Wildfires continues to ravage through Southern California as conditions worsen

The wildfires threaten several thousand homes in Southern California, where more than 5,000 firefighters are battling the fires.
4:56 | 12/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires continues to ravage through Southern California as conditions worsen
Reporter: Tonight that series of fires still scorching southern California. Roughly 116,000 acres now burned. I've never seen a fire like that before. Reporter: Flames leaping over the pacific coast highway. It's dangerous out there. Reporter: This man hurrying over to save a rabbit on the side of the road. Los Angeles' famed 405 freeway a fiery hellscape. In Ventura county the massive Thomas fire showing no signs of slowing. Fueled by those fierce Santa Ana winds. We cannot do this on our own. It really takes a village. Reporter: The fire chief speaking to our David Muir. What's your concern going into tonight? Really it's the winds. What are they telling you to expect in the coming hours? We've got gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour coming hard out of the east. So that pushes the fire really hard in the western direction. Reporter: So far, well over 100,000 acres destroyed in that fire, and it's only 5% contained. We're seeing an entire apartment complex engulfed in flames -- Reporter: ABC's Marcus Moore also there on the ground. This is the 101 freeway, look at those flames as they burn off in the distance. This is the fire that is working its way through this part of Ventura county, hopping the highway. This thing is shut down right now. Reporter: Throughout the week, first responders going door to door. Anybody home? Reporter: Tens of thousands of residents forced to evacuate as the flames closed in. This is the police department, mandatory evacuation due to the fire -- We need to get out of here as soon as possible, that fire is right there. Reporter: Neighborhoods reduced to cinders. We met Tracy bird recording the devastation, helpless as her home burned to the ground. We can't even describe what I'm thinking, my mind is not even really connecting with it all yet. And yet there it is. Reporter: Earlier today this fire line racing down this mountain. These helicopters are dropping as much water as they possibly can on these fields. The idea is to stop the fire from getting from this charred part of the mountain down there to those avocado fields and the homes below. And just yards away, we met Anthony Linet Bavaro as they frantically packed their belongings. We helped as they tried to save what they could. Linet pregnant with her third child. Why the wedding dress? Just our memories. And we've been together since I was 19. We've been through so much. So that's like our big milestone. I want to give that to my kid. Reporter: This is just one of multiple fires exploding in California tonight. More than 187,000 people evacuated throughout the state. Hundreds of homes and buildings destroyed. These owners working to evacuate their horses as flames intensified at the creek fire. In Los Angeles, the skirball fire turning mountainsides into fireballs. One of the nation's busiest highways transformed under that Orange haze. We're attempting to prevent the fire from jumping west up the 405. Reporter: The fire threatening the Getty museum, its walls lined with priceless art. At surrounding neighborhoods some of the most expensive real estate in the country. We ask you to leave immediately if you're still there -- Reporter: The 475-acre blaze in the geographical heart of los Angeles. It's now 20% contained. It looks much calmer and by many measures it is. But as we know there are a lot of hot spots and hot spots right next to homes. Reporter: This week hundreds of firefighters on the ground. This one overcome by the smoke and the heat. Are you just hot? Or burned? Just hot. Reporter: Aircraft fighting the blaze from above. It's been years since anything's burned at all in this area. Reporter: The exclusive enclave of Bel Air not spared. This is really frightening. There are a lot of homes here. The helicopter overhead now. It's dropping water right now. I might get wet. It was here we met Ron ancon at the husk of his neighbor's once-palatial home. Still burning. Hasn't been a fire since '61, Bel Air fire. Reporter: Firefighters still working to put out flames there. Back in Ventura, some residents finally able to survey the damage. It's devastating. Sorry. Thankful we have our home. But I'm very sad for my neighbors. It's just horrible. Reporter: Without rain, authorities say the battle against the Thomas fire could drag on until Christmas. For "Nightline," I'm Matt Gutman near ojai, California.

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{"id":51663220,"title":"Wildfires continues to ravage through Southern California as conditions worsen","duration":"4:56","description":"The wildfires threaten several thousand homes in Southern California, where more than 5,000 firefighters are battling the fires.","url":"/Nightline/video/wildfires-continues-ravage-southern-california-conditions-worsen-51663220","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}