Boston battles COVID-19 surge

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh tells college students going home for the holidays not to return after break.
7:41 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Boston battles COVID-19 surge
Now Boston mayor Marty Walsh is telling university students and college students there at if they go home for the holiday issue be prepared not to come back. Before the end of the semester and Austin mayor Marty moss joins us live now. A for more on this meraz welcome back to the program you know Boston. Is a city full colleges and universities including my alma mater boxing college it's also city. Full of restaurants and bars we heard one of the mothers in that video talking about. That balance between closing schools while keeping bars open this is a debate that goes on a lot so how do you make that call as the mayor of the city. When deciding whether or not to close schools and whether or not to keep things like bars and restaurants open. It resolved that he's very onstage and equally not an Eagles well so. Oh angels. Okay here in Boston that the Bosnian model yet virtual and so and general and when you ER EU also to some are. 550 restaurants and outdoor dining always. Medications. Are we're very shady place right now the virus she. Bought stands a fire at an average of about what you want and she's straight day. Hospitalization. Rates are still not where they were. She could probably back in March and April may here rocks and so. And college campuses. CG go home for the holidays and beat out of state. Press not to combat they truly do the rest of the semester. Many of our colleges are federal and city. Already so that it doesn't have mercy on those who. What we're trying to do now is really shot insurance in their right Oregon. Our schools across most are not reopen share and we do have a run a 180. Eyes needs students and schools. I'm closer reopens the articles would be open to calm there three innocent it's possible by these numbers are going the wrong direction I wouldn't say surged. Despite getting they would stay concerned. A does being a city that has so many colleges and universities in the area does that change your approach to the pandemic. At all. Clear that colleges and universities Molson you know Russell done a great job she shall remain New York. Be a very rigorous testing protocol place good passing media gives students. They've got a hybrid models some online auctions or in person from your not cry out all the students yet so we can match. CDC and the restaurants eight and all the shops. 200000. This virus is dating violence this Cyrus is serious and you know the CDC is recommending people this Thanksgiving holiday. Just thanks getting your immediate Chamblee and the visiting. To a country it's something better and tomorrow we knew this virus. EG and as individuals should get as cars. And houses so we also spikes and eight. Increased net loss of life and steep. They can assure you don't or. And one of the big concerns a reference as a beginning as flattening the curb so how are your hospitals holding up right now. She was doing pretty well immediate dirtier Ross that's why it was it was back and early in the year. Ensure broad street markers are an infection rate of about one G news center. What that was about twenty cases are again. I know we're averaging Jordan dirty secret data we would not seen. Reza right now huge increase in richer sea grass shall we're monitoring IC Cassidy will monitoring ritual visits. We're monitoring shoot Cassidy not just like totally ninety. Also munching Nazi by other other illnesses that people want and so as of right now yeah. We're worried he should she currency Bronson but as you know and no. The virus changes dated date so we don't know its moral. And New York City just closed schools again that's sparking a huge debate around here but also nationwide NO as you said Boston which has kept many schools closed what what drove that decision. Casey's and an Indian yeah. A lot of people say most of our cases now. They are happening in the work site and happy in my. Much of them will. People are engaged in now and it'll. If she gives you please give your child gets Harris. The numbers all saying a child who are you okay. What happens is that you are elderly parents are. Also people who. Existing conditions that that there are you know the virus is in short. You a lot of injuries also so I do think all of its team of artists many different dares to grow X meals at restaurants or. Right now boxing and seeing a spike in Russia need you'll see despite weeks. When an outdoor dining is no longer ago city. And the today you know EB needs you get it all. Millions and millions are. Speedo they caused. 250000. Additional. In this the doctors tell us what those side effects were alarmed luncheon mr. XTX. Owns. As many new message and that sort of thing there was still very early Paris. It's indeed exists a dog is an Arab self determination. That it saves you are very big. We're when when the CDC and other experts saying. The best way to match the virus Wear a mask isn't this angels discussions. Needing not only school maybe not on where B should listen to doctors. And the biggest line I've heard so far is that the schools have not been shown to be likely hot spots so why close the schools it and that's not. Where kids in and other people are being infected. There's a potentials there we need moderate tissue. You know arms are actually bought it and sent. Our mutual 120 chased her day. Our policy issues not overburden this particular moment she's sexy hospitals ratio were burned sure our society it is what happened. What will you must share hospitals essential not only location prior occasions at other other illnesses will be in danger. And it really is not keeping our system is. System's already charters are people. And mayor quickly do you feel you're getting the resource is you need at the state in. Or a level right now. Mean I think it would consider that that concerned me right now be it ill bill we have asked. In the costs of them you know trying to urge people mustn't. To get tested once a week and our solution insurance so that good to see changed Aaron also concerned on t.'s. Insurance companies don't orthodoxy many americans' ability usual getting a vaccine on the issues not get an idea that we are medical. And social issues. Because it nor does it really understand whether she York Boston and countries. What we're dealing with is again I don't know what it arched numbers of Iraq's cities. We have real good accurate testing and it will say that we're the century it is that will allow us decisions based on that enables losers will not be shortsighted. Lawsuit open again. All right an awesome mayor Marty moss we appreciate your time again thank you. You.

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{"duration":"7:41","description":"Boston Mayor Marty Walsh tells college students going home for the holidays not to return after break. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74305784","title":"Boston battles COVID-19 surge","url":"/Politics/video/boston-battles-covid-19-surge-74305784"}