2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson 1-on-1

The candidate discussed the ongoing abortion debate, the escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran and her fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.
7:50 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson 1-on-1
I'm joined now by democratic presidential candidate best selling author and spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson great to have you here in the briefing room thank you so much for coming and I happen to pick and pick up where the conversation left off here on abortion. You have called abortion a moral issue in this country. Can you support abortion rights for women what would you do as president to address this tirade of state laws restricting access the first of. While I agree entirely with your with your last guest. And did as she was saying there's also a moral issue involved with what will happen if Roe vs. Wade is overturned ritual in the wheel continued how safe abortions in this country. And women who cannot afford better we'll have back Alley where the equivalent back Alley abortions there will be great suffering great harm and even death. As president I would do everything possible everything possible to shore up a woman's right to choose. I do think abortion is a moral issue but it's a project moral issue and I don't think the government to have anything to do. With a woman's decision of what to do. I believe that most women do consult their own consciences they understand that and I don't think the government should have anything to do with factoring into the decision. Income from the spiritual standpoint. On the Russian. How do you it weighs in question I asked it to Randy how do you. Is personality driven unbelievable platform yes even as an author yeah knew how do you bridge the divide in this is such a passionate. Divisive issue in this country how you bridge that divide between people who have such sincere belief that the fetus is a person yes in the eyes of god. Yes and the senate. Well first of all I think of as president I would definitely be standing for the fact that people should feel protected from any encroachment by government onto their private moral decisions that's number one. In terms of mine at my feelings about this you know one of the most. One of the most dramatic and and powerful moment I ever had in my career was in. Sacramento California many years ago. And the subject of abortion can mine and my first thought was let's get off that sucked then my next thought was. Would cutie he. Until I admit to that god doesn't need anyone to give their their opinion about this but that sometimes we come to god emptying on lines. And give yourself give give yourself to the emptiness at this moment we said a prayer we had two minutes of silence and at the end of that people should parent. There were people who share from the disposition that we call pro life for I my anti choice and there were people who share from the position of pro choice. But they shared a dig deeper level than most people go to him. And I'm absolutely sure that there were people that night who heard. The people who disagreed with them and a deeper level. And a certain level that is the answer listened to vast majority of people that's like your last guest was saying. Someone who is pro choice that doesn't mean your pro abortion I think the vast majority of Americans do find. Cows were more abortion the idea that has will abortion as a kind of moral anathema but I don't believe that most women half. Casual abortion so let's let's separate we need to separate the issue of the private more Alicia. And I do believe it is a deep knowledge of a litmus test for us you nominees to the Supreme Court well if I definitely. I would not wish to see Roe vs. Wade overturned absolutely and I also understand is you're asking a last gasp. This attempted it will be. There's a chance it will be before I get to the one you've been running for office if pressing the United States now for several weeks and on the trail and they can't doubt in Iowa it well it came down near Sitka AUC. I hit back at South Carolina and it. All of highways. Why do you want to be president I want to be president because I want this country to return to its mission statement. I want public policy to be aligned again with our deeper more buyers are deeply democratic values are giving humanitarian ties. I want this country to once again work as a democracy and on his unveiled aristocracy. Where our government is doing more to abdicate for short term corporate profits than for. The well being of the people of this country and the world and the planet on which we live. You've never held elected office she did run for congress in California a few years ago three particular fourth. Found and you he didn't interview afterward without jungle primary it was a young man hunters as there was an idea they were asked to see sixteen candidate there. That you set told Oprah Winfrey or her friend after the fact you talked about the conversation. That you were. Candidacy started and that that was important you hear Rea the quote here that what's what's big is the larger conversation did its impact eaters net energy that goes somewhere. Do you see and you're candidacy now ends being anything more than. Starting an important conversation isn't important to you to win. Well it's important that I absolutely be prepared to women that I make the effort to win this is not a moment to play with people's emotions. Oh or two to play with their money and native people have given you when 65000 dollar absolutely you have a responsibility absolutely I'm not here to elevate the just elevate the conversation we need to elevate this country. And the conversation the deeper compensate that I was talking about there is the essence of this campaign political establishment has the very superficial conversation. We will not be able to transform only pair this country until we get down and have a much deeper conversation about what has happened here how we have deviated from the note that the nation. From the notion of the nation. A government of the people by the people and for the people sued the government of the core prison by the congress is the toughest a lot of your democratic rivals are seeing similar theme song that the policy level yes who's the toughest when you about it you've got to be teeth and beating anybody and the pain continue what I'm running with a lot of really Smart people but I stand foray at an actual pattern disruption of the political and economic strategy we cannot. Democrats should impeach president from. I think they're two separate questions one has he committed impeachable offenses and one should they impeached hasn't committed impeachable offenses yes I believe if you happen. Should they impeach isn't much is a question that has much more politics in it because the Republican senate would not remove him from office anyway. I feel confident that the democratic house. Is planned this correctly and was fine. They are playing the role of their constitutional their hat and there are legitimate constitutional authority they're going all the way in terms of further investigation into the Mullen reports it's sad aren't. And time. They'll make the profit analysts questioned a huge muscular foreign policy since you're here I'm Ron is obviously in the news right now yes and injured a topic. What do you make of of the situation to run how dangerous do you think it is would you sit down with the right there may be trusted. Well for sheriff. First of all the president has said repeatedly Ron Cole may call me notice there are calling back let's talk about how this whole thing started this whole thing started because the president. Left the Iran deal. OK so one of the reasons Iran's not calling back that there is saying well he reneged on and on the agreement we had last time so why should we trust you and going to another agreement now. I feel that it was a very reckless move to two to take ourselves out of the Iran deal I think these sanctions a very very. Especially this last round is very dangerous I think that it is unreported or under reported to the American people what the United States has done. Two to actually exacerbate the situation. And that is part of the problem part of the problem is that. The Saber rattling towards Iran like the Saber rattling towards Venezuela. It's really just like a Saber rattling towards Iraq just like the Saber rattling towards it and in Vietnam. I believe is reckless ugly has already we've already seen in both Vietnam and in Iraq. The danger of a foreign policy like that that is based on more of a cowboy militarism than on serious sober wisdom. And I think the American people need to remember Enron has one of the largest armies in the book. Merriam links and take you so much for coming in the briefing a pleasure meeting you Grayson yeah. Our viewers such hear about your candidacy we'll have much more an ABC news lives you and free to have you with us thank you so much.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"The candidate discussed the ongoing abortion debate, the escalating tensions between the U.S. and Iran and her fellow 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63159485","title":"2020 Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson 1-on-1","url":"/Politics/video/2020-democratic-presidential-candidate-marianne-williamson-63159485"}