop acid at dog shows, but Vice is reinventing the news.
3:00 | 04/04/13

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Transcript for Vice TV: Inside Viral Video Powerhouse
Anyone who spent a night in browsing YouTube. Doesn't the world a viral videos -- strange and fascinating place one that not only draws millions of clicks but also shapes millions of opinions. About what's popular and important in our culture. New media powerhouse vice knows that and as their head -- to -- my co anchor bill where chorale in the -- wild side. Is all part of their master plan to revolutionize. The news business. If you have ever clicked on a video report exploring the nuances of Colombians -- reality. They're trying to sort out here which front of these two little guys -- about fourteen. And -- donkeys you're probably familiar with flights. If you see got instruction on how to cook your own napalm. Want to witness care and handling of arsenal's most famous tush or wonder what it's like to attend -- Westminster dog show on passage. Curry and chances are you help one of the hundreds of fights videos go -- And if you like your -- and corresponds to get drunk on a train to Chernobyl and then shoot it mutant spores among the radio. You're definitely familiar with the vice founder chains Smith when did you know. This wasn't just a little ring connect style -- music or -- thing. -- got more out of sorts and we do this meaning the media empire began when. When Smith any recovering heroin addict named syringe how -- -- took over a free magazine in Canada called voice of Montreal. Realize that. Nobody else really give us jobs were relatively unemployable others we've got to find a way to -- its work. Lessons forty years later that magazine has additions in over thirty countries they have -- Film and advertising units. The most green thing. For us to be able to. Tell any story in any country and not be afraid anything if -- never seen one of their signature trips into the underbelly. Probably heard about Dennis Rodman's recent trip to North Korea. The whole thing was hatched by vice what they saw as -- clever way to get rabid basketball fans Kim Jung -- To allow them inside his hermit kingdom once inside. Things got weird. Through Seoul on its first the former cross dressing Chicago -- became new best -- with the brutal dictator. There that invited back the palace where vice reporter said he dispatches about a ten course at that feast. With these -- American enemy all while countless north Koreans were being starved in the submission outside the blow back. And lasted for days. He said you love -- and think he's awesome. Were you aware of its threats to destroy the United States and in his regimes around this record on human rights. I hate the fact that he's going -- have but the faculty is that you know what -- a human being dealt Rodman and North Korea. Mistake success. Talk about that. At at at at at at absolutely not a mistake at all I mean I think it is one of these. Brilliant. -- is someone. But but how many awards it was -- raced -- Stalin's right but did you get any news there were able asking tough questions. While his parting -- and Dennis Rodman the detritus weapons and now about I don't think regularly -- necessarily. The point. -- you know. Critics say the -- is more about more terrorism than journalists but their new HBO show is actually a real stab -- -- reporting. Pieces on the tensions between India and Pakistan and political assassination in the Philippines. All mostly -- -- free. Which may surprise those who love the broad basis flavor of the magazine and website all those fourteen to 25 year old mostly male -- today's. -- make this place into the envy you mainstream media. -- you have a credibility then. With this audience sure and we in England and speak their language is that what it is it's a trust thing and it knows -- but these guys are like I do they listen what I like as dominant take their word on what's happening adamantly no. Ours is so gen Y. Is a very sophisticated. Generation the most sophisticated. Cartoons are made -- -- -- marketed to since they were babies and they have the most sophisticated. Actors ever in the history of humanity. So the best way to sort of circumvent those -- monopoly and. On this day the team is screening a new online music show in which the vice reported smokes weed with a group rappers. And then takes a 101000 dollar bet that he can't drink an entire bottle of and is calling. Morning and -- This sort of thing that would make network censors clutched their pearls but I'm -- and -- and Smith sees this as part of a proud legacy. If you look at Rolling Stone when it first started. It was very political magazine had huntress Thompson -- for and at the time gonzo was the criticism like this guy isn't real political writer is taking -- At the Republican National Convention. And at the time means -- -- -- -- of -- to balance of Butler. And then. My excellent. But the truth is while he was dropping -- and write about Nixon it took the Washington Post of Greg waters -- You guys want to stay as the hunter S Thompson's or do you want to go live jets. In a way. The -- action news. I think right now we're very comfortable in going in before and after the news cycle. Some in the media business -- speculated that Smith thing master salesman really just wants to inflate the profile vice and then unloaded for a couple hundred million dollars. But he insists that vice will be bigger than any of the old guard media company soon. He wants to start by making vice the next CNN. Like a 24 hour cable channel that's all life all the time it's it's worse than that. The next -- and meaning. The next global news reports we have. The demographic. We have capabilities we just have to get better our guys like you -- help us. But at the same time I don't wanted to stop there because we don't just news we have one of the biggest music channels. So -- also sent a wannabe the next entity which I do simultaneously. We also do sports and different way. I'd like to be the next ESPN -- online it's changing of the guard. In media it's our time. Terrifying thought -- sensitive viewers and shy donkeys everywhere. Do we -- from Nightline. Brooklyn New York.

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{"id":18885809,"title":"Vice TV: Inside Viral Video Powerhouse","duration":"3:00","description":"Most reporters don't party with dictators and drop acid at dog shows, but Vice is reinventing the news.","url":"/Nightline/video/vice-tv-inside-popular-mayhem-18885809","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}