One year after Maria: On the ground in Puerto Rico as recovery efforts continue

ABC News' "Nightline" returns to Puerto Rico, which is still recovering, a year since Hurricane Maria devastated the area.
7:29 | 09/22/18

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Transcript for One year after Maria: On the ground in Puerto Rico as recovery efforts continue
??? Hola. Hi. How are you? A. Hou? It's nice to see U. Yoha roof.or Carmen torres Gonzalez this home in San loto Rico is an a to a year of prars. The roof, the ceiling, lls, every cy intact, completely rebuilt. A farasttember wh was to th ou when hricane mar collided against the island withds of more than 150iles per ur we met her six monthsago WHE Mo than 20f her life had been reduced to near nothing. Its roots laid bare. Theing room ekitcn. Want my house back. Reporter: Now her home is her have wlsnd roof and family. Even as the island slowly builds, th scars left by icane MARIA deeply lt throughout ts U.S. Territy. Live UND tarps. Only meant temporary fix. Course the damage you see.annotal. The my lives lost. We can't them die. We need help, theelp we caget. Please. Reporter: From theinning ath toll has beenroversial. What is your Dea moment? 17 Certied. Peopleied. Reporter: That official number went but last december "The New York Times" P it mh higher, at than 1,000. And jusast month a study George washin universe concluded th LE died B csesectly related to the hurricane its aftermath. We we dths that mate have been by the way sh asthe transpta breakdown, power going T, inability people to get their medication, or even the kinf work stre that might be involved with hang to go long get fo andat and fuel for Yo family. Think we did a fantastic job in Puerto Rico. 'Re stilleluerto Rico. Reporter: Some question ete inrect deaths should count in off toll, including the president, who tweeted, "3,000ple did not die in ewo hurricanes that hit pueo Rico" and falsely accusedocrats of inflating the death toll "In Orto make look as bad a Ible." There are a lot of blue tarps - orter: But on the ground survivors like Rebecca morales of loved one that ofbrother-in-law should most definitely counted. He didn't pass away, he didn't day the hurricane happened But already sick he was a kidney patient.s W what S morales br when the power went out in H home town of San sebas the local center'slysis mne failed. How long did he go afthe hurricane without being able to ges dialysis? I Thi it was two three weeporter: Whin month his health declined and in April he pa ay Do you believe if he had prer care soonere would have survived? Yes. That's wt ionglybeli he could be doing this review and king to Y. My sisteis coping. He was her lithey were married for years. Has no hoe. She S no husband. She is lost. Eporter: S Juan's mayor rmen yulinruays she's react in a way where H said theumbers may not becredible. U thin as a public official here in puer Rico. What do you think? Why dehinke was going to gain bytinuing policize this? This is trsves were L the president's watch.and that wl follow him forever. T to still looms long. So is E is San Juan rey for Ano cat 5 or cat 4 Stor we're not ready for aat 1. Reportehat stilleet needs fing? Roads, bridge in San Juan bet 2,600 and 3,000fs. Schools. Almost hing. It'ss if we've jus woken up from ae trauma. Nstructiont pp but also wt are we going to change S that Thi doesn happenagn? Rter: Despe challenges signs of hope sprouting ro island. Mother nature showing her majesty once again. An infrastructure ihi back. Ke this bdge that had been swept Iwas complety destroyed. And we saw people rightft the hurricane trying T acro war, hanngn to THA streted across. And nowsul open anduse. They're all Rors is my sond ip back T Puerto since MARIA. This island alace my family has long called me.ght months ago I sistennifer a her boyfriend Alex to witness devastation firsthand. You'll do WOU you know- you hope it's going help. Rter: Outsi ofld San Juan we met corterio rres, H housedestrod. The home N still with a hole in the roof. We've go one of the blue fa tarps covering this opening rihere. He H no door. His door's blown's actuang here on the walls of his home. Thantions -- don irio was able to rebuild his of. Oh, my gosh. A vaulted anyway. It looks amazing. This was all ne. All gone. And now it's reilt. Reporter: And under her N room torre beg to see promises healing to come. She said they have a het keeps they, where they can eat, where they slp, Athey have eih and she's super grateful for all that. Reporte for this part of America th future ends on their story not being forgotten.fonightline" I'm Linda in San Juan, prto Rico. Coming up,he comedy star

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"ABC News' \"Nightline\" returns to Puerto Rico, which is still recovering, a year since Hurricane Maria devastated the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58005811","title":"One year after Maria: On the ground in Puerto Rico as recovery efforts continue","url":"/Nightline/video/year-maria-ground-puerto-rico-recovery-efforts-continue-58005811"}