How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

Two teenage girls went under the knife to boost self-esteem, but some experts say that's extreme.
8:00 | 06/21/14

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Transcript for How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?
Here's a number that really surprised us. Last year alone, close to 100,000 teenage girls went under the knife. So, is this an epidemic of bad parenting or is it something else? Be prepared to have your assumptions challenged. Like most teenager, Caitlyn Clemens worries about the way she looks. I have really low self-esteem. I want to look in the mirror and say, that's a beautiful woman, not oh, I look like I'm 15, 14 years old. It's not her clothes or her hair that bother this 18-year-old most. It's her breasts. I've always been the friend with small breasts. In the summertime, when we'd all go bathing suit shopping and everything, it's like, okay, do I need to go in the kids' section? I'm tired of being teased about it. Everything is going to look so nice. Three years ago when our story begins. Caitlyn is more than ready to go under the knife. You'll have pretty cleavage. You'll be surprised in the techniques we use how little pain we use. This is my room. These are all my dance photos. She's hoping after breast enhancement surgery, she will finally feel like she felts in. That's me before my ninth grade dance. What are you thinking when you were looking in the mirror that day? I felt pretty. But a lot of my friends had more kind of the low cut, more exposed -- but I wanted something to cover the area. I didn't want to draw more attention to what I didn't have. Something her mother and older sister no longer have to worry about. I see cleavage on your mom? Yes. That was after Dr. O. Helped her out. They both had their breasts advanced. This is before your sister had it? Yes. Soon all three of you can have that. Yes. Are you looking forward to that? I guess. It will be a funny little joke between all of us. Mother like daughters. Did you feel a little envious when your mom did it? I was a little jealous, now you have those, I wanted them. And how did your parents feel about you wanting to have it? They were understanding about it. They seen me struggle with my self-esteem and they want to help me this any way they can. Do you think it's worth the physical pain of it? Yeah. I do. We go to the gym. When we go to the gym we hurt for days. And we still go to the gym. Everything comes with a price tag. How long is the actual surgery? Hour, hour and a half. That's not bad. Not bad at all. Tracy has been prepped for surgery by Dr. Rose before. . He did a breast augmentation on me two years ago. And that went superwell. He made me feel comfortable. Love this. The canary yellow. I was barely a aa top. I was getting older. I work out a lot. I just didn't really feel feminine at all. Tracey had a difficult time when she was reaching high school age, and going shopping for clothes that were high school appropriate, she was still wearing pre teen clothes. So her parents allowed her to have breast enhancements when she was 17. . I think I put pressure on myself to look a certain way, for sure. I'm like, I'm only 19 and I have wrinkles. So a little smoothing -- This time it's a nose job. She wants to remove a small bump. Just to smooth this ever so much. Okay. What bump are you talking about. It's on the side. You don't see it like right there. I don't see a bump at all, Tracy, I'm serious. Do you really not? I feel like the bump right here and then the curvature of it, I guess. Her parents agreed to get another cosmetic surgery, because she was already having work done for a deviated septum. . She hasn't been sleeping well at night. Hopefully fixing that and a little more cosmetic work she'll feel much better about herself and just feel healthier. There are people who will be watching this who will say, how can their parks let their daughter start having plastic surgery? How do you respond to them? It's got to be an individual choice, a family choice. The fact she is coming shortly of age where she can go out and do it behind our back. We didn't want that to happen. Both Tracey and Caitlyn are being occupied on by Dr. Rose on the same day. Second thoughts? No. Did you look in the mirror this morning? I did. I actually did. I was like, good-bye, old body. Her mom knows what Caitlyn is about to face? . How is mom feeling today? Worried. Did it make you feel better after you had it done? Oh, yeah. Yeah, it did. This one is not next, is she? No, no. I love you. I love you, too. Take care of her. Large size C implants are inserted in a tiny incision under Caitlyn's breast. Poor Caitlyn, never had any breast development. She's kind of a reverse "A" cup. She's just tiny. Now it's Tracey's turn. She's a very beautiful young patient. Now she'll be even prettier. Dr. Lose uses a chisel and ma M mallet to sculpt her nasal bone. She has a little bump that she findings unappealing. Now it will be ever smooth. Do you get the feeling young people are resorting to plastic surgery too soon? I don't think you can say too soon. Voila. A new treescy. I think the American culture is very body obsessed. Dr. Rose said the number of his patients increases 20% every year. But being perfectly pretty comes with a price. Tracy. Hi. How are you feeling? Good. I just can't feel my nose. Are you still feeling as optimistic. Help. What's it like to see her this way? Of course she's my baby. Forget what age. She's still my baby. So, seeing her like this, just makes me want to kind of baby her right now, for obvious reasons. Your baby has a new nose. My baby has a new nose. I guess that's the best thing. For Caitlyn, the pain is excruciating. Caitlyn, have you ever felt the pain like this? Pretty bad? Uh-huh. Can you describe what the pain feels like? Like somebody has been throwing a brick at my breasts. Dr. Rose will be with you in just a few minutes, okay? Okay. When she's all healed it's all porting it. She's thrilled with her new assets. Do you like them? I do. I was able to shop at places like Victoria's secret. Places I wasn't able to shop right now. I can't say there won't be anymore but right now I'm very happy with where I'm at. Tracey, for her part says she loves her new nose but is sure this is the end of her plastic surgery journey. I'm very happy with the

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{"id":24249743,"title":"How Young is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?","duration":"8:00","description":"Two teenage girls went under the knife to boost self-esteem, but some experts say that's extreme.","url":"/Nightline/video/young-young-plastic-surgery-24249743","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}