Bill Clinton Gets Laughs at George W. Bush Library Ceremony

Former president jokes about being the Bush family's black sheep son and the 43rd president's paintings.
6:15 | 04/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bill Clinton Gets Laughs at George W. Bush Library Ceremony
Thank you very much president and mrs. bush and president visit Obama and present mrs. Carter. All of the representatives here of the the other previous presidents Ford Nixon and Johnson families. I told President Obama that. This was the latest brand is. Example. The eternal struggle. A former presidents to rewrite history. And -- -- Take my hat off to President Bush this is a beautiful library. The exhibits are great. The work of the bush institute is an inspiring. And I congratulate him on. The platinum -- ready for his library I think this is a second building in the entire federal system that had that. And I want to -- Mr. President. Once again you've got the better of me twice in the last few weeks. Not elaborate as a platinum -- -- but it was open for a few years before we can afford to receive it. And you beat me to be a grandfather. And I congratulate you and -- -- You know. Starting with my work -- President George H. W. Bush -- Does tsunami in the aftermath of Katrina. People again to joke that I was getting so close -- the bush family had become. The black -- son. My mother told me not to talk to -- today. And -- -- not lets you down. There is well. Other connection I have that I think is largely unknown which is that. A couple of times a year in his second term. George Bush would call -- to talk politics. And -- chill went up and down my spine when Laura said that all their records we're digitized. Dear god I hope there's no record of those conversations. And this vast and beautiful building. I want to say as President Carter did. I was impressed that President Bush invites us to make. Different decisions if we choose on the decisions he was facing one -- most interesting things about -- library. I want to talk about a couple of other things that are beyond. Controversy. First I want -- tonight. President Bush for passing prep for no. President of my party could have passed that through the congress. And I won't work all over Africa with our. Health access initiative and aids tuberculosis malaria building health systems I have personally seen. The faces of some of the millions of people who were alive today because it. And I want to thank President Obama for continuing at an increasing. I want to thank you. And Laura for continuing your work and global health. I want to thank. You for your efforts when president. To reform our immigration system and keep American nation of immigrants and I hope the congress will follow president Obama's efforts to follow the example you set. And I thank you for that. -- thank you for the work we did together in the aftermath of Haiti the poorest country in our hemisphere. We have closed our -- -- I believe in working yourself out of a job. But we helped a lot of people start businesses which are now thriving. And we gave the country -- first home mortgage system had ever had. So I thank you for that this present. -- -- I can't I probably should this latest on -- doing the right. Your mother showed me some of your landscapes. And animal findings. And I thought there were great. Really great and I seriously considered. Calling you and asking you to -- a portrait of me. Until I saw the results of your sister's hacked emails. Those bathrooms cancers are wonderful but at my -- Hey guys thinking my suit. -- life. President Bush. Even as -- we do a lot of speeches together and I like it -- we have disagreements. He's disarmingly direct. We were having an argument over health care one of these speeches and I went -- about that German health care system -- I don't know a thing about the German health care system. I think -- -- won the argument. We are here to -- -- country we all love. The service we all rendered. Then -- difference. Is an important part of every free society. By asking us to join him in the decisions he made. And inviting us to -- different ones if we choose he has to honor that deepest American tradition. For all of these things. As an American citizen. I am very grateful.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Former president jokes about being the Bush family's black sheep son and the 43rd president's paintings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"19041914","title":"Bill Clinton Gets Laughs at George W. Bush Library Ceremony","url":"/Politics/video/bill-clinton-laughs-george-bush-library-ceremony-19041914"}