Clinton Supporters Line Up Outside the Javits Center in New York

ABC News' Jordyn Phelps talks to the people who are waiting on line to attend Hillary Clinton's election night party.
11:27 | 11/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton Supporters Line Up Outside the Javits Center in New York
Hi everyone an important announcement EBC news and means you now out I think Javits Center here in new your C and can't. This headquarters for Hillary Clinton's campaign tonight under that being black feeling that of course Hillary Clinton is hoping to symbolically break. Tonight and here are paying me it felt flying out heat of this. In prince Turkey mountain will actually be in the crowd here hoping to witness history tonight nothing to see that person. A lactic. Actually missing had a pretty deep thing when I was here. Hours earlier today and network hurry a lot of people waiting in line to line stretched all the way down a city block. He would keep winning I'm sitting there in PNC and techniques you know a lot of women threatening pretty. I'm fine patriotic team well I can't see it as a tribute to you Hillary Clinton of course and it's now different and it can't you. And and keep our kind of having a little fun that night. Harry I just one thing you know I had been standing in line and we intended seal history tonight ugly it. And print outlets meaning. My name is Francesca I live here in your city and from Pennsylvania originally. And I'm just so incredibly excited for this election but hopefully electing our resident alien. Like green and eat in that room under that thick glass. Feeling it's just gonna be so meaningful to get to share investment there Hillary's supporters and the excitement and best of finally shatter that glass ceiling with a literally left feeling it's just going to be that doesn't exactly answer. Even in theory. Yeah very bright very different you know the policy to indicate that she's gonna win but we don't sound right when he might then this Clinton added that cast a different from the rest of this. It's such a mix of emotions the hole lead up to it because I've been so excited to volunteer and participate. In a follow her candidacy at the same time. The opposition it got so ugly and it was really sad to see. The whole election debates that kind of language from the other side. But I'm really out of how Hillary and doctors now and today feels like a big exhale even without knowing he. The results I just already feel so proud and happy for her toddler and all the hard work and live on. Now here out easily and began limiting and apparently I can't OK. Yeah obviously having maintenance. It means so much I mean I I'm humbled by thinking about the women who. Think Californians felt latest Rhonda suffered jets to. And early feminist movement boys dynamic mean. I'm so grateful that history but it does seem time this election in particular really showed how are we still have to kind. How much that is still in the world and I just feel humbled and grateful to get ten. That this progress in our can't even Hillary supporter own I have I was actually I think are Hillary. Very very time she's inspired campaign. And hiking path I'm. And winning play real advantage scenery your right yes I'm not easily the primary. In the evening you know Bernie and Mary Steenburgen and winning even paying to see your friends and me are you going to fight this week and it's. And of the fiercest during his supporters and proud and still love you so much. Making ends of the oldest well we work together I was on tearing along side many former Bernie. Primary supporters and you know I mean a lot of those underground so yeah yeah right doesn't get so much abuse being. And a lot of people get used to be I'm Ernie Allen for Hillary and I think we have more coming rounds than not eating a lot of people really. TO I do OK yeah. Thanks tonight anyway here's Alan and I take the time time is right. So we're just enemy is high into that into the line here Ayman. And he thinks there are going to be trying to Karen. People in the final eight just don't Heitmann courses in. Within an hour. Mine. Longtime favorite things. And leaning on. I. They're slightly. My grandmother I. Okay. Okay. Some more young ladies can come to see Hillary and I'm hoping to see a little history. Meets tonight yeah. I'm back at. Here's how thin and light here. My name's Danny I'm New York grant women are Atlanta. It was great to Democrat my grandma loves Hillary and didn't know that left me. So I'm partly here that you know and watch it myself and out an electric your record. I'm pacing here screaming and yelling time and have. Every line and your hair flying and I didn't tell her I'm here is they didn't want fixings thanks everybody I'm Lou people. Did make it didn't know I'm I'm really looking forward to hopefully being in the room briefing that the hair that in the EU limit and a report back and how about that isn't Amy at an event on any night classes yes exactly I think so obviously. Don't want out. Currently