The Breakdown: Negotiations underway for Biden’s infrastructure plan

Plus, as the country awaits a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, Attorney General Merrick Garland urges calm in an exclusive interview with ABC News.
20:53 | 04/20/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Negotiations underway for Biden’s infrastructure plan
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed out of the and I'm Terry Moran the jury. Is in its second day of deliberating whether former Minneapolis police officer Derek show which will be convicted. Of killing George Floyd thousands of National Guard troops have been deployed in Minneapolis. And the governor there has declared a state of emergency as the nation braces for a verdict. Now attorney general Merrick Garland is calling for call and hear what he said in an exclusive interview with ABC news coming right. Meanwhile president Biden is now speaking out about the child. Cream of murdered. Greater heard. This is Republicans are criticizing congresswoman Maxine Waters for saying protesters should get more confrontational. It showman is not convicted. Her fellow congresswoman from California Karen bass joins us with the latest on that. And first some news here in Washington negotiations are underway and president Biden's giant two trillion dollar infrastructure plan. Biden says he's prepared to compromise on this plan but he remains firm. On raising the corporate tax rate to pay for the package ABC news deputy political director Avery harper. Joins us now for more to every president Biden wants to see out counter offer from Republicans. By mid may he says so why what does is gonna milligrams didn't have proper negotiations over a bill like this in a long time. What are the president could compromise on what do you see god coming ahead. Right well president Biden has signaled that he is open to negotiating the size of the costs. And the scope so what what this infrastructure plan covers. We know that Democrats have a much broader interpretation of what. Infrastructure is then Republicans what Republicans wanting to see. I think monastic Syrian things either conventionally consider infrastructure your roads or bridges. You know in some cases brought van. How we know that here is a Republican counter offer that is in the works and that. Ask senator Mitt Romney is going to be playing a large rolling in and how that all comes about he told reporters yesterday that. He wants to see a plan that impart. Uses user fees so likes holes for a for roads our bridges to cover the costs of some of these infrastructure plans rather than pushing it all to the corporate. Tax hike but you know here is a long road ahead before this infrastructure plan makes it to the president's tax. And every president Biden says that he spoke to George Floyd's family as they await a verdict in the trial of dared show and he also offered. Some of his own thoughts on the case Elena play that clip for you. Can only minutes. Depression and anxiety are feeling. So I waited. On television. Joseph. They're called. Peace. Close no matter what okay. Training the verdict is breaking her. I wouldn't say that. Cheers question now. As a little hard to hear me so I think it's overwhelming. So Avery how unusual is it for a sitting president. To comment on pending verdict like this. Right are we haven't seen president Biden Dodd do this in the past and we know that he has given me the justification that the. Jury is already sequestered in this case and so he feels felt the need felt like it was okay to come out and say that. How we know that the president has been watching this case closely I this is a case that. Had started a movement in every state in our union and so there's a lot of sound of things at stake when it comes to this verdict I know that. Asked our the verdict we can expect to see the president and in some of the shape or form. Addressed the verdict that'd be details are scant from the White House at this time that covered I see him continue to talk about this. And Avery lawmakers met today on no new wave of restrictive. Voting measures that are going through state legislature's Republican controlled state legislatures across the country. Democrats in congress are working to pass new federal voting rights laws. What came out of that hearing today and when might we see a vote on those bills in the senate what are they hoping to accomplish. While overcame her that that hearing was if need be display. Part of sand that divides on the issue right so we have. Democrats who have they have dubbed this trend that we've seen an end in most states. Filing love restrictive voting. Legislation. Me you know we saw on WP been named Jim Crow. I'm that this is this is a regression in terms of voting rights for for these Democrats and how we saw Republicans come out and end. I you know cry about. I integrity voter integrity and that there that federal lawmakers shouldn't have a place in the Indian state elections and in how states run their elections in south. How we're waiting to see what happens with HR one with the for the people at. Ask we know that it is in the senate. I'm but it does not happen most of pass and as if there is not a change in terms the rules around the filibuster. It's it's really hard to see this passing at this point. We know that he he senate majority leader Chuck Schumer he said that he is going to bring it up for a vote that sometimes we're just all waiting on pins and needles to see what happens. And ABC news deputy political director Avery harper thanks Avery. And as Avery mentioned there that jobs act is a critical part of the Biden agenda as a candidate. President repeatedly promised he could get an infrastructure package across the finish line to as we approach the hundred day milestone for the Biden presidency. We're taking a look at several of his promises and where they stand now. Here's or Devin Dwyer. I'm Joseph Robinette Biden junior do solemnly swear the 46 presidency began in the most extraordinary of circumstances. And the heels of a deadly riot at the pinnacle of democracy in the midst of a global pandemic its claim more than half a million American lives. In his voters Republicans and Democrats remain bitterly divided. This is our historic moment. Of crisis and challenge. And unity. Is the path forward for our country wearied of crisis mode many see Biden has given them reason to hope. The progress we've made under actually this country is a great American story. 