9-year-old internet star Lil Tay on her controversial videos: 'It's all me'

The 9-year-old from Canada posts videos that frequently feature her swearing and sometimes even pretending to do drugs.
8:01 | 05/25/18

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Transcript for 9-year-old internet star Lil Tay on her controversial videos: 'It's all me'
Reporter: Taylor may look like your average elementary schooler. But most 9-year-olds don't pull stunts like this. For her 2 million followers on Instagram, she's known as her foul-mouthed, trash-talking alter ego lil Tay. Her schtick? A mashup of outrageous antics and over-the-top mimicking of gangster rappers. All y'all broke-ass haters -- Reporter: Pretending to do drugs. Using the "B" word, the "N" word, bragging about being filthy rich. Y'all don't have that view and be holding your mama's rein. Who is lil Tay? I'm only 9 years old but I'm Maurer than these haters and I'm working hard to make all my money. Y'all already know what it is, lil Tay on Hollywood boulevard -- Reporter: This pint-sized social media star raising giant questions about the potential of exploittation of children in the waters of social media. They say like someone's forcing me to do this, but this is just who I am. This is my personality. Reporter: We sat down with lil Tay and mom Angie six weeks after they moved from Canada to Hollywood to pursue what they say is lil Tay's dream of fame. So many parents when I show this, they're like, where are the parents? What is the mother thinking? I'm a proud mom. I'm a great parent. And also my daughter has accomplished so much by herself. She would be a superstar. Reporter: Over several hours with us, lil Tay slips in and out of character. Surprisingly, she's quite soft-spoken. Yeah, there's like a lot of tours and stuff, a lot of sightseeing -- Reporter: Her mom claims the straight-a student is now going to be home schooled. What are all the things you do? Swimming, skating, piano, drawing class. 9 years old, I am only 9 years old. Reporter: The Dr. Jekyll to her internet Mr. Hyde. Alternating between an elaborate fantasy world that even she can't keep up with. Harvard is this year. What city is Harvard in? I kind of forgot. Reporter: Often revealing the reality, that she's just a little girl. She's gained social media celebrity status by pushing the envelope of what's provocative, even borderline offensive. This realm thrives on controversy. That's how a lot of these stars get to be known. Do they love her or love to hate on her? A lot of haters. Also a lot of fans of her. We love to make people laugh. Reporter: Rap mogul snoop Dogg accusing her 16-year-old brother of coaching her, writing online, she needs to be in school learning how to be a little girl. All sparking #saveliltay. A lot of people are going to say this and that, we just keep going, it doesn't faze us. Reporter: Her manager insist cysts it's a sibling collaboration, an increasingly profitable one. How many sponsors does she have now? So far around four. Reporter: A bona fide influencer. Yet you have to be 13 to open an Instagram or YouTube account. We reached out to both sides. YouTube responding in part, when we become aware that the channel is controlled by a child and not by a parent, we terminate the channel. Instagram declined to comment. But lil Tay's page now says it's controlled by her management team. You were listed as her manager until a couple of weeks ago. Were you running the social media accounts? I use my own Instagram. All the idea come from her, very mature. Reporter: Some say it's the mature subject matter that makes her brand of comedy entertaining. In this video that has since been taken down from her Instagram page she pretends to be doing drugs. She is a wonderful child. She's a top student at school. This message is not high on the top student in school, this is, I'm a dropout, I'm a drug user. Wait, but I'm not a drug user. Everyone knows that. Reporter: While she doesn't really do drugs in her videos, she really is driving this car. Why grown-ass men hating on a 9-year-old? I don't got no license but I have this car, you don't even have a car -- I don't have a license but I still like drive these cars for fun. I'm the parent, always be with her, support her. So you were there when she was driving the rolls Royce? Yes. You understand that's illegal, right? We made it very secure. Her safety and her happiness are the most important to me. What the Going on? Reporter: Some of her toughest criticism centers around her use the expletives and racist slang. Cursing is something negative to me. It helps me get pumped up and like motivated to get things done throughout the day. These are words that most 9-year-olds are forbidden to use. But she never cursed in real life. I haven't even said one curse word yet. Reporter: Whether offensive or entertaining is up for debate, but what's indisputable is she's become a magnet for cyber bullying. Some comments threatening violence. So many others too obscene to repeat on television. She doesn't read all these comments. Because she's enjoying what she's doing. Because she doesn't read them doesn't mean they don't exist. Exist, but doesn't exist to her. A lot of people will defend these young people being thrust into the spotlight saying there's no difference between child actors and social media stars. But when you are an actor on set, you go, you play the role. These kids are being branded as these people. There's no separation. Y'all are here hating on me -- You don't look very happy. I mean, that was before. Like now I'm happier than before. When you're constantly barraged with comments that are negative, children do not have the capacity to just slough them off. And it can wreak havoc in her self-esteem, in her self worth. Reporter: As for her net worth, it's unclear how much money lil Tay earns. I didn't shoot in anyone else's house. You didn't shoot in anyone else's house? No one has proof that I did. Reporter: ABC news contacted her mom's former employer at a he told us lil Tay filmed using his car and some of his properties for sale, all without his per mix, a claim Angie denies. I made a decision to resign. So then if you'd resigned your job, how do you support your family? Financially? I don't want to reveal it in front of the public. How would you respond to critics who would sa, you're just going to profit off your daughter now? It's not true. No one's forcing me to do this. I decided to do this. Reporter: But that fictional fortune in lil Tay's videos appears to be turning into real cash, landing her first endorsement deal with tunes audio. My brand-new headphones, y'all can get your headphones too -- Where did you buy that sweatshirt? Gucci. You went to the Gucci store and said, here's my credit card? Or my cash? Yeah, my cash. Reporter: Price point on the sweatshirt, just shy of $1,400. I'm going to have my name on one of these stars one day. Reporter: Fame famous or infamous, lil Tay seems to be enjoying the limelight, at least for now. If you're willing to take her word for it, the only probl she has is choosing which mansion to stay in. I have my -- I fought five houses. You bought five houses? You're 9, how did you buy five

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"The 9-year-old from Canada posts videos that frequently feature her swearing and sometimes even pretending to do drugs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55430304","title":"9-year-old internet star Lil Tay on her controversial videos: 'It's all me'","url":"/Nightline/video/year-internet-star-lil-tay-controversial-videos-55430304"}