The Briefing Room: President Trump hits the road to campaign for midterm elections

Politicians hit the road 15 days before midterms.
27:47 | 10/22/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: President Trump hits the road to campaign for midterm elections
And. Hi there welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by deputy political director. Mary Alice parks we have a bunch of political headlines a lot of circuits on the trail. I'm president trump headed down to Texas also new news on the coshow he case as well as on that caravan making its way. To the Mexico US Mexico border are slowly. But we want to start with our colleague Paul Farris who had a had a pretty amazing series of interviews over the last couple days down a Texas this is a big day. In campaign politics. Lion's head and president trump at each other's side in just a couple of hours Paula does it get star it's just this is this is history the moment you never argued that seeing. Yeah I want to drive yeah how do you wrap your Hendrick your head around this mine Mary Alice wrecked I don't know of anyone really can't. It's a huge strides here I mean I was pretty and shot by a how honest and someone is really meant prison was a mound the relationship but. The kind of linguistic gymnastics he tried as well as he tried to piece a part explain that relationship and what what did you make of it. You might take away from it wisely he sent he and a couple of choices. After the election he's that he voted for trump he's like less than I had a choice to. He really cry over spilled milk argue what's right for Texans and do what's right for the country's and he said he and put all of us. You know personal feelings aside he floated trump tower movies ever told the serenity food trying to tie parties have looked president we have a chance do something that few administrations have been able to do that have a majority. And house majority in the senate and house. Republican in the White House so he sent let's just get past or personal differences I asked him. Do you think some awful think about one another. You have said that he is a pathological liar use that he's a serial philandering that just not true he's like we're not injures and talking about the past we wanna do what's best. A for the country. I actually asked him as well. Friend are filed take a listen to this exchange. He's the real inflammatory things about your camera shot back and now conceding he's stumping for how do we make sense that this relationship. Let's 26 and was an election like. Me it was bare knuckle there were some hard shots and on all sides that was our shot. The election's over and it you know on Election Day when sixty. A brilliant choice to had a choice about what what the path was going to be going forward it I could have chosen. To have her to take it personally say what I would take my marbles ago I'm not work with Preston. I think if I'd done. That would have been a really selfish it's easy to do. But it would've been really selfish because the job which is represented 28 text. And if I put my own personal hurt feelings ahead of representing Texas. That would be abdicate my responsibilities of a deficit. Is I went to the press not got a plane flew to New York the week after the election I want to trumped up. I spent four half hours with president drop with a senior team must have missed president. We've got a unique opportunity. History teaches us this is very rare Republican president Republican majorities of both houses and attended four times in the last hundred U. For you to put your personal feelings aside of course because we have a job to. If your friend here how do you describe it really happy suppressed. And he's the president I work with the president. In delivering on our promises. You had said that he is utterly amoral that he's a serial planner a pathological liar of those things not true anymore. I have no interest in revisiting. Its exits you've moved on I've got a job. And Mike is forward looking. So clearly you guys he's putting those personal feelings aside we just turned from the president as he was departing to go to Houston. And he said look I liked Ted he said he's a Smart guy he loves the people of Texas. And again along run out but again hard to wrap your mind around it considering the reprehensible. Things that they both sent about one another. You know locked lion's head is now beautiful ten according to president welcome it's not just him of course I know Paula you also asked about the things that take cruises said about. His dad is sorry the president's office at about take cruises that who is out there on the campaign trail trails does well I want to play this and ask you about on the other side. Your dad okay that he's here stumping nutria listen my dad is this and even take it probably didn't need to take it personally. Are you OK that sounds coming to stop that cure all this out directly let me tell you we have a conflict to say. We have a state to state. I'm we need to put away our petty differences and Stan shall the shall. All personal insults and I need to stand shoulder to sort of America is bigger than that aura. And the president to city doesn't regret anything he said about Ted Cruz is dad he was asked severely about that on the lawn on his way. To Texas Paula it is not sorry so he's not sorry he's not even at this. Green had learned apologized and shouldn't worry knobs are at least remind