Biden discusses local COVID fight with state governors

President-elect Joe Biden talks with governors about their states' COVID-19 efforts.
3:01 | 11/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden discusses local COVID fight with state governors
Well pres elect Biden is speaking virtually with several bipartisan governors today about federal and state responses to the pandemic. Bait the bullies in Wilmington Delaware with more faith has emphasized the importance of working with cities and states of Ike is pandemic so how important do you think this first step is warned that effort. Well hike here at a bipartisan group that the president elect is speaking to this afternoon and so they're abiding transition team is really hoping that this as a first step in showing them that no meadow where they stand on the political. Spectrum that a president Biden would be willing to listen to them she in what challenges they face when it comes to fighting the pandemic you want to hear about the challenges they're facing and what resource that they need on the ground and also collaborate with them to fight. By in this pandemic the president elect said yesterday that the stall a transition could potentially. The administration behind may be weeks or even months so cooperating with the governors is really really critical especially when it comes to finding a way to distribute the vaccine once it's approved under Biden administration or even it reinforcing. A federal mandate on the on the ground perhaps that there is a math command H these governors will be really critical and make change shore that is followed on the ground. And as we know it trump has not yet conceded to president elect Biden and Biden said yesterday that the truck administration's delay in sharing information. It is causing this transition. To fall behind. What do you think the status is of the transition and and you know what's the talk there they feel at this could be dangerous effective Biden isn't getting access to the type of briefings in conversations he should be having about this pandemic. Well the General Services Administration which basically holds the key to the official transition process is still stonewalling the biting team so right now the president -- still has no official access to Amy briefing whatsoever Natalie national security not of the pandemic or even operation works speed in general in terms of distributing a vaccine and we heard the president elect shall lamenting about that does not do in these growing increasingly frustrated as we hear more and more Americans are done playing from the buyers and so what he's been doing right now it's working around it would seem and talked to outside experts people who recently left the federal government cash and -- totally scene and talked to groups about national security about the mid nineteen. About the economy and talking to these governors this afternoon is just another example of action and so -- we've all seen and expanded cabinet that begs mix half announcement on Google will be in his administration. And in the next few weeks we're expecting more announcements to come even on. A rollicking giving holiday we're expecting him to announce heads of defense treasury justice and maybe State Department. And as well so the transition is still moving ahead despite the stonewalling from that's chump administration. Italy and Wellington Delaware bay thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"President-elect Joe Biden talks with governors about their states' COVID-19 efforts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74306035","title":"Biden discusses local COVID fight with state governors","url":"/Politics/video/biden-discusses-local-covid-fight-state-governors-74306035"}