Volcano Hunters Get into Trouble at Violent Indonesian Volcano

Part 2: Photographers Geoff Mackley, Brad Ambrose scramble with thousands of dollars' worth of footage at stake.
6:00 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for Volcano Hunters Get into Trouble at Violent Indonesian Volcano
And we're back now on this Christmas eve, not in a winter wonderland, but inside an explosive volcano. Even the locals keep their distance. But crazy or not, we're going right in, with rain pouring down from below and lava bubbling up from below. Our team will not be deferred from the quest to capture the staggering beauty few others will ever see. Here again is ABC's Gloria Riviera. Reporter: I'm in the heart of the pacific ring of fire with a trio of danger-loving volcano hunters. Look at that. Including 11-year-old Molly ambrose. These photographers in pursuit of the ultimate shot. They've led me to a remote, uninhablted E ed island, chept for one very angry volcano. We only have two nights here, and we barely survived the first, battling waves and rain. Come morning, the tide is threatening to overtake camp. Instead of filming, they're scrambling to build a barrier. It's still quite sore. Reporter: And Molly is still a little shaken up. Sometimes I get a bit scared, but dad says the good thing is, when you're scared, it's because you're thinking about all the dangers. Reporter: Right about now, her dad's mostly scared because thousands of dollars are on the line and he still hasn't captured the shot. They are racing against time. We've pretty much lost half the day just waiting for the weather to start clearing. Ideally, there's so many other positions we want to be in. Reporter: Getting any closer by boat is out of the question. The money shot's doing something ridiculous on camera that doesn't get you killed. Reporter: Now the locals are saying that maybe the mountain is mad at us. We didn't make any offering. Well, kill a chicken. Reporter: Kill a chicken? Remember this poor soul? Well, desperate times -- So, this chicken actually we would like to sacrifice. Reporter: Our guides hope this offering will appease the mountain and our luck will change. Call it coincidence, but after a few hours, the weather improves. We set out on an expedition to get even closer to the eruption. I mean, I can't believe how close we are. That is insane. The mountain, it seems, was expecting us. It's very beautiful. But it can kill you. Reporter: It can kill you. Yeah. Reporter: But the real show happens after dark. So, we made it close, but we just didn't get the explosion we wanted, so, we have to move positions. Now we're hiking at night, much harder, to try to get a better angle. Holy -- oh, my god. That is amazing. You can see all those rocks, those lava Boulders coming down that chute. Sounds like thunder, fireworks, an airplane taking off, all at once. That is a fireworks display that only mother nature can do. The ones that you feel before you hear, they're the ones that you think, god, I hope the mountain is happy with us. Reporter: As the night wares on and the rest of us go to sleep, brad's pursuit borders on obsession. I think I've got everything I need but you will always want one more. Done. I've done it now. Reporter: But was it worth the risk? Especially for Molly? You're talking about a place that's unpredictable, there are no guarantees. If things go wrong, they could go very wrong. And you're taking your daughter to those places. I think the journey is almost more of a risk. Just crossing the road, jumping in the car, driving. Reporter: I don't know that people will buy that. I don't know. Well, to me, she's the most valuable thing in the world, so, I wouldn't want to put her in a place where I'm not comfortable being. She also balances me out. By having her with me, I probably didn't push it as much as what I may have. Reporter: Brad and Jeff court danger, but for half a billion people living in the shadow of she's slumbering giants, volcanoes are a constant threat. It's the ultimate life-giver and life-taker on this planet. Reporter: Right now, two major eruptions are happening, one in Iceland, one in the Philippines. Volcano hunters are more than just thrill seekers. Guys like Jeff and brad actually spend more time on volcanoes than most scientists. And their images are clues that help us piece together the mystery of these natural wonders. Potentially saving lives. After two hellish days on this island, I'm eager to leave. But not Molly. It was really cool staying the night and watching the eruption. So, I wouldn't mind staying here another night. Reporter: Brad's thirst for adventure must be hereditary. What do you want to be when you grow up? I just really want to follow dad's footsteps. Reporter: For this father and daughter team, a trip that took us all to our very limits but brought them even closer together. The one constant we have is time and it keeps passing. Sooner or later, she won't need me anymore. I will always need you. And I'll always love you. It's good to spend time with him. Reporter: Even if it means it has to be on a volcano? Yeah. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Gloria Riviera in Indonesia. Our thanks to Gloria for that incredib incredible report from the ring of fire.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"Part 2: Photographers Geoff Mackley, Brad Ambrose scramble with thousands of dollars' worth of footage at stake.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"27824176","title":"Volcano Hunters Get into Trouble at Violent Indonesian Volcano","url":"/Nightline/video/volcano-hunters-trouble-violent-indonesian-volcano-27824176"}