everyone what he did say about his dad rap video craze who of course I came here from Cuba. I and he said that's this is what trump said that Cruz's father raping out basically assisted JFK's assassin. And which has been category and gore being denied in as false. But I they mean if anything this is showing us and how to get past our differences if nothing else I will say it is. Somebody encouraging but if you really break it down. Trump needs crews and trees he's strong and they're trying to putt the better interests and what they stand a better interest over their personal feelings about her Anderson the country. But that had an irony house. And as work as one party orcas one party and and of course the other party running their bets or Rourke the congressman from the El Paso area Pauly also spent some time with him. And he was pressed about a year ago on the question of impeaching president trump this is a state of course that went for president trump rather convincingly. Take a listen to this exchange I think you hear a lot there. And I don't mean to split hairs but but I I was asked at a town hall in Waco Texas. You don't a year ago. Wet weather if there were. Of vote for impeachment whether I would boat and in a longer answer by ultimately said yes I've never called for the president's impeachment not pursuing impeachment of normally use and it. Stop the investigation. Altogether whether it's collusion or obstruction there's enough there for their at least to be. A a process that moves forward but I think the best way to pursue this is threw the ball smaller investigation its independence and integrity. To find the facts and pull them as far as they go as high up as they. Some thoughts on this I found this interest thing because bets or war has run pretty much of the lefties and pretty on apologist apologetic liberal. Running in Texas not typically how you win. He's got to dance around this question though just a little bit. He definitely is dancing around this question by an but I think he did. He he tried to clarify because he was getting a lot of criticism for getting ahead of the leaders of the party Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi off payments way to see. How the Mahler investigation plays out before Reese would start talking about impeachment hearings but he what he said. I won't pursue them but I do believe that there is enough there for a for an impeachment and of course Ted Cruz has been using this to his advantage. Atlanta a couple of this rally isn't and this is one it is the calling cards is that battle work if you vote for him he's no work to impeach the president he won't work with the president. But I asked at a specifically. Will you work with president Chong. Absolutely but we must stand up to him. We're really counts and you know whether it's the invasion of our democracy in 2006 team. Or the effort to undermine it again in 2018 and 2002 when he. You strange in of our closest allies and alliances these trade wars that hurt this state more than any other. We need a senator who's gonna stand up to and M we're watching that right now and Munich. That's what it. So he thinks he's the guy to stand up to triumph but you guys he's got an uphill battle this is a state. That hasn't turned that particular senate seat to Blair since 1980 that's thirty years they haven't elected a Democrat to any position in this state. Since 1994. Rick since you and I were when in high school. Right now less and I know where you are 94 and we models are we on dating ourselves. But definitely it Paul definitely an uphill battle and and Texas has the lowest voter turn out. And a country that's why batters that he went onto 154 counties he's pounding the pavement. He's taken at 38 million dollars that record 39 dollars and reason third quarter he says I'm Marty spent most of it. And I went to the people to their constituents to the individuals not pacs corporations but to the individuals and donated to my campaign to spend all the money in Texas. In this race and he's but now its chips on the table we'll see what happens. Scenario Paul Farris a lot more to come on world the site and on Nightline tonight check it out terrific timing to have some gray interviews the tonight is the big event. Down at Houston thank. You marry Al west and thank you gag I can't explain it. That's when the pie was making about voter turnout is so key because you get the sense of those who can't its are not even remotely trying for the same voters. They are playing to their bases and they used. Philosophy in this campaign is that he wants new people voting in Texas who have not felt inspired to vote for a Democrat and it may can turn out he might have a chance. That's let's turn to Jon Karl our White House correspondent got some time with the president all along the line as he is headed off to. Houston this rally that we're talking about John and I know you asked. About that relationship about lions had sounds like there's a new nickname in in in town right now. It seems that we have to potential new nicknames from the president. I think Rick we may actually have the tape if we do can we please plan. And ultimately what happened we brought it out. I like Obama I actually like the black Betty the very polite guy. So so wreck you and I've talked. About the stuff a lot of the years when you've got a negative. You don't tend to want to repeated if you're if they're trying to it to change its