'The Briefing Room': War from within

ABC News' political team talks Trump's tweets and headlines from Tuesday's White House press briefing.
14:35 | 10/10/17

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': War from within
Welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Johnson Tucci on the trophy along with after all there's. Former White House we're gonna hear from Jonathan Karl over at the White House and a few minutes in the reporters on Capitol Hill guys what attention at the White House today. Bunch a tank going that we heard between its. We're gonna take your questions at the it was at today's program toward the answer please. Even there in the comments section of the FaceBook page but let's start on the Iran deal we have some news for the White House that. President is planning on making his announcement. Later this week we're hear from them as expected before the deadline of the fifteen they're not going quite as far as they might go based on our reporting but it's still pretty far has pretty. It's still pretty much to what the president has said Kerry campaign this is a terrible believes in repeal this deal. Com today that it was the worst he'll that was never me I mean this almost became a steeple topped those of us that traveled around the country with the president for the past two years news candidate trump. So not on surprising that that this is going to be rolled back but it's not a full out repeal as we had once thought capturing a B team and this is more about. You know a light version for her Israel if you. Exactly is it a little bit more like that lite version despite that we've been hearing from the president during his whole campaign in our recently you know a reprieve that. He's going to Easter quiet and go into review period the congress that it reviewed here it's not what we expect to hear. From the president later this because there isn't that many house a decision. It seems like it be mindful Sundays we weren't happy know what he's an. We first heard nothing tomorrow now wearing earlier in the week. It seemed that they're really trying to pieces theaters exactly what this will be Latinos and very very reversal on the hill has punted to congress it's gonna be. Up to congress including senator Bob Porter we'll talk about in a moment but what is the appetite in congress what's the mood Wednesday as they expect to. Here's something wrong. Well look once again you're in a situation where the president's going to be taking action on a big issue and saying look congress you guys figured out we're seeing a bit of a theme here going on there is very little appetite up here. To go and re imposed sanctions that were lifted as part of this deal so the question then becomes. What will congress do what Republicans do. To Tryon somehow fix this program will make mine accident mixing public right fix it without mixing these are all big question now. Where's the senate is out this week house is just getting back this is one of the things that they'll have to deal in addition to of course. All of those questions about the president ongoing feud with his own party but it's entirely possible that you could have a situation where the president. Could take action to make vary clear his opposition to this deal. But Republicans here in congress won't go nearly as part of the president able to register his. Opposition to this deal but congressman entirely blow up. Let's hope whatever they do it lines pick Saturday. Content Jon Karl over the White House you asked about. Eight issue some do tensions between the president and the secretary of state kind of joking interview potentially. About about IQ tests between the president and the secretary states are we set our watches Mets have already said at the ready to do this then we gonna get this IQ test and through the ice cap. Well I I did see Colin Powell here today he left the White House complex driving a a Corvette Henry Kissinger was here so I could see we get up kind of a panel of esteemed experts kind of little mark you know I test. I don't know if they would be biased considerable former secretaries of state I don't know how that would work but. All but no one on a serious note here in the the president. On Saturday said that he wished that his secretary of state Rex Tillerson was a little bit to offer. So you have in this course of a couple of days. The president suggesting that his own secretary of state is not tough enough. And now suggesting that he's at least not as Smart as the guy in the Oval Office. I guy I don't know you know there's certainly there's certainly an element of having a little bit of phone and joking about it but it's going to be all joking. Right yeah I did it doesn't seem at all and that we're gonna take questions at the end of the program this will be diminished Thomasville including we think would win the IQ tests Haiti. Among you received hosts here today but they're gross let's let's talk about that other war right now what Bob Corker because. Wow did did Sarah Huckabee Sanders bring it today says that it's out you know what let's get hurt pretty factual to assert that. That Bob Corker ruled out the red carpet for the brand deal look bidders fighting words. This is not just the equality now at saint you've got you've screwed up and use you lock doors and Nancy Pelosi brought Obama to bring that policy and telling. The White House. Yet fighting words and also not really triple look Bob Corker was