Westboro Baptist Church: Warriors for God?

Part 1: ABC News' Nick Watt spent a weekend with the infamous religious group to get an inside look.
3:00 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Westboro Baptist Church: Warriors for God?
We've all probably heard a thing or two about that church whose members protest outside the funerals of American soldiers spewing anti gay bile. Tonight though you're gonna see the Westboro Baptist Church in a way you've never seen it before from the inside ABC's nick -- decided to spend an entire weekend with church members. Because he sincerely wanted to know why did they take a -- whose core message is love. And twisted into something so seemingly hateful. Every day somewhere in America this little band is picketing on -- sign. Solid Bible Christians are they -- Spreading -- true word and telling the rest of us who don't hate it's God's will -- bags. They don't just look it's one. For a lifetime -- -- -- burn -- -- they stir anger pretty much everywhere they go. Time. This is little. -- -- And -- like. I got I still -- Because they've been told -- their whole life. -- welcome to a weird little slice of this great country one of the pockets of American event as a recent immigrant. I'm struggling to understand. Congregation of this tiny church intends believes they -- the only and he -- he -- judgment day comes and it's from. Every every season they say gay marriage is a harbinger. Eminently -- The rest of us. That's the man they programs there hostage Fred Phelps -- critics say has been preaching hate since 1960 size. This weekend -- in Kansas to spend some time with the Westboro Baptist charge why give them publicity might -- know that they believe. Called hates homosexuals for some reason that -- take it. Soldiers' funerals. But I'd like to understand. Why homosexuals why is that -- and here there are. So I decided to spend the weekend with -- people getting behind the placards in the headlines. And the fun begins Friday evening at the university of -- -- -- -- -- That's steep -- -- -- to be a documentary filmmaker. And the big time party guy who came to make nasty film about the church somehow got seduced by their message and stay. -- -- -- -- -- -- And again tomorrow. Ten it's ten -- -- all of them could this happen to make I have -- gay sister who I love. Are your kids here today. Yet to go -- with a bag wedding cake. That's -- and that -- is there would you take your kids. And and that's my wife Lucille there with the divorce -- -- -- to build time. Across the street to counter protest -- -- -- just a bunch of kids you -- really -- -- -- -- -- -- Under the -- but I opened it and I'm not a practicing homosexual your -- I'm -- practicing homosexual and I want to know what's going on. Parents must be very proud. -- -- -- -- My parents say hey I love you. Welcomes the Westboro Baptist church and that's what they do every day when she was -- election -- -- like. Some front and our campus let's -- small US prevents -- -- we're really followed Steve to cast a drain on the edge of the to -- -- -- quit. Pretty much full 43 members of the congregation live. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well and I'm -- proud of the right so much. This is relatively clean post bulletins it was time for some Bible. See there -- You -- like become free when you read the Bible or or any other time. -- -- become the she. I'm great god a maker of all things seen and unseen give you thanks and praise lord for the days -- has made. We're Shane Larson lord -- -- -- though not look upon it developed not the whole learn -- us. Homes you guys say it in the -- a -- way no we don't. Then Steve tried to explain why they used. Word on why his -- GT to tell gay people that they're -- and it would be Meehan of my game on Scripps -- you know it's cruel and go -- thanks that's not true yes of course is where they use the word bank in the Bible. It -- is the -- -- actually -- -- the Bible says thou shalt not lie with mankind as with -- time it's abomination. They mentioned lesbians in the -- that's the same thing that -- a specious questions. -- Stephens stubborn -- gotten a new army memo by your standard on mean I'm -- yeah. By your standard of most people. And and unity and and and there was a time. When everybody in the world thought that it was flat -- you -- belongs -- Dottie yes I think that every war -- wrong not only in describing what's mean. But also in describing what's more role. Every one of you every stinking why -- is wrong about morality because you pulled morality from your black hearts are used the Bible. -- where there -- -- Saturday morning things took -- turn for the even worse I'm trying to understand where you're coming from. -- -- and where I'm coming from I'd asked Steve if he missed his eldest daughter Lauren who was. Throwback -- the church for chatting with a boy on the Internet he said he didn't. And I didn't believe -- When you protest my answer I'm inviting you into my home I'm being an open book here. But when you when you answer that question that way. I think -- disrespect. You did misty eyed at Obama giving -- that courtesy -- I'd like to asking you give me that parents -- We made up and Steve took us to meet Giles posture of Phelps granddaughter and her husband Matt he is one of the few act -- Phelps -- to join the church Loveland -- -- Wrestle with church picket on British TV and felt moved to come over. We examined -- campaign. As usual in Washington. His friend Washington also monitor if you don't preach to the homosexuals and say hey you -- -- gone didn't you. -- on the same card unlike Matt Giles was born into the church has grown up with these beliefs. The government should institute the death -- -- the district. They're using the government of this country should put me to death for being for enabling him sexuality by thinking it's okay. -- -- -- We have a whole bunch -- -- Next I went with Steve to check at the workshop where they may. Bullets only place is accountable one -- what gets a lot of people -- Their speciality signs from mass shootings Steve claims Connecticut -- the sandy hook school shooting. Upon itself we're going to be the first state in the United States to legalize -- marriage. Moving dollars on vacation all we're telling you is. That's an -- ration of the wrath of god and as John Allen had already told me I'm also in line for some Adam rationed because. I don't condemn homosexuality. In church parlance. I'm and enabled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wrote you're a big time that anymore. I mean you are and that's because what you do is you have do you have a considerable platform would you pick -- my funeral. Course -- would new low -- Steve claims their signs are spending at -- hate not their own -- Steve seems -- -- his own sensitive dismissive to stay. Times like Steve not just -- doesn't like Lady Gaga. This filthy water -- pepper she's looking middle finger of god -- -- nick. Abby is in charge of alphabetizing. The signs. -- -- -- -- -- You know challenge me to name a group of people and she'd find a sign explaining what's wrong with the court's some -- fact courts dairy farmers. OK mark that it just get -- but you know what they should be doing moment there are all across this world that got big bars and should be putting. Messages -- trip to the dairy farmers are doing something wrong they are doing that. There's an assessment tournament starts -- Sometimes. Are you -- wearing a -- T -- This stage but having police quite a geisha -- if you're gonna say don't watch that show because their -- that Exxon and it -- -- are -- -- go anywhere is you really want to do have been -- an important that you -- Yeah. Yeah. Is -- really great -- finally underway we don't know otherwise I wondered -- is -- still your faith -- her little friends -- and unit. And LTT wolves remain true to your -- -- goes destruction is coming a nice little. Name. They go on -- by the way every day during school vacations. Or -- dog doesn't like gay people. And you believe that.

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{"id":19695922,"title":"Westboro Baptist Church: Warriors for God?","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: ABC News' Nick Watt spent a weekend with the infamous religious group to get an inside look.","url":"/Nightline/video/westboro-baptist-church-warriors-god-19695922","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}