2018 midterms shake up Washington

Democrats are expected to regain the House, while Republicans are on track to gain Senate seats.
1:47 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for 2018 midterms shake up Washington
Welcome to election night 2018. All 435 seats in the house are up tonight as our 35 seats in the senate voters in. 36 states which is governors this has been one of the most did visit mid terms in our lifetime it's all about Donald Trump. Really is on every ballot micron Republican. We'll win the senate seat in the state. For the Republicans should at least Davidson has defeated incumbent congressman Kevin Yoder she is openly gay and native American and Marsha Blackburn. Will win the senate seat in the state of Tennessee high paying back our country. And out and. We'll win he has to feel comfortable so. In the state of Texas he's a projected. All the money in the world was no match. For the good people look. Texas State senator Torricelli has defeated Chris cope this is a state patrol won't like twenty. We've always been governor's race in the state of Florida for the democratic candidate in curriculum has just conceded. We didn't win it tonight. We didn't win this transaction. Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri is conceding to Josh hall of the Republican on the right. Everything you know as if he becomes involved Vincent. Johnson lane Loria has defeated Scott Taylor Max Roach has defeated the incumbent congressman. Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives tonight they're going to investigate everything the president taxpayer. Tip possible practical benefit Republicans more full control of the senate this could be your free report sequence like for the president. Which is huge when you.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"Democrats are expected to regain the House, while Republicans are on track to gain Senate seats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59023747","title":"2018 midterms shake up Washington ","url":"/Politics/video/2018-midterms-shake-washington-59023747"}