Is This 3-Year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods?

"Baby James" Grimes is already playing in child tournaments and has PGA Tour dreams.
5:37 | 07/26/14

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Transcript for Is This 3-Year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods?
When you think of 3-year-olds, you might think of learning to eat with a fork and knife or maybe riding a tricycle. But the toddler you're about to meet is a little different. His athletic ability has drawn many to compare him to one of the greatest athletes in the world. Steve osunsami introduces us to the little guy with the big swing, known as baby James. ? Reporter: He's the small fry with big talent they call baby James. He's a pint-sized pride of southern Louisiana. And at just 3 years old, he's surprising everyone with mad skills on the golf links. Just enjoy for a little bit, the pure, natural talent. What's amazing is how often he connects and how shots like this one are no accident. Oh. Reporter: You heard of soccer moms. His mother, Nicole, is a self-described golf mom. Make it part of our daily life. Reporter: Driving her young prodigy to practice at two nearby golf courses at least four times a week. There you go. He would start hitting the ball around the house when he was crawling. We just moved here. He was crawling, hitting it. I called my dad. He's just hitting the ball, making contact with it when he's crawling. Reporter: Hitting the ball before he's even walking. Hard to believe, he didn't start walking until very late, after 17 months. Even then, he couldn't get enough of his plastic driving Irons. Have fun with it. And he would just do it all the time. He wanted to bring them in restaurants. And we'd go out to eat. Clubs and balls in the restaurant. Reporter: It wasn't long before they bought him real clubs, as he tried to explain to me himself. This is for chipping. Okay. What happens when you get bigger? You have to get another one of those. Uh-huh. I'm going to get more. Reporter: Parents say they can't help to think of childhood images of a budding superstar, that appeared on "The Mike Douglas show" in the '70s. A lot of people compare him to tiger woods. Tiger woods is an amazing golfer. Tiger will be getting baby James' autograph. Reporter: What's your dream for him when it comes to golf? That would be great if he went to the PGA tour. Who knows? He's so little. Swing as hard as you can. There you go. Reporter: His coach thinks it's possible. I've seen kids that can hit balls and have fun. But not at the level he plays at. And I guess what sets him apart is his focus. You know, how he can come out every, single day and practice. Let's go to hole number 1. Reporter: We went out with the family one night to see what he's got. I should do what again? Take the flag out. Reporter: Okay. It was crazy hot. He was hungry. And he is a 3-year-old. So, he was feeling playful. Say hi to everyone out there. Hi. Reporter: And we just couldn't stop him from hitting the ball. Here it is, right here. Yes. Reporter: Oh, yeah. This kid is great. We followed them to quincy, Illinois, for his first big showing. A tournament for children with his gift. He'll be the youngest there. Most of the kids he'll be competing against are at least two years older and several inches taller. He's 3. How old are you? We have a lot of spectators today. Any questions? All right. If not, James will start us off. Reporter: Baby James held his own, making a par 4 on the first hole of his second day, despite the stiff competition from the older and bigger kids. With mom as his caddie, James is sitting in third place in the final round. Straight for that flag. Nice. How's your game today? Good. Making excellent score card. And parents pop them into the car and a pacifier in their mouth. These kids just played in a golf tournament. Reporter: At just three years, his concentration isn't always fully there. That's okay. That's okay. That was my fault. Reporter: On the second-to-last hole, James shoots a 12. You're not into it. Reporter: But he recovers nicely to finish the round. Nice job. Nice job. Reporter: And with this last putt -- Focus. Good job. That was great, bud. Reporter: James comes in fourth out of eight, and enjoys all the other children, with a medal and a spot on the podium. Dad told us as long as his son keeps having fun, they'll bring him to the links. They know this baby's a champion. For "Nightline," I'm Steve osunsami, in abeata springs, Louisiana. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for that little guy.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"\"Baby James\" Grimes is already playing in child tournaments and has PGA Tour dreams.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24725047","title":"Is This 3-Year-Old Golf Prodigy the Next Tiger Woods?","url":"/Nightline/video/year-golf-prodigy-tiger-woods-24725047"}