Bernie Sanders Campaign Ready for Tonight

Fusion's Alicia Menendez checks in with Symone Sanders, press secretary for the Bernie Sanders campaign.
11:07 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders Campaign Ready for Tonight
Speaking of Bernie Sanders we can take you live back now to New Hampshire. Where at least imminent distribution it happened insight from someone in his campaign at least Fiat CEO. At least some and not related Sanders. The Bernie Sanders campaigns he has his national Press Secretary how many times you asked Friday evening out of ten times nine of the ten. Look look look look and you got a line out and allies were not related and sometimes to tell people that he's my cousins and in fact. And allow less evident. I'm glad to be anything bad faith you erred in apparently ending here tonight as well tonight you know I really think that Democrats all across America hearing him. Anybody watching they want to know. What is it ended June 2 Obama if you would help them put on the table with a minute you know. I'm their health care I think it means to make sure there kids apathy and by the community is safe and I spent. They have a good quality of education and that's at any differences and this isn't the only candidate on stage tonight that they'll need to the only reasons he's running fiftieth running. Or are threatening people all over this country and you're gonna hear him talk about it. Sunnis and the only reasons that he's running we have seen a big hit it in the national task force following attacks. In Paris of the attacks in San Bernardino to his questioning terrorism and foreign policy do you believe that fact has actually hurt. It has been clean air that we need to eradicate I think. All throughout this whenever he's when even Hampton Iowa. South Carolina are traveling across the country when talking about all of these issues and protecting. American families protecting America. Both of that's definitely an honest it felt that keeping America safe in anything. That those so global terrorism as well so. He's very well poised and ready to talk about if it had here are gonna get a question about that and that and people have an an and yet. Now I'm sure you know you've seen Saint Paul and I are mysteries ABC news Washington. Well showing senator Secretary Clinton with 31%. Lead nationally what what's. You know I all I can say is that. We still had you know this at the name ID facts and make them. You know in an eye off the same I look all that came out maybe a little less about a week ago. Pat any game bringing gangland only 5%. This new island did the Moines register poll wait 39% until. No when everybody send a slug about. Six to nine months ago. But he hasn't adamant that but I definitely believe that if you're taking our platform to the American people people in learning more about most of this in advance. You know what his record at the end what he has happened to me that police at four. There are liking what they hearing so. We are still very and called up and down federal post Iraq. Is still early you know what polls say today they might as salmon and that we are actively out there working every single while we're out there. Taking the senator's message get people all across America and into this into the you worry at all that. The news coming out last few days about this matter out injuries. Derailed. And now it's not relevant and you know. It was unfortunate that a staffer aren't made a bad decision to their there was a brief us. In. In to keep in. And we had all the campaigns and at this and say that a staff of bars made that decision decided to look at that data and up from. Just because there was and that miss of the vendor doesn't mean that we look at that data and that is what at that was my. But the revolution rolling line know at this morning every people all our people across the country. South Carolina I'll add right here in New Hampshire and even in Nevada. And on all of the all of our people out there are knocking doors. We are making phone calls yeah revolution rolling on cell an unfortunate that need had to vote. Defects linked. Because the DNC. Overreact. And shut down practiced Friday but we're happy that we have this back and where athletes and that tonight is going to be about it. Already we've seen a shift in the tone of this debate at an earlier debate. You had senator Sanders saying I don't care it's politically unpopular I don't want to hear anything more about secretary Clinton's. He announced that type of camaraderie my nose is over after this you know and it. Is running that we're reminiscing and that we run in two days of the new rent a month ago we're gonna run a campaign is about issues. Citizens and continue to campaign on issues that the above the fray he's not running a negative campaign for not running negative that. I'm not going negative we're talking about the issues that most important the American people and I deathly think that's what you can expect to see in evidence talk about. Raising the minimum wage and the talk about its payment plan. We're going to talk about that. Millions of Americans are living in a rigged economy that is kept in place by system of corrupt campaign finance and talk about the incident. I'm pretty frost and I sit and talk about global terrorism and antibiotic in case we gotta talk about issues the Democrats across America want to talk about. Democrats America they only hear about party in. And that's what this is about I tonight this about. Candidates one on that statement that they see American to the American people this about senators and is going out there and demonstrating