What's one word you would use to describe James Comey?

ABC news and conservative pollster Frank Luntz assembled people from across the political spectrum to weigh in on the former FBI director's exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.
7:53 | 04/19/18

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Transcript for What's one word you would use to describe James Comey?
Reporter: H one of th most polarizing figures in americatoday. The focus of harsh criticism bothidesf the aisle. Do you think theussianshave sometngn Donald Trump? I think it'sssible. Reporter: Former FBI director Jame com one on one with georstos, promoting his new book higher loyalty."th explosive first interview since he was fired by preside ump, stilling waves. He'sorally unto president. Reportesest's supporters scrutinize his moves. F he really felt like he was saving the country rather than selling books, why did he wait until an intew wit you, not under oath, sling a, not under oath Reporteresident tmp himself, who has become come most powerful enemy, branding him a slimeball on calling him a liar, a leaker, even suggesting he should be in jail. Me responding on "The view today. Look, when he tweets T I should be in jail my honest reaction is a shrug.yep, there's another one of those. I stop myself and say, wait a minute,here's a danger in my shruhat means I'm becoming numb to the fact that th presidt of the uted states should be in jail. That's not. Reporter:t's not just polians andundits reacting to Comey's interview. I nd a word or phrase before Thi interview to rib jamesomey. Not truthful. Manipulative. Jng to do his. Changed the course of the action. Reportelong with conservativeollster and focus group guru frank luntz assembled people in southern carnia, repuicans and Democrats. Everyone should have your dials inou hand everyone should be at 50 -- Reporr: As intervi unfo they red their oughts using dials, Tur the knobp if they like what they'r hearing,own I they T. 00 is perfection. Zero is L. This is the most important T ll -- you reaecond by send to what you are doing. Reporter: The green line Showe average opinion of the Democrats, red for Republicans. Where we you as the returns were coming I think I was home that night. The first states are in, let't right to it. You don't No. Why not? I'm T director of the FBI, I'm trying outside O politics and I shouldn't B choosing between the candidates. Reporter: When Comey says did not vote in the 2016 presidential tion, the Republicans nearly bought him members of both parties estioning his account. Fully loscredibilit wn he didn't know where he was du theelection. I don't remember, I didn't I thought he looked like a comple Moro WHA surprised you about tonight? Proy his weakest moment was when he didn't know WRE he was on election night. They tho some of T things that he CN't answers director he should have been able to answer. Reporter: When Comey describes first meeti with the president and comment on his appearance, oneth most dramatic splits of thenight. He hadmpressivel coife hairhat looks to be all his. His tie wasoo long as he always . He looked slightl Orange up close with S half-moons under his eyesch I assume are from tanni gag bells. Personal attacks against his appearance, he hasn't said agreement. I have to agree wit him, pettiness stuff, he T rid of that. Everyone talks about trump's hair. I call him orange.use heks LE one. And everyone wants to know abouthis hair. So he thought H bring it up he wasn't being M anythinglike that. When Comey talked about the present's appearance, did that hurt his credibithis. Absolutely. In ct, as someone who advises PEOP CEOs and candes I tell them, never talk about so appearance, no matter how mad youbout them, it never works out well fo you. Reporter: Many Hillary ton suppoer Wald in hoping to hear T roping behind Comey's controversial decisions surround the investigation into her E- Stary Clinton used several different servers, ntned information that was top secret -- Rte times in the room appearing setic. I Thie struggled with the id where he sd have don it or not. Thind of like he's going back forth a ltle bit right there. Reporter: Others Ang his explanatioren't strg ough. If it was about ego W would taught a thousand times? I thght as bad as this would be for me personally this is my obligation to protect the FBI anustice department. Iled ido. I voted for Clinton. But heus seemed kind of wh Reporter: Another flash point,lleged loyalty pledge the president a for during a private dinner I expectloyalty, I need loyalty. I stared at him. By the second time he came B to, I had my wits about and had better answer. What was theecond timeaid again, I needoyalty. Ansa you will always get honesty from me. And he paused. D then he said, honest loyalty? As if he was propo some compromise or D and I paused. Said Y'l get that from . Hary know the man, I'm not going toay I want you T pledge allegian, who would do that? Reporter: He said, he said situat that lea the group wondering whotrus I find it difficult to believe either manthis point. Eople THA LE trump he ite's a brash,lying peonality, I C totally see him doing thesengs and deny itlater. How can you say Donald trum aliar? He can just be making upll that stuhae said. Reporter: When the conversation turns to Mory president we wat in altime on O graph the split widening betwe Democrats and Republicans. A son who sees moral equivancin charlottesll who talks about and treats women like they're pieces ofmeat, who lies constantly aboutte big and small, and insists T American people believe it - atperson, not fit to be president O the United States on moral grounds. President M embody ret and adho the values that are at the core of Thi country. The most important beiuth. This president is not able to . He's morally unfit to be president. Reporter: Yet shocking ere is one statement Comey made THA everyone ultimately agreed with. Should Donald Trump be pehed? I hope not. Us I T impeaching and Remo Donald trp from office would let the can peopleff the hook.s aon want Donald Trump impeachere? . No. No. No. Nobody? No. Very damagin the try. Reporter: But the entire agreeinging that Comey have fired James Comey? No. No. No. No. Not oerson sai yes. Did that surprise Yo Significant. Anis is somhing that the president ought to pay attention to. They thought it was the W decision and they feel trump is responsible T consequences. For theservativeshe interview seemed to confirm theirorst suspicions about Comey. I though this was extremely eye-opening experien. Fnd him to be a veryak, pathetic personality. I found him to extremely 2-face Rter: For sethe left, a new perspecve on the manhe feel influenced the ome of T electionnd the course of history. Did Comey Chang your opinion, answer your question Hdi I found him believable, iound thathe bad position. Some of th decisions he made probablyen't appropriate. But he did his St, think. There's no handbook THA S to do this. Part of the discussion in the group was, who's telling the truth? Donald Trump, James come and it seemed T ahe end of it, people reallyn'e a C answer. They all retreate to their traditional tribes. Thump vs said trump is telling the h,he Clinton votersught comeyas telling the truth. Becae in the E enemy of my enemy is friend. And so F what done to trump, they're Willi to forgive what he did T ton. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm wit Johnson in Los Angeles.

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{"id":54576406,"title":"What's one word you would use to describe James Comey? ","duration":"7:53","description":"ABC news and conservative pollster Frank Luntz assembled people from across the political spectrum to weigh in on the former FBI director's exclusive interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.","url":"/Nightline/video/word-describe-james-comey-54576406","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}