Warren Jeffs' World of Polygamy

A look at FLDS, the largest polygamist group in the U.S., and the men trying to help young women leave.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Warren Jeffs' World of Polygamy
One man, nine lives, 62 kids. For a leader of the largest polygamist group in the country, membership had its privileges. Now some are helping to get others to make the same decision they did -- get out. We're getting close now? We are just entering. This is the hidden world of the flds. And the kingdom of their leader, the now jailed warren jeffs. It doesn't take long to get the messa message. We are not welcome here. Did that do that because of us? We are riding with who of his biggest enemies, his own flesh and blood. My name is matthew jeff. And my name is zach rye ya jeff. They have returned to help others leave the flds, which still has as many as 10,000 members dedicated to the practice of polygamy. Come on come on! Get down. Trauma for the new tlc reality breaking the faith. Make sure you have everything. Zach met other former flds boys pulling off what they call daring middle of the night rescues of young flds women. It's not your father's big love. We're not the polygamy mists you think you know. Or or even sister wives. Producers say this is far more dangerous. A life or death journey into the strange world of polygamy. Adjoined cities. This is where warren jeffs ruled every aspect of daily life. We live I a world that's taking on the ways of the devil. Years after he was sent to prison for life, the convicted pedophile's grip is still tight. He is warren's messenger? The boys agreed to take us back to the place they left behind. Are you nervous about this? They are not just outcasts. Now they are sworn enemies. Do you think they know we're outsiders right now? Not quite yet. I will be able to tell when they do. How do you know? I know how they act. The god squad. The name given to warren jeff's private security force. During our visit they tailed us with big imposing pick up trucks. So what's he trying to do? Trying to intimidate us? Yes. And with cameras watching our every move. The top of the flag pole is is a camera. And someone is watching that camera right now? We're watching them watching us. You look at the screen and it's like millions of cameras. Not quite that much but a lot of cameras. My dad has nine wives and around 62 kids. Around 62? Do you know for sure? 62 or 63. It's between that number. This is where you guys lived? Yeah. So your dad could be in there right now? Could be? What would happen if you knocked on the door? Code red lock down. I haven't talked to my mom since I left. In almost a year? What's that like? It's pretty hard. Me and her were super close even right until I left. That would be the only reason i would ever think about wanting to go back is just to see family. How old are your dad's wives? Two of dad's were married at 17. 16, 17? Dad's three oldest children are older than two of dad's wives. Is that weird? Super weird. A lot of people here still believe in warren jeffs and everything he stands for. Even some of the young women who leave the community still seem to standby him. Do you have any idea why warren's in jail? No. You were not aware that warren was being prosecuted because he sexual assaulted two very young girls? I heard it but I don't believe it. And when she starts telling me about warren jeffs, I want to slap her. She doesn't know him. It is a dedication that runs deep. The big white fence that we're coming up to, that was built for warren jeffs when he was miraculously delivered from prison. This house is vacant waiting for him to get out? There has been no manager. He's the only one that can do the marriages. They can't have kids right now either. They can't have kids? He controls that? Uh-huh. Has anyone actually had a child? Not that I know of. We meet up with ben, now part of the member helping to get more out. I got kicked out about a year ago. I want to help the young women that have a desire to get out. If you're serious about getting out, we can help you. There are no fences. Why doesn't a girl who is 20, 21 years old just get up and go. They don't know where to go. Where are they going? Only thing they know is the bedroom, kitchen and laundry room and that's it. That is all they know and it's not because they're restricted. They can go when ever they want they just don't know how. Before they can tell me me, we're interrupted. This is the god squad right here. Are we going to get in trouble? No. They're just taking pictures. That's typical god squad right there. That's what they do. Every one of them. What was that about? They don't know. They're trying to scare you. That's what they do. They follow you, scare you, try to make you feel uncomfortable. What do I represent to you? Short hair. Just the most wicked of wickedness. I have never really ran off with a guy before. If leaving looks hard they say adjusting to life on the outside is even harder. What is chocolate syrup. Not supposed to have chocolate. I know we're not at the crick but I still don't feel right about all of this food. So much is going through my head. A running theme through the show is the girls that don't make it. Hopefully she's okay. And end up returning to a fate that jeff's brothers fear might be worse than what they left in the first place. How much of the reality show is actually real? The best thing is to get out of st. George immediately. I can't believe this is happening. There is already some criticism on the web that it all seems a bit staged. The show begins with a disclaimer admitting to some reenactment. But the passion these guys have for what they are doing is clearly not fake. Us boys got to get out and we got to work. The girls don't ever get to get out or go to work. They are restricted to home sho they do not know anything. On their own it's almost impossible. They need guys like you. They have to. And for the jeffs brothers, this mission is about something else. Repairing their damaged family name. You hear the last name, jeffs. What reaction does that get? The first thing someone will think of is warren jeff and a pedophile and I don't want to be thought of as that. Change the last name to something better. For night line, I'm in utah. Thanks for that report. Breaking the faith airs sunday nights on tlc.

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{"id":21158158,"title":"Warren Jeffs' World of Polygamy ","duration":"3:00","description":"A look at FLDS, the largest polygamist group in the U.S., and the men trying to help young women leave. ","url":"/Nightline/video/warren-jeffs-world-polygamy-21158158","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}