'Watt's World': Looking for UFOs in Campfires on Mt. Shasta

ABC's Nick Watt's new show on Travel Channel follows his experiences in strange and far off places.
6:00 | 06/30/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Watt's World': Looking for UFOs in Campfires on Mt. Shasta
My colleague nick watt find himself on a curious quest traveling to a famous mountain where many believe inner G nene en ergy for a aliens. Several civilizations have left their mark here. As you are about to see, nick uncovers more than myths along the way. Reporter: Mount Shasta, California one of the world's mystical mountains. You see the space ships. Why does Shasta draw the ufo, spiritual, buddhas, and truth seekers. I am on a mission from god. Reporter: It isn't the tallest mountain in America, not the most beautiful along with the likes of mount fuji and an Australian mountain many believe Shasta is an energy vortex, alien landing site, portal to the spiritual world. I'm here for my new show on travel channel called "Watt's world." We're here to see Ashland. She has one name. I am confused what Ashland promised on the phone. Does she thing she is an alien? No. Reporter: That patch of ground is a vortex to another side. The crystal city of telos where the ancient malurians ended up living after their continent was destroyed. ? Reporter: We are going down. I get a sense we are down at the bottom of the vortex. I want you to look toward the light. Still in telos. Still in telos. I'm complete. All right. And what happened? Reporter: There was a bit of bustling. And the spirit guide came up, Harlan. Getting his weird spirit head. Funny shape. Wrapping around my head. I kept telling him to stop it. He thought it was funny. He did it a few times. Harlan, huh? Do you know him? No. Reporter: I've out-weirded the weirdo. In your head you can create anything? Yes, you can. We weren't creating it. We were allowing it to show itself to us. That's different. Reporter: Right. But I'm not big it. Maybe the ufo crowd can convince me? Night falls. To increase my chances of abduction I'm camping halfway up in an apparent ufo landing zone. A guy called Jesse just walks out of the woods. You're right here, they're right here now. I can show you in my pictures. Their heads are as big as your whole body. I have to catch the images in the smoke. It gets their energy field. Reporter: Yes, yes, yes. I see that now. I see that now. That came on all of a sudden. Do you realize most people are going to think it is ridiculous. Only way you can know is for it to happen to you. Reporter: So we build a fire and until the early hours try to capture pictures of aliens in the smoke. So far I just think I have out of focus shots of you. Yeah, ha-ha-ha. Reporter: Let's leave the camera on overnight. I could sleep over closer to you. I could be right there where I'm at. I'm sure you'll be fine. Good night, man. Okay, good night. ? It's about 6:45. The sun has come up. I wonder if we go out and if we got any time-lapse. We did not. Now before the ufo crowd, before the crusties. You guys smoking marijuana out here? No, definitely not. Reporter: Came the buddhists. Apparently their leader was just driving by and notice aid cheap motel for sale. What about Shasta's, ufo? You get cloud. Particular cloud. Circular type cloud. People associate those with ufo's, it's not clear why. Not even the buddhists believe. I feel Shasta is punishing me for my lack of faith. That's -- that's a slight issue. I'm looking for a sweat lodge. How are you? Great. How are you? Good. Good. Reporter: We got a bit lost. Well we got very lost. According to legend the karuk people rose from the soil. Marchasa is hub of the wheel, rest of the energies are going out like spokes. Reporter: Make walking eagle will have solid answers to my question -- why Shasta? Little people. Big people. The space ships. Reporter: You see the space ships? Yeah, yeah. Reporter: Okay, maybe not. Shall we? It's your show. Reporter: Now in there, walking eagle communes with the spirit. The wood, rock, water, a bucket from a local hardware store. ? Reporter: That was amazing. Does it mean that mount Shasta is magical. Probably no one will ever prove it. I still think all of these people are odd. I don't believe them. But I really like them all. And thanks to them, well maybe my soul is now just a little bit ajar. I feel fantastic. And I am going to sleep look a baby. I'm nick watt for "Nightline" on mount Shasta in California. He cracks me up. And "Watt's world" premieres on the travel channel tomorrow at 10:00 P.M. Eastern.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"ABC's Nick Watt's new show on Travel Channel follows his experiences in strange and far off places.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"32117217","title":"'Watt's World': Looking for UFOs in Campfires on Mt. Shasta","url":"/Nightline/video/watts-world-ufos-campfires-mt-shasta-32117217"}