2020 presidential candidates to stump in Iowa this weekend

Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson and Michael Bennet all head to Iowa this weekend in hopes of wooing potential voters.
6:28 | 05/03/19

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Transcript for 2020 presidential candidates to stump in Iowa this weekend
Turning out of the race for twenty each funny in the sprint to Iowa we're now just 276. Days. From in the first votes will be cast in the democratic primary. For the presidential race and arms Rihanna Stewart is one of our new political reporters he's on the ground in Iowa Rihanna. Democrats are going to be flocking. To that state this weekend. How revved up our islands right now about about what's coming their way. You know this is not nothing new for up. Friend and then this is nothing different islands actually spoke with two islands in Des Moines and then they had sighted or at the five Democrats coming. I had to I am to make there. That campaign that's been tout them why they should be the next president. To him we're seeing a list here on the screen. That's our usual this time here to see a bunch of Democrats out in Iowa but we will see five candidates. Barnstorming the state this weekend so it is in full swaying. And in addition to embryonic you've been doing some reporting on this were kind of movie out of the get to know you phase in this primary and into some. Policy platform bill bean and a number of candidates in just the past couple of days have really put some meat on the bones out there. That's slamming you haven't. On Friday uphill battle is returning to Iowa tomorrow I'm after releasing his clean energy plan. And real quiet to extract that bat out weren't taking I'll oil money for it and taking money out. You know as as some of his support it sloppily and a clean energy plan an Elizabeth Warren output at her clinic public and policy plan. A few weeks back the have a number. Democrats had making their campaign Batman and and sharing what they want to use the change in the country. Yet very detailed proposals in Klobuchar today two out with the substance abuse and mental health plan. Many people saying as you know I your candidate your find most close Lou Elizabeth Warren sort of setting. Setting the bar for the pack she was out early with a lot of details there and speaking of Elizabeth Warren. And Rihanna she is starting to take on Joseph Biden who got an in the race this week. What's her team's approach right now on on going toe to toe with though former vice president. She thought I'm I Clinton herself. The watchdog. All of the candidate that she's planning to Carl out I'm not just Joseph Biden let all of the candidate I did their inconsistent fees. I am but specifically where Joseph Biden. I just talking about hit his complicated history with I. Some of these special interest groups I'm and that's where I'm sitting Eric a time. You know she she certainly has a history there they've sparred before each other congressional committees as well so. Can't wait to see them on the debate stage together beyond Stewart for us out in Iowa every weekend out there Rihanna thank you for your reporting. A little while and also cut up their political reporter Adam Kelsey who is in Iowa today to ask him about his thoughts on the big picture status of this 20/20 Richmond. Adam so looking back on this week you spent a lot of time out there in the field how have their dynamics of this race changed now that Joseph Biden's gotten him. Well DeVon it's as fifteen big fish usually need big pond this is the person that everybody was waiting for Joseph Biden obviously comes in with more name recognition. Anybody in the field Bernie Sanders obviously coming off his sixteen Iran is close to that but. Everybody has to respond to what Joseph Biden is doing now in a matter whether it's his events in Pittsburgh earlier in the week his his visit here in Iowa a little bit. Hot later in the weeks. Every question that all the other candidates are getting is what do you think of Joseph Biden's speech what do you think of his attempts to play the union members what do you think. Of the way that he's been interacting with boaters have suddenly instead of maybe talking about the issues as much as they want to Elizabeth Warren. We series B and games always wants talk about policy they're now talking about the other candidates and we're starting to see them go back and forth maybe not so much with each other amongst that big field. But actual by. Yet as the voters there in Iowa Adams a star team. It's this we're still sort of in the get to know your phase they're trying to size up the candidates. See who they like at the end of the day right this really it all comes down to electability the voters want somebody who can beat Donald Trump. Yet a majority of voters and against the voting population skews a little bit older. Fevers electability we we've seen in a number of polls throughout the past couple of months if it. Voters would prefer a candidate that matches up hot with their their their policy believes gorgeous somebody who can beat Donald Trump overwhelmingly. In most of these polls are saying somebody who can beat Donald Trump do you look at some of the front runners Joseph Biden of course Bernie Sanders even eat better or work a lot of these names. Doing well in those head to head match ups against Donald Trump but the one person. Struggling is Elizabeth Warren as much as she's been talking about policies. Especially here in Iowa going through step at a one step at a time hot through her platform. It might be resonating with some of her most ardent supporters but when she gets a net head to head matchup with president trump she is one of the big name Democrats who actually lose. Out. Yet Adam in the big test ahead for all of these candidates the one that might actually serve to winnow the field a little bit is that first. Democratic primary debates just under two months from now down in Miami do we know yet. Cool has qualified for that debate how's that looking. Yes so. Almost all of the members of this when he won it candidate field so far have qualified in one way or the other now remember it's either. 65000. Individual donors. Or in a periods in three different polls whether national or state level polls. At at least 1% so. Throughout past couple weeks mussina a lot of emails from candidates saying help me get 65000. Donors. Even though they might have already gotten in on poles the most recent one today Leon Castro made a big push he got to 65000 donors but again a little bit ironic because he was already in. On his polling numbers but. Once we get over twenty unity is very possible someone or maybe multiple people we have a few more candidates enter the race for going to be left off that stage and that is going to be. Almost 88 death blow for their campaigns this early. Still eight months out before the Cox.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"Bernie Sanders, Beto O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson and Michael Bennet all head to Iowa this weekend in hopes of wooing potential voters. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62812166","title":"2020 presidential candidates to stump in Iowa this weekend","url":"/Politics/video/2020-presidential-candidates-stump-iowa-weekend-62812166"}