heart that was very interesting when the president said. He's not lion Ted anymore I mean so forget the fact we get around him being beautiful Texas at all that. There yet departure Ted Cruz very much appreciates. That there is now brand new tape of the president saying lion's head right there just a few minutes ago. On the South Lawn of the White House as the president was preparing to leave for Texas to be width. Lion Ted. I mean really quite quite extraordinary. What it what a night it's it's going to be John. And of course heading down to Texas. As the president's been talking a lot about this caravan that is now. Trying to is heading on its way up it's still hundreds of miles away from the US Mexico border the president sounding a lots of alarms about this take a listen. Two to the exchange do you have a the president on this caravan. John taking camera going for the middle and they're given applied and that they're being identified visually. You gotta find everything and yes but we're not allowed them in our we want day. So what I was trying to follow first all that did it did the what would touch came right before that sound. Is I I I asked the presence of what evidence do you have. That there are criminals or terrorists included in that and that caravan from Honduras. And he went into that when he started to say put your camera in the middle that caravan. What I was trying to get to and route to respond as if we'd have a camera down now we've got. We we've we've we've we've got our own team our own team from from. ABC news on the ground. Aims it. We're seeing children were seeing families we're not seeing. You know so called. You know. Middle Eastern. What whatever as if that would be an indication of of he improved proof positive that there were terrorists in that crowd so all he didn't respond to that but we saw the president make some pretty extraordinary. You know allegations there about who's in that Karen. John what is it moments in the pol affairs interview with beta that I was struck by was but. This is our unit from the congressman that the White House should be doing more to stem the tide of migration of immigration from Central America he said it is a challenge the White House to invest more money and invest more time. In security and safety an economic development in that region. We've sure heard the opposite from the White House lately threats to cut aid what is your sense if anything that despite S is doing to work. Diplomatically. To work with some allies in the region to try to get it sort of this the hard at some of these issues. Well secretary Pompeo. In the region and in and raise these issues other has been you know talk O of of trying to stem. The tide at the source instead of simply what you know waiting until they get to the two to the US border but the president was asked. Directly about this. Directly about this just now on the South Lawn. His threat to withhold aid from from Guatemala and from other countries in Central America. This is how exactly would that helps in so much of that aid. Is specifically. On the issues that you mention it on on security. And on programs that would. That are designed. Two two to prevent this at the source and the president kind of shrugged his shoulders his or maybe it well. But the but the bottom line is Ron senate anymore money and that is still going on he was very matter of fact about it did did it his long is. This flow. Of of migrants coming from that region. And steps aren't being taking there to sufficiently stop that flow he is going to cut off for use his powers president. It's not absolute power obviously congress controls the purse strings here but but that he saw wants to see that a cut off. And maybe just importantly fifteen days out Johnny says blamed the Democrats Jonathan Karl another interesting day over on the White House be thanks for Dallas up real quick after talking the president appreciate it. Thank yes. I'm Mary Alice the big story tonight is forced going to be a circus president trump as a surrogate for Ted Cruz a lot of Democrats out there as well take a listen to a couple of the recent exchanges we've heard from some prominent Democrats on the trail. But this sake of our chilled. We are going to work we are going to fight and we are going to win win win birds. This election is literally bigger than politics. Is bigger the politics. I really made it. No matter how old are not you argued never efforts are spent election is as consequential. As this election nationally and locally. In this election in. 2018. We have learned our lesson. Way to not get out the lowest. Mid term voter turnout in history we are gonna have the whole audience voter turnout. I could I could see Mary Alice's from the memories flooding back more birdie on the turtle is senate Sanders left front has invented Indiana and literally in March the people from the rally. To the polls. They are trying everything they can to get voter turnout and instruct to not to senator Sanders. Who are used to seeing big crowds with but Michelle Obama a President Obama. Out there in full force holding the is. And arena style of the house trying to get young people aren't about. You typical mid term and we have our team fanned out across the country this afternoon and I continually over these last fifteen days Matt Furman joining us from Nevada where President Obama former President Obama is about to speak at a major rally following up. Where