150 million vaccine shots an arms in 75 days 14100 dollar stimulus checks in the mail already delivered. A military transgender band lifted construction of the border wall put on hold a return to global alliances sealed and. The message I want the world here today. America. Is back. America is back it out day 85 a somber decision to end America's longest war. War in Afghanistan was never meant to be a multi generational undertake. It's time for American troops to come home as promised by his presidency has been heavy on empathy my heart goes out to all. All. Home. Family members who lost someone in those horrific shooting he's. But so far it's Dan White on bipartisanship. Just good Republicans shrugged serious proposals Democrats rejected. Provisional one. Biden didn't get a single Republican vote on his Covert relief bill that is yet to be with GOP leader Mitch McConnell this and we lit and it very difficult for the parties to tour together person who's. That's positioned to do it is depressing United States because he has the bully he's really not included Republicans or their ideas. It's so I don't give him high marks. Oh crop ABC news has been tracking dozens of Biden's biggest campaign promises that were endorsed by a record number of voters in November. Many have been checked off but most remain works in progress. By any measurement when you look at what he prioritized. He certainly has delivered in this first eighty days that he had a schedule plans for new gun controls LG BT equality voting rights police reform and legal status for dreamers have all been passed in the democratic controlled house. But all face a potential graveyard in the 5050 senate without compromise climate infrastructure health care immigration. You think all of those are dead in the water if the filibuster stands I think they are we can't get any Republicans on board for impeachment. After the insurrection. Republicans are not going to be on board in fact they're staking their claim. On challenging him we should be pushing forward but it is Biden who is holding that. On infrastructure president Biden faces division within his own party over an ambitious two trillion dollar plan. You half the vision and my administration has put forward it's just not not. For every president is endless list of challenges colliding with sky high public expectations. So far most Americans think Joseph Biden is doing a good job. For ABC news I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks Suzanne and for that report and as the country awaits a verdict in the trial Derek show when one big question on the horizon is whether the global outrage this case sparks. Full results and any changes of federal law on policing. When we come back we'll hear from the congresswoman sponsoring police reform legislation is named for George Floyd. Welcome back attorney general Merrick Garland sat down when ABC news for his first interview since taking office. Among other things the attorney general discussed justice and police saying and why issues of race and bias are personal to him. Our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has that exclusive interview. The attorney general urging calm. It doesn't nation braces for a verdict in the Sheldon trial. What's your level concern about the potential Obama's I intend to wait until the verdict to come before I will say anything. And I would urge the American people to do the same. Garland careful not to comment about George Floyd directly or are ongoing cases involving race and policing. The admitting to being stunned by the images he saw last summer. I also saw the videos from last summer. Home. Or through the summer and like many Americans I was shocked. Many black Americans were not shocked because if they have known. This. Come this kind of treatment before do you believe there is still bias and pockets of racism. Within law enforcement racism is an American problem I think that's. But complained to me that their son. Has been and remains discrimination against African Americans we do not yet have people justice. Under law. In some ways issues are race and bias are extremely personal for Garland whose grandparents fled anti semitism in Europe. Country couple. Sue we can. Good protected. Time and countries would. Attorney general Merrick Garland want to thank Pierre Thomas for that interview so well the national attention and outrage over instances of police brutality. And attention to systemic racism in our country resulted in any changes to federal law. Let's bring in the house sponsor of the police reform legislation that is named for George Floyd. California congresswoman Karen bass first I'd I'd like to Kitchener responses from what we just heard from Merrick Garland moments ago. His attention to these issues do they there's going to be changes in the legislation what what do you hope to see. From Merrick Garland and the Biden Justice Department. Well actually I'm hoping and I believe that they will put the Justice Department back together. Because he inherited a very broken un Department of Justice especially in the area of civil rights in one example. I think consent decrees where there was issues real problems with police departments. And the federal government essentially what we're jurisdiction in a way. And gulls were all eliminated under the charm administration and so I know one of the first person dead. Garland attorney general Garland has already done his proposed consent decrees back in place. When there is a police department would problems they need extra supervision from the federal government that should be what happens. And in that. Is is part of the agenda here let me ask you were waiting those on the verdict on on. Derek children in that trial for the killing of of George Floyd. And your colleague California congress or Maxine Waters she's gotten some attention she's facing some. He attend I censure movement for her comments encouraging protests. That if there's not a guilty. Verdict