YouTube shooting: What happened before female suspect carried out her attack

Police say the alleged shooter went to a local shooting range hours before she stormed the San Bruno YouTube campus.
7:08 | 04/05/18

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Transcript for YouTube shooting: What happened before female suspect carried out her attack
aghdam's videos don't seem too sinister her bizarre antics racking up millions of views. Dressing in co-tums, exercising. Promoting veganism, dancing next to photos of fruit and farm animals. But authorities say the 39-year-old stormed into an employee patio at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, shooting three employs before turning the gun on herself. Upon arrive officers encountered numerous employees seeing fro the building. It was very chaotic, as you can imagine. There's a vtim at the front of the building. A dramatic sce. This officer snappin up his rifle and bolting out of his vehicle, a YouTube employee usg his key to let him into the complex. Aghdam, who is of Iranian descent, had multiple YouTube pages. Despite her apparent success online, in some videos she seemed to lash out at YouTube. I'm being discriminated. People watch me. Not good for big businesses. Reporter: Ranting that YouTube had begun to censorher, limiting her viewers and, therefore, her livelihood. Claiming she made 10 cents for over 300,000 views. My old videos that used to get manyiews have stopped getting views. Reporter: Police say it was apparently enough to launch aghdam on a suicide mission. She disappeared from home in San Diego on Saturday. Her family issuing a missing personsrepo. And on the morning of the shooting, police in mountain view, California, find her eeping in her car hundreds of miles away from home, but just 30 miles awayrom YouTube's headquarters. Police call the family telling them she was fine, but they didn't know she was packing a 9 millimeter gun and a vendetta against YouTube. Thfamily says it warned police about her anger towards the company. Her brother, who spoke to our affiliate on the condition that we disguise his voice and do not ow his face, saidis. I googled mountain view. It waslose to the YouTube headquarters. So -- and she had a proem with YouTube. So we called that C again and told him that S might -- there's a rean she went all the way from San Diego T that. I didn't know she had a gun. There was no information relayed to the officer whatsoever that there was any indication of vience. Reporter: Authorities say the shooting seemed to have been planned in advance. The suspect went to a local gun range yesterday morning prior to visiting YouTube. Reporter: YouTube headarters turning into a scene of chaos as shots shattered the tranquility of the San Francisco area campus. It was one after another, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Reporter: Many were on lunch break. First call for help came in at 12:26 P.M. Police tell ushat aghdam made her way into that garage. Apparently that gate was open. Once inside she was able to make her way inside the actual YouTube campus. Right over there jus beyond that wall with the vines is that patio where the shooting actually happened. Active shooter at 901 cherry. I saw her. It was a woman. And she was firing her gun. Rorter: Just two minutes later first responders arrived. Confirm she is the suspect? That's what we were told. Reporter: Inside those overturned the chairs amid those red umbrellas, heavily armed teams scourg the area in search of the alleged assailant inside. A floodf YouTube employees streaming out towards safety. Police evacuating hureds, escorting them out with their hands raised, patting others down. This is crazy. We're on lockwn. Reporter: Some still clutchg tightly to their laptops. Just confirming one shooter still outstanding. One of the witnesses came in, they intified a female a white shirt. We didn't know what was going on. Thene realized it wa gunshots. Unbelievable response time. Two minutes from the word going out, possible shooter, to they're actually on the ground which mea they had a patrol officer within two blocks or a block of the campus. Reporter: Many in the community jumping in to help. I just gave them water, gave them band-aids, gave them towels to wipe their blood. The one woman, she had the actual bullet stuck on her leathershoe. Reporter: Travis gantly and Tim Mccarthy were having lunch at Carl's Jr. Across the street from YouTube when it started. We looked outhe window and see the who building, people running out of the stairs. We opened one of the side doors and told the people to get into the building. We kind of acted out of instinct and try to do what we N to help,ust try to stop the bleedin and wait for paramedics to come. And just try to do what anybody else would do. Reporte of the three people wounded, two have been released from the hospital. The third remns in serious condition. There'sctually no link or relationship we've identified between our suspect and anybody who was at the scene at the time of the incident. The fact that the shooter really did not spe a lot of time in the incident could indicate she thought through the beginning and the middle but not how it would end. Reporter: Today YouTube issuing a statement saying yesterday's horrific act O violence was deeply shocking and disturbing to our YouTube family. Still, we are uplifted by the heroic acts we witnessed both from employees and the San Bruno community especially the first responders. Investigators today continued to comb for evidence at the San Diego home where aghdam was living. Inuding removing a bag of clothing which aeighbor says she had thrown into a dumpster on Monday saying it appeared thatghdam was throwing away clothes she'd worn in these dos just days before her rampage. Is there any way this could have been prevented? We hav several investigators that will be working for a long time on this case. I think it's premature to jump to cclusions to say that anything could have prevented this. Reporter: Outside the family home tod the shooter's father simply saying he's rry. I sorry. I can't believe it. Reporter: Also handing out a statement that read our family is in absolut shock and can't make sense of what has happened yesterday. Although no words can describe our deep pain for this tragedy, our family would like to express THR utmost regret and sorrow for what happened to innent victims. Today some YouTube employees turned to work, although the company is saying it's encouraging those who have been traumatized to take all the time they need. Your support reminds us that

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"Police say the alleged shooter went to a local shooting range hours before she stormed the San Bruno YouTube campus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54248524","title":"YouTube shooting: What happened before female suspect carried out her attack","url":"/Nightline/video/youtube-shooting-happened-female-suspect-carried-attack-54248524"}