Women in Saudi Arabia now allowed to drive after longstanding ban lifted

The longstanding ban on women driving was lifted at midnight on June 24, allowing women to no longer need to rely on men to move around.
7:30 | 06/26/18

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Transcript for Women in Saudi Arabia now allowed to drive after longstanding ban lifted
Historic change in Saudi Arabia me. Women getting behind the wheel. London first time for me not look at driving that night and bring dogs. What everybody ends. Driving on the open road it's a simple act that had been sold for decades excites him. Suck his Dick and that's their right mind we'll donated in the kingdom. And for Corey little car at this moment. Is it kind of redemptions and driving is like riding a bicycle like swimming she first learned how to drive when she was a young adults living in Canada but when she returned to Saudi Arabia that Wright was stripped away. Significant. Teens in their lifestyles by not being dependent on someone to take them places. It's not only have woman you know Michael Moore and it would place but also. With help them being more independent and get long. Highs it's been a long road to reach this point for years there have been protests and campaigning. But now in part to bolster Saudi Arabia's economy the government is allowing women to drive hoping that more women will join the workforce. It's a move that could add as much as ninety billion dollars to the Saudi economy by 2030. And it's all part of this man's grand plan the future king of Saudi Arabia crown prince Mohamed installment MBS's everybody calls him. Earlier this year he struck out on a tour of the western world it's a great honor to have the crown prince meeting with president trump at the White House. It's all a tremendous PR push to install what he calls quote moderate Islam that is. Open to the world Saudi Arabia and an ancient land of rooted in tradition and bound by a strict. All encompassing interpretation of Islam but today this country is changing last fall we traveled to Saudi Arabia to see the transition firsthand. At the time women were still banned from driving but they were learning any way they could this is a racetrack. And it's one of the only places. We'll see women driving. Go carts. He loved driving. Out of the track. Watch shows me the ropes a natural she's been coming here almost since it opened but one note Iowa. Is there anybody in your family or among your friends who say why do you should not drop F. I my finally seeing my friends and having gotten. And I that was never found the company headache and a column. So the stop and tell. It's an incredibly young country nearly 70%. Of saudis are under thirty years old. And on our trip everywhere we went the change was palpable. Like this women's boxing class. The last thing I expected was through she Saudi women box. Hitting a backward hitting ads are punching something needs to feel happy in him Howie and in this. Strong. So your lap bring him back to advance. Com Ronnie is the first and only female boxing and kick boxing trainer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a true revolution there. What do you think Americans. Who just happen hysteria. About Saudi Saudi women about Saudi Arabia and society think terror oil there's so much more to us and two saudis and Saudi Arabia and. After a workout hello puts on her along a buying up and her head scarf still required dress for Saudi women in public. Line is actually pretty colorful it is yeah she does this those bright colors were unheard just a decade ago. So many rules so much forbidden for so long but are we had a lunch at a lot talks about the country's strict parents. In this client was scared and the religious beliefs thank if you're sitting with someone -- was your cousin or. The man I'm and they're not your leg brother or father or whatever. At the restaurant we meet Hamas sister Dona she's a filmmaker Alex Jones want to cameraman. Don is just finished a documentary about Saudi women change. And my physical fitness and nothing we have. That other nations have not. We struggle with this idea of what and who is a Saudi woman because it's LaMont. You know one thing doesn't tell that story. Not the time don't you couldn't show or film and her own country there were no movie theaters allowed but that's changed as well. In April AMC opened Saudi Arabia's first cinema the inaugural screening. Black panther but not all are happy with the change. Are gonna Grand Mosque in the old city of realized its huge and hugely important. And his conservative. Signs of the old Saudi Arabia still strong here it's all meant. No women or allowed after prayers we tried to talk to people you like to change. Greater freedoms were women. There are changes that I like but I'm opposed to the driving. It's clear or Saudi Arabia is still nowhere near a free country. There we should tell you we are not free to go what we want in this country are ferries are free approved by the government. And everywhere we go we have a minder with as a guide. Somebody's probably spying on us and to be fair trying to keep us safe in the country where a lot of people don't like westerners but remember. People we talked to are not free to speak we are not free to go we want this is still a very repressive country. And then there is the war in Yemen their neighbors to the sound. Saudi Arabia leading up bombing campaign that blamed for much of the misery. Privately some people here hate the war our Vietnam once said. Do you support this war in Yemen. I'm talking on what it ain't to be honest I'm a little frustrated right now it's really hard to get people to talk honestly. About certain subject politics and says you're raising we hear our leadership his grace we trust them there's no problem. The wall. There is so much tradition in this country. And tradition is so powerful. Okay. And while women across Saudi Arabia are taking to the road half a dozen high profile female activist who fought for the right to drive still sit in jail. Arrested last month. On suspicion of undermining security head and although women are now permitted to drive they are still not able to move around freely women require the permission of a male guardian to go. Anyway sudden he's one of the most saddens in places basically. And as a women a unit you fade and you access to resources and opportunities and much did then bent on the weight of the man responsible for the Canada. But for now just being able to drive around the block. He's a small step in the right direction for Nightline I'm Terry Moran in Saudi Arabia.

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{"duration":"7:30","description":"The longstanding ban on women driving was lifted at midnight on June 24, allowing women to no longer need to rely on men to move around.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56162170","title":"Women in Saudi Arabia now allowed to drive after longstanding ban lifted","url":"/Nightline/video/women-saudi-arabia-now-allowed-drive-longstanding-ban-56162170"}