we saw president trump recently we also Devin Dwyer downing Houston where that cruise event is about to do about the sort of few hours and John -- Holbrook. As renowned a walk in Iowa where couple east when he twenty years including Bernie Sanders have been let's start with you Matt what are we hearing. From the folks warming up the crowd from from President Obama this is that. The different kind of venue that we've seen from him he's an on this campaign jails and. The only leading. We're or. Steve Wynn Democrat things. Her announcement. All right math help wolf we'll get back a little bit later appreciate you checking in from that rally. I want it's often tour Johnny her whole Vick who is in Iowa where Bernie Sanders was over the weekend and Pamela Harrison. And all Iowa has not been at the top of the list four. Mid term covers his a couple of interesting house races there potentially a very competitive good governor's race as well but. But John this is does seem to be about looking a little bit beyond November now. I was just gonna say we're fifteen days out from deep in mid term elections here but Rick I gotta say this feels. A little bit more like 20/20 that it does when he team. You write had been on the trap the last couple days I was with senator Bernie Sanders he heard from earlier in Sioux City and he was in Fort Dodge yesterday. Come delivering his classic Bernie Sanders very health care centric Mary income inequality centric message but I'm just today just this morning I was with California senator Pamela Harris. Who is sort of a lesser known but still a name that's talked about a lot of substantial 20/20 contender. I've Yasser about that I have served be an Iowa sort of gives her any more clarity about her twenties when he plans and she said the issue with me very sternly she said. I'm very focused on the next fifteen days and you can be focused on whatever it is you're focused on so. She is coming out her mine on the mid terms but just their presence out here in Iowa who's gonna hold the first in the nation caucuses in February 20/20. There's definitely a lot of that talk going on whether or not you know that the figures that are here when talk about it. And how that thing. Steve on the ground to the voters there in Iowa by candidates just about does November or did they know what's up here. I think I think they have a frigate avenue I think Iowa voters just to be in a fact that there's always so much attention focused on them are a little bit more clear that. But I asked voters about that a couple of hands of senator Sanders asked them what do Bernie Sanders 20/20 presidential campaign is something that you can see yourself supporting. I got some mixed reviews I got some absolutely he's he's my favorite candidate of all times. But I also got some you know voters were saying there might be some time for some generational change in the Democratic Party and and one quarter pointed out to me that by the time Bree. He is elected and start serving his first review these are close to eighty years old so there's F clear divide I think people want to see kind of the full gamut of candidates like cattle Harris like court but her like some other names but. There's there's after some divisions about whether or not you know who people can get behind. All right Johnny thanks for checking in for mild look forward to your dispatches from the trail at Want to turn now to Devin Dwyer who's outside that area where the president. And Ted Cruz will be together in just a couple of hours and DeVon I know you've got a big show. A for the big vote tomorrow afternoon but what are you looking at in terms of Texas are early voting has begun. Oh what's the buzz on the ground. The buzz on the ground Rick it's not about so much about Ted Cruz a back to be hard pressed to find. I Ted Cruz sign around here is this is as Johnny was saying very much the feel of 20/20 already. But I gotta tell you. I won't be able to hear the crowds hit an out of control I've been a number from route and it's anything like this this is just a fraction. Thomas minister around here of beating. Trump supporters that has been pouring in all afternoon we've been talking to folks let's ask the tires are willing to wait in line. Call urology for hours and I'm waiting for our hours from Austin, Texas. Not big crowds today Rick they resist a few days ago expecting about 101000 people hear that from campaign switched out the venues at the Toyota Center here holds 181000. Odd and they're actually calling this gathering believe it or not that Texas size tailgate I guess is I've gets defined. The food and beverage but they do and the entertainment and headline news. Certainly adds that in carnival atmosphere although again it's a rally for tech crew has been very much pain reelection Donald Trump. Case in Texas all along you know congress that'll work through that events in August with Willie Nelson and I think he 5000. People. In a mid term year. In Texas and for a Democrat I mean these crowd sizes. Are unbelievable it is gets to uphold new interest in politics is that it. Yet totally I mean it's it's this is Tex. Aside everything we talked earlier today this and that's O supporters. They've been knocking on doors are talking an unending energy downhill right now and unlike anything we've seen hopping and you know. Reminder of what's around the corner I mean this this front country has risen to media that much of a surprise to