Weinstein allegedly hired intelligence agency to target accusers

The use of the company called Black Cube was first reported by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker. Weinstein denies any wrongdoing.
6:58 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Weinstein allegedly hired intelligence agency to target accusers
Here's ABC's Lindsey Davis. This latest story has -- in a way even the initial allegations as deeply horrifying as they were didn't. Today yet another bombshell in the Harvey Weinstein saga. An explosive new story in the new Yorker reports how far Weinstein went to try to silence and intimidate not only his accusers but the journalists working to expose his misconduct. What this story pulls back the curtain on is a set of tools that I didn't know were available to the most powerful men in the country when they are bent he on stopping allegations against them. He alleges that Weinstein hired elite security agents to befriend his accusers in order to get personal information and use to it discredit them should they decide to come forward. I have been silent for 20 years. I have been shamed. I have been harassed. One of those women allegedly targeted by Weinstein's operation was actress rose Mcgowan. She said it was like the movie gas light. She said she was living for a year in a world of fun house mirrors. What is so striking about this story is just how far this effort went and how elite the operatives used were. One of the groups was black cube. An elite Israeli private intelligence agency, staffed by form he mass oud members. These are highly trained operative who's excel in false identities, who construct companies to cover for their false identities. How involved was he? He was direct will he involved. He had contact with investigators, approved their work plans at multiple points over the last year. Was receiving reports directly from several of the firms. These were routed through his lawyers but he was pulling the strings. Mcgowan is just one of 60 women who have come forward with allegations against Weinstein including sexual abuse and even rape. Weinstein has denied any allegations of nonconsensual sex. In 1997, Weinstein is reported to have reached a settlement with Mcgowan. After an alleged encounter. But according to farrow, some 20 years later, just this past may, Mcgowan received an e-mail. Rose Mcgowan received an mostly from Diane Phillip of Ruben capital partners. And die an Phillip offered her to speak at a women's gala. Over the course of many meetings, offered to invest in her production coil. She said they met at the same site where he had met many women of she said he was very kind but soon began pressing her for information. Unbenoenls to rose, she was recording tens of hours of audio and sending it back to Harvey Weinstein. Her alleged attacker. In fact, Diana Phillip was not a real person. Diana Phillip was a false identity used by black cube. According to farrow, the deception didn't end there. He said there were additional operatives. In a contract signed by a lawyer, black cube agreed to hire an investigative journalist to conduct interviews and propertily reported the results. The journalist contacted rose Mcgowan, saying to farrow, it scared me that Harvey was testing to see if I would talk. Just last week, she came out alleging in the 1990s, after driving her home, Weinstein forced his way into her apartment, held her down and raped her. Several journalists were allegedly targeted by Weinstein himself, including farrow. What did she say? She was working on a women's empowerment initiative and wouldn't I as a male advocate. I did not respond. They tried stop a publication in New York magazine. Which included aggressive human intelligence operations around one of the reporters of that magazine. Detailed psychological profiles of the editor of that magazine. A profile of the ex-wife of the reporter that explicitly says we will use it as leverage. The idea that they are posing as journalists to try to gather negative information on the accusers crosses any ethical line. He says he came across a document by another firm. Psops. It focused on unaccording his sources, as well as those of a "New York Times" journalist, Jodi Kantor, also investigating Weinstein. Listing every possible interaction. Detailing sources that both Jodi and I spoke to who then reported back to wnstein and detailed the questions we were asking. Ps ops allegedly created detailed dossiers on various people. In one profile of rose Mcgowan, there are exhaustive lists of net posts about her. Sections entitled past lovers, for instance. Adverse character witnesses. People willing to say negative things. This was an all-out campaign to discredit and smear these women. But much like the plot of a Weinstein film, TRE is a twist. The same lawyer who previously represented Weinstein and signed a contract with the intelligence firm in an attempt to discredit accusers and journalists, was also representing the "New York Times" in a libel suit at the same time. In a statement to ABC news, he called it a mistake on contract with and pay investigators who he did not direct and control. He said had he known what this was for, he would have never signed it or been associated in any way with this effort. The "Times" called it a grave betrayal of trust and has terminated their relationship. Re is a tidal wave of change. What I never could have fathomed was the outpouring in industry after industry of women and men with sexual harassment and assault coming forward. And this was a deep seated source of pain for a lot of people who were silent for too long. For "Nightline," New York. Up next, here's something

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"The use of the company called Black Cube was first reported by Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker. Weinstein denies any wrongdoing. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"51007373","title":"Weinstein allegedly hired intelligence agency to target accusers","url":"/Nightline/video/weinstein-allegedly-hired-intelligence-agency-target-accusers-51007373"}