to voters right union and that all across America. Why he would be best person to record and the Democratic Party. In this race. Earlier we had to act Sharon chairwoman hospital sitting in n.'s Mary C talking of course about this very issue. On and we talked about the fact that move on dot or hasn't petition calling resignation. She responded by saying on dot org is not a democratic organization that she doesn't know where the 40000 signatures asking resignation came from. Is there any circumstance in which we Stevie Sanders campaign calling her residence. You know let we have not said that way again tonight. And what this campaign about us and for us it's about the issues that we're gonna conceded talk about this thing. And an there's lots going on out there are lots of chitchat but again the American people they went up about how to gonna put my money in their pockets they want to talk about how. They're going to be able that have enough money to feed their families people working 4050 it's actually an exhibit a that's not right that's they've been having and that's the kind of things I'm sure gonna happen. If they can you bring that message to voters if you do not happen around any infrastructure needs. Well. I'm not sure well cool I'm not well believe that the ground game an 8% that we need an early say we haven't athletes but all the way. To that convention and we are going to be so we're staffing up we don't just pass that. In the first four it's me that's that was backing up in Virginia and that's that Alabama and that's that's enough that's that's how about an event that all across. This country and people every after signing up thing I want to join the political revolution. These issues that sentence handed speaking to an income inequality of climate change this disappearing middle class. Of racial justice issues these issues that people care about and they are re acting responding one thing methods and they're gonna we're gonna take this all the way. Other equipment that lets you take it all the way to the finish line senator Sanders is the democratic nominee and will we see it and he's not adding or changing his platform going to. While again I think everyone down the one thing everyone that's an incentive is this and he S consistently over his entire political life. Talked about these issues of income inequality of the visiting a flat. The importance of climate change and he's abdicated on top of the need to keep if you spot for everything that's how that discriminates. Well deep it's that I really didn't mean the American people care about Democrats care about and this is where the Democratic Party. Line. Tractor factory. That's really interesting analysis at. The voter out of reach him at that point out one and I ran out again because they I think answers needs to be under currents this entire campaign. Just that it's not only about. The dad and it's not only about the DNC he says it's sea ice for the soul of the democratic. Are you feeling the window is closing it progresses in the party. Want to derail the Clinton candidacy do anything to do you know I. Think what this race is about especially when. Sentencing in this campaign about what our campaign is about about it's about elevating the conversation. Issues that most important the American people. I think it's it's I think it's very important great that over 550000. People stood with us yesterday inside but that petition. Demanding that the DNC give us back our voter that they accept. That's important I think they're standing with us both of people that this thing of political violence must follow on you know people everyone even our stuff and that. Give back out of business and it's just that sell. I don't think this isn't about derailing anybody else with him this about these issues that are that are who. Important breasts. For an unprecedented access about anything else fell again into an equality raising the minimum weight climate change racial justice isn't. Really have to get back this season. That is what our campaign about and again that's what you can you can expect their sentencing as it. Republican stage. So many different candidates so many differences in opinion about where the Republican party's policy differences. Ever shifting what those are. When you look at the democratic seats there isn't much less space between his. When it comes out so I would imagine that tonight is in comment upon senator. Really distinguished on a policy level where he is different from his. Main rival secretary and where can we expect to see you really sharpening that house or you can expect and if you. Tell the American people how he differs from Secretary Clinton on everything kind of change. Q income inequality to take on Wall Street. I think that it benefits clearly demonstrated in the past and will demonstrate today he's the only candidate on that Spacek and exit and stand up and billionaire class. Advocates of the American people. Felt neither. A lot of if you again here and talk about we're gonna talk about what that we're going to talk about I think. You know when it sent a sent us an opportunity to make a judgment call wave that went Secretary Clinton is well they came to that wrapped vote. Senator Sanders voted no that wasn't that spoke to his judgment and what people do with president. You're gonna games. You know I'm looking here unbreakable the epicenter. RA out minutes. Yeah. Thankfully it's a fascinating insight from the standard campaign at your preview of what we might be seeing from the senator later on the stage. Of tonight's debate.

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