to get out there and make their voices heard and the way she spoke to a lot of attention we let's just listen to her for sex. So what do you think of that as a lot of controversy around her calling for more confrontation if it's a verdict doesn't come down in. In a way that strikes people as real justice forty think you should protesters should do chauvinist found not guilty or guilty and on a much lesser charge. Well first of all I absolutely think that protest should be 100%. Peaceful that is the type of protest that it is. Very constructive and in all honesty. If it hadn't benefited hundreds and thousands of people that were out protesting. Last year again you're referring to the protests that we're not violent. I wouldn't have been the political world to even pass to George ruling justice and policing act. So protests is a part of our tradition. And I have to say it's been unfortunate but whenever it comes to issues of civil rights social justice. We always have to involved Croce asked. In order to get me policy. To the finish line. It was remarkable to see. So many Americans my daughter people across the country got coming out peacefully. To try to change. Things the way they are and you sit you said that you felt. Their issues with the way the defense portrayed George Floyd in this case and portrayed you know what the defense attorney Eric Nelson. Continually described as an angry crowd of onlookers. A dozen or so bystanders A in order to say that. -- children had legitimate fears and that's why his use of force was authorized and proper in that way what are your concerns with that kind of defense. Well first of all the especially he had on the surface talk about bad and it also talked about it. You know George fluids or medical history and drug use or math but the show tax his entire defense. Was the same. Stereos kinds of black people would have been around for the last 200 years. Scary big black man scary mob black people that model wasn't out and people and several of whom weren't sure you're. And so he used that as an excuse and right away. Crowd that was very emotional was leading with him contained. On George Hoyt. We're not attacking him they were attacking. In terms. What he was doing angry at him because they so not. That he was torturing an individual and individual that was already ten and the problem was three other officers surrounding him. And so it was just a stereo types the troops. Then I'll talk about with black people since I don't know when I'm animals and the only thing the only thing he didn't say it was a horrible my it was a game. So hell you call ten people that are pleading. For some someone's life to be an angry mob but that's why you had to continue torturing him until he died. Was just a little panicked and friends and I'm certainly hopeful that the jury will see the same. Whether they saw those pictures which we're showing as you spoke of that good group of bystanders and they heard from so many of them on the witness stand. Finally let let me get to lead the police reform bill. Your police reform bill what what did do you is there anything that you saw say in the trial or in the recent case Don to write in in Minnesota. That these reforms you know would work to prevent. Well first of all 200 reforms. Would essentially hold officers are charitable. And so the fact a huge sue an opposite in fact that the standards and prosecutor and officer is so high. Those are two of the main reasons why we continued to CE. This type of violence in our communities. And then we also talk about raising the standards for policing so that we had 181000 police departments around the country and no national standards. Which is why shall call resulting in one area and and another soul food knee right forearm step I do believe we will get our president Biden's desk. Are essential because we just can't keep singing. Videotape after videotape. Black men and women are Latino men and women who work she'll that the answer please. All right congressman Karen bass thank you very much and and good luck thanks for being with us think you. And hundreds a student stare Minneapolis staged a school walkout to protest racial injustice. They marched to the police station and spoke out about why they want their voices heard. Yeah. We're here is suited to say that enough is enough and we want our voices heard it we can no longer live in a world that criticizes that's based on our skin color has not ready to do anything about. It's helped me yeah Ed Joyce I had that I eight and had his life. It's not where they haven't had changed its agreed to reduce fees because we can look a lot of roads around as the city whichever it is it's a little. Don't cause any harm to. Yeah prepared to go through here reports. I feel today Darian power ended and I feel. Determined and excited for the future and it gives me a feeling of hope I don't blame the. And can students in Minnesota they're making their voices heard on racial injustice. And today we remember the life of former vice president Walter Mondale who passed away last night at the age of 93. As second in command to president Jimmy Carter Mondale made a lasting impact is a liberal political icon. President Carter said in a statement that Mondale redefined the role of vice president. Mondale also made history during his own bid for the presidency. Naming Geraldine Ferraro as his vice presidential candidate. He was the first major party presidential nominee to put a woman on the ticket. Here we are 37 years later with our first female vice president. In a new presidential proclamation president Biden ordered all flags to be flown at half staff. On the day Mondale is laid to rest as a mark of respect the president says for him and his life of service to our nation. He was one of those politicians that that everybody recognized as a kind. And decent man in American politics it was rare in his time it's rarer. Today bubble when they when they turn up when people genuinely are public servants of that kind there there are treasure. And that does it for us here on the breakdown I'm Diana Tatum and I'm Terry Moran. We'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great day. Yeah.

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