involved in this deal but but if you go back and look at the history here when he was really involved with with. Hoping to put in some sort of protections. Some of wait for congress to have more of a say in this deal. Not exactly rolling out the red carpet. But there's going to be limited revisionist history going on there at the White House is this fight continues to escalate in you've seen that in other ways today as well the president. Coming out tweeting suggesting that Bob Corker didn't know. He was being recorded during that interview with the New York Times that's also not true we've learned that not only did corker know he was being recorded when he made those. Rather shocking and alarming pick your agitated here comments about the president that Bob workers staff was reporting it as well. So this kind of back and forth tit for tat is mudslinging that's going on near pres look at a fact checking to. Yet he's recorded in the same that he knew that he and I got to my got to do a brick. Yeah I don't buy I I got a jump on that for second the Nancy Pelosi wasn't involved in in negotiating the Iran deal either or even really laying out a red carpet as was. Negotiated much of it in secret by the Obama administration. When the deal was announced corker oppose this. And he led the fight to defeat it on the floor of the senate needed sixty votes to defeat it. They got 58 votes 54 Republicans four Democrats. To say that Bob Corker. Was largely responsible for the Iran deal is is a bit mystifying. That's part of it pretty factual part. What our standards that bode. They it was you know. Under them back from their great credit backlogs. And a very aware that the fact it's not right and and and what's what's fascinating to me John you solve the Israeli campaign. Presidents recycling old nickname it is just kind of war. Differently now the TV however you. But but John you know UEU and I think we're together under the first time it was. Little Marco Rubio. I was a little disappointed by this nickname for Bob Corker I mean the president's usually pretty good branding people but. Her recyclables one here I don't know little wasn't the strongest one for me what value. Yeah you know it's it's it is a little ridiculous you can't you can't little news little me. It is is a little LO ID DLE yes it it is it is a little ridiculous we've we've expected more from the president. And Italy forcefully and of course this real consequences to all those guys and Heatley I. He bought workers' vote one on the tax the only Bebop workers leadership on replacing the Iran deal. I'd seen with the White House strategy here is that we don't care who were fighting with we're gonna keep fighting with them. Even though that I have a lot of friends of this. Tax. We asked about it today do you think it will affect DB disputed corporal effect that vote on tax harmonies that I don't think that sounds so Mary Bruce got to. Mary Bruce I'd like it now reaping the the full list of Republican senators visited Donald Trump is right about Bob Corker I give as much time as you need. Golden. It's a pretty shortlist guys. You want but what. And most remarkable this week is not a that we are hearing from Republicans but what you're not hearing from Republicans there's been no rush of Republicans appear on the hill coming out to. Weighing in on this fight to defend the president to back him. In its viewed biggest. They don't wanna go there they simply don't wanna be involved in this fight because as you mentioned Bob Corker is a heat. Player here is someone that Republicans are going to need the president is going to need he wants to get something done a lot of his key priorities take your pick when it comes you know from the Iran dealing with chairman of the senate foreign relations committee to tax reform. Corporate on the Budget Committee. This is a guy who went up a lot of power on the other hand it's important to remember what. It's no secret that a lot of Republicans have some serious frustrations with this White House that's something that you hear up here. Pretty regularly in the assault what is uncommon expert to play out like this in such a public dramatic stunning fashion. Let's not Carl rot in the study that IQ test but it today. I don't wanna talk a little bit about what this means that the legislative Calumet don't want it now going to be thrown back to them if you a little little bit of news today on the on the dock applied to the White House. They've outlined isn't in it seems very fit. That any attempt at compromise has been sent back. By those principles that the White House laid out on Sunday. You look this is a play pretty much straight out of the president's art of the deal the president is coming to the table with these. Pink huge demand in order to to go ahead and and provide protections for the 800000. Dreamers in the country the president says he wants that border while he wants. 