see. The president's vanda based on your body got to play that trump campaign is testing things out there testing. Other nude from TV behind us they're testing their text messaging. They are gearing up we got two in two years ago they don't have a challenger yet and he certainly get a feel here that this is. This is all bow. All right Deb and I keep us honest they are from Texas look forward to your reports tonight and tomorrow on the big vote. Right here at tomorrow afternoon it at 430. Of some developments in the Jamal the show he's story line as we referenced I'm Mary Alice just over the weekend the saudis finally belatedly acknowledging. That in fact to show he has passed away that he has been killed. I'll really convoluted. I kind of hard to believe explanation for those events. And just today we heard for the first time. We heard the front who just for the first time out from Jared Kushner whose relationship. With the Saudi royal family to Saudi crown prince in particular has been at the center of this we want to check in with Molly hunter who's been reporting. For us. From Istanbul and Molly what what insight did we learn today about that relationship. Between Jared Kushner. And the crown prince of Saudi Arabia what does that what does that mean for how the White House has been handling this. Rick marry hey that's great film we've known for a while injured prisoners. Pregnant friend. Come on we know this time he's had called. Outside of canola channels we know that you spent time there especially. And of course president having his first trip to Saudi Arabia. But he spoke to CNN state facilities secret listening to in his. He wouldn't admit any advice that he's giving his father in law about the case Jovi he's been did admit that he was actually advising the saudis and just gonna read you what he told CNN. He said I've told them just to be transparent the world is watching this is a very very serious accusation and a very serious situation and to make sure your transparent. And you take this very seriously now we'll see if they actually lists and of course cue that'd right. They think is deep red to see him out there because we heard president comes tone changed this weekend he started casting a little bit of doubt on that very convoluted. Explanation rate mentioned. Since then to have Jared Kushner come out. And actually. Stating he's been advise members on the fact finding mission and I'm you know we just to give them at some time because they are so important with us and using guys after president Tran spoke. The watch him pose this weekend. On Sunday the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia got on Fox News me know if you wanna get the president trapped do you go on Fox News and so it's curious if maybe. Trump's tone changed have rattled. The saudis eliminate Alley they needed for coming out as well. And Molly want to ask you about what we're gonna hear from the Turks they've been. Relatively silent through official channels but we're gonna hear from her one for the first time a lot of build up around this how much. About what evidence the Turks have gathered about what happened inside the consulate. Break that nine I've actually fascinating so in the last twenty days we have heard so much from Turkish officials but all anonymous leaks. So it is present here I want ready to take his name not just do bureaucrat bashing his name to this evidence to the audio days and they had an insidious if they they have. All of this surveillance video and on the other evidence that they had hinted that suggest that through anonymous sources the answer is we don't know he has promised the naked street. But I was just talking and our producer here ring nuns had. About whether or not he's gonna get having kind of do Beattie Netanyahu and had to do a big reveal is you have a projector is he gonna kind of show is everything the Turks know. You guys we see we just gotten now I think we got a hint from thousands advisors. I'm about just has seriously he's taking it one of his advisors. The spokesperson for his party came out and it really harsh words called this a murder and it really monstrous cover up. And then another of his advisors talked about how important not Saudi relationship is. Making the big pictures guys when was the last time. Turkish president airline had the world's attention on the world stage this is must see television. I can't remember the last time I happen. It's going to be a big moment as the storyline develops Molly hunter thank you for your reporting on the ground in Istanbul appreciate it. This is a story liner Ellison and that so what else does like to be talking about. And it's not just the world leaders and area watching if the Republican leaders and the senators here in Washington and around the country and it felt really at odds at this White House over the story. And you can imagine that if they don't like what they hear tomorrow they can come back in the final weeks the mid terms and be speaking out against this White House tonight after the need that. He indeed they don't all right Mary Alice thanks for being here thank you for watching the briefing room tomorrow the big vote for thirty much more great to see our guys and I feel much more of that. Coming with DeVon downing Houston tomorrow at 430. Check that out. That's it for now from Mary Alice parks I'm Rick Klein thanks for watching.

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