Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers speak out on Kavanaugh vote

The Kavanaugh accuser's legal team called the FBI investigation a "sham."
9:10 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers speak out on Kavanaugh vote
So we just obvious vote this afternoon what is your message to its senators Collins flake and mansion in this key holdouts who now have supported it. Christie buzz before it came forward into the very courageous thing. And her voice was heard by hundreds of thousands of women across the country. And she has given voice to those women. And this is a very important moment in our history. That women should be heard Providence is that the FBI report backs up to cap story what more did you expect from this FBI investigation. I'd never intervened. Doctor for. And they never interviewed a number of people who submitted sworn statements that corroborated her allegations. This was not an investigation this position. Republicans have been saying it that Democrats. Have been working with the cook it with Democrats essentially can you say the ever coordinated. Democrats on how. Yes we never court gave the Democrats on the hill. Period hard stopped. And what do you think about it it's partisan. Doctor fort came forward because she felt it was her civic duty to do said that's what she told the committee and that's the truth. And she did that she came forward. And she gave them the information they needed to make a very important vote to make a fully informed about. And unfortunately because there was no fully comprehensive investigation. Their vote really won't be fully informed. Chairman Grassley says the senior communications. Democrats is that Europe. It's irrelevant. I just want to go back to your question. If you were called doctor Ford's testimony. She came forward to her congresswoman. Before. The nominee was on the with the nominee he was on the shortlist she did it because it was she felt it was or civic duty. Should then went to her senator. And she requested confidentiality. This would've remain confidential had. Her letter not somehow become part of the public to me. We did not leak that letter she did not leave them whether she wanted this matter to be investigated but to do a confidentially. And any suggestion that this was some coordinated effort to come forward to last minute. It's ludicrous. Help finance doctor board must see judge happen. Weeping at times saying that these allegations that destroyed his life hurt his Stanley arguing essentially that he's been a victim here you. What's her reaction. I think she understands that this has been a very difficult time for him as well. She commented on. I don't know that she's commented on it specifically and certainly not publicly but I think. She understands that this has been a very difficult time for him and his family just as it's been an incredibly difficult time for her and her friendly but that doesn't mean they're. She didn't do the right thing in coming forward and providing this information. To the committee. Saw the president few days ago come out impersonation. Doctor board president in eight states openly mocking. She's. Well I think what she thinks it's what every woman and every person who watched that thought about it. This is why people do not come forward and report sexual abuse and violence. It's horrifying to have somebody. Who courageously. Does there'd civic duty. At great personal expense. To be mocked by the president of the United States sends a terrible message to all women. And it was unfair and it was wrong what message does that as the press coming out. What message does it just matters. It sends a message to survivors that if for political reasons it is better for him and political rallies to attack women he will do that. That's what messages sense that there was just no matter what women do not believe that and women we'll continue to speak out on with a courageous. Activities and actions intact reports I think she's changed the world. The president says it's January here. I think that young men who assault women should stop. I think that we need to live in a dignified. And in cultures where there's no sexual violence that women were boys or men it's got to stop. And so many people's lives have been completely. Impacted and he railed good people whose lives will never be the same. This gives us an ability to pull back the curtain and see how pervasive defenses and this is why her testimony struck such a chord for so many people for the world. This is happening every day. In schools. And now people are starting had a conversation. And hopefully the world will become a safer place as a result her courage. And when you look back at this site is there anything that you would've done differently. I think that. We represented someone. Who was courageous. Who had. A very credible allegation of sexual assault. And she came forward and testified under. She agreed to make. Her records and everything else and helpful to the FBI I think she did everything right at every turn to say she was prepared to cooperate. And unfortunately the system did her. A grave injustice that's it let's call it grave injustice you cannot have an FBI investigation we don't interview. Both. And we are all the worse for. What comes an expert Christine report will she ever be able to live a normal life again. She's gonna go back to teaching she loves being a teacher and she's very good. And she is looking forward to getting back to her family and her friends. And her job. And we continue this fight we continue to look for corroborating evidence against judge Kaplan. He's never been a crusade we've represented one woman who wanted to talk. To her members of congress and into her senator and ultimately the Senate Judiciary Committee because she thought. What she knew would make a difference in how they assess this company. She's going to go back to her life hopefully it's gonna take some time and we're gonna go back to the rest of the work we do which is through represented. Victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence this is not going to be a lifetime crusade. With this nominee we have faithfully done what our client has assets. You hear that has been a pretty brutal. Ugly fight does she have any regrets about coming police. I think she feels good about the fact that she came forward and did what she felt strongly was her civic duty to do. Which is to provide the information she had to the Judiciary Committee so that they could make better decisions more informed decision. And I think that while it was difficult decision for her. I don't think that she has any regrets about doing what she viewed to be the right thing and Peterson. What do you think when you hear Supreme Court justice per capita. Haven't yet. And if you do. I seems like that's there the direction that we're Woolsey. But for now. What we have been. Coming forward to talk about mrs. we have someone who had important credible evidence. Of some serious misconduct. Attempted rape. By this moment. And she did her job she did her civic duty we hoped the sentences. But if he does end up on the court what does that mean what is bombing message does that send it. To women to the country. Well. It's been a difficult battle and I think that. Women have stood up and asked to be her. And if there is a justice Kavanagh. I think that says a lot about. How this country views women abuse survivors. And that's stories still to be told how that's going to unfold and how it's gonna impact us as a country. You sit if there is a justice cabinet you're still likening up. We are not giving up. Point two mixed you can still change won and it reminds let us hold out that's not our job our job was to have our client come forward. Incredibly testified. Our job was also to try to get the FBI to investigate unfortunately. There was a lot of political partisanship that went into who is on the list of people who were. Interviewed. Our corporate it and witnesses were not that is a sham of an investigation. And if one of these senators are still on the fence right out the clock ticks what do you say to them. We say to them you've heard the survivors tell a credible story of sexual assault that should matter. That bears on fitness that there's on character. Listen to doctor Ford.

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{"duration":"9:10","description":"The Kavanaugh accuser's legal team called the FBI investigation a \"sham.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58317754","title":"Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers speak out on Kavanaugh vote","url":"/Politics/video/christine-blasey-fords-lawyers-speak-kavanaugh-vote-58317754"}