101000 new enforcement agency wants. To to change waited asylum works for young immigrants think there's a pretty big thing now the question is whether. The president's list which goes on and on and on our knees absolutes are these things that are not negotiable or is this simply just a jumping off point of beginning of negotiations we certainly know what chuck and Nancy as the president calls them his democratic pals like your check humor Nancy Pelosi think they've put out. A joint statement after this list came out and they said you know there's simply can't be serious. Well that's funny that's gets is good for Chinese food and basically Harriet Cuddy fix everything. Let's sit up and can't take out we got a problem compromise the act against the growth in its children's. We are not saarc let's let's let's talk about an area where the White House taking a little bit of a victory lap today. And that's the area of that the pledge and the as the franc to respect the American flag and the Philippines easel like vice president answer that's on stunt guys you generally. On Sunday but now the NFL commissioner saying that the NFL is in favor of players that standing for the pledge in the they're going to be looking at their meetings upcoming. And he easily while this wasn't an issue with the Donald started talking about it and now they're gonna actually. It's an easing the how many times we've had these situations where these issues. Come out of nowhere with the president and seventy normal life force meantime there aren't too I know at one and also you think you're you know. Getting over as the week goes on but then you have Thursday night football and he got the Saturday college game ending any reassurance we know marries a timely and I absolutely but I think depends thing ratchets know what you're right. This is a win before the White House to now have the leader of the NFL behind them sending me watching this. I get and it's pretty stunning. You know the fact that they've been kind of quiet as an organization. This where they're pleased to announce saying wow are now we're gonna look at it he must really be feeling in. And we know viewership is down not dramatically but viewership is down most oh games and the fact that you're seeing so much. Anger and frustration sore couple Steelers fans burning their jerseys after games you know this really hit a nerve for. Somebody you know Jerry Jones cowboys but don't policy nothing accompli that the cowboys they're trying to get a catalog and we're gonna see the president just a few minutes. Maybe he's on victory lap around this does not Pittsburgh Penguins. Coming to the White House presidential visits with sports champions that happens all the time. But this is a little bit different it's very gross leaves us you've also got the IQ test coming up we're not gonna forget about it. Well you but this is. It's Heidi this is interest is the payment accepted their invitation right after the rest are sitting at imitation of the policy or. And so you're gonna have to Stanley Cup champions at the White House in just a few minutes with the president and basking in that reflected glory for only the second time with the patriots. The party hasn't made this political yet I can't imagine that. I'm he's pleaded about the NFL this morning and as he said he stayed about the England's within the storm. NBA in the NFL I can't imagine that. He doesn't use this as a victory lap in and perhaps a chance to bring that up again. Now at present the right all right as we similar taking questions today over in the comments field. Yet what that act like you're right Hedrick. For development so you know a lot of questions actually about this IQ test him what actually happened so those are just fair and people are asking where did this actually start from this was part. An interview the president gave to Forbes magazine. Hit early this morning. Through your email when Catherine is that the fire at them and relatives others are sleeping right could. You're talking about you know how the president you know why BC's on against his own team in fighting scene that it's quieted down but. Often times you are hearing the president. Actually talk about how Smart he is he went to the best schools and on this really eating a lot of traction about the IQ tests and what what what we think about that. A little time to revert to the policy piece that's right does the president did say. I'm sentence at the cameras over the weekend that he thinks he which is that Rex those available to top right and they have disagreed particularly on how to handle North Korea that it disagreed. About Iran. Does the president to my mind to the president think the secretary of state is dom now you got. He doesn't mean that'll be wouldn't he wouldn't I don't think have someone around like that does he think he'd even like us tonight about that but I think that. A lot of this is strong management and this is this is to be sending a message to Rex Tillerson reminding them who's boss from it is very tense topical things going on. It is Jane this is a guy that likes likes a good deal. President was joking here but she'll also meet again in the humor and badly in the Oval Office earlier Toomey can't this is classic you know is is from undercutting member of a stagnant. I don't undercutting him I don't like to undercut people which is where. How the IQ Cummins got interpreted that about a minute flight of this. I'm doing this more more questions from our viewers here watching us on FaceBook funny BC news's he's the or easy politics. Be here yet and if you give it. I'll write that. All right let her speak big big beefed up for him is just and it. Appreciate it. But it doesn't for this edition of the great singer has always used to download the ABC news apt get alerts watch us any of these gains on FaceBook or have covered in a few minutes of it isn't the thing. Pittsburgh Penguins hearings to life until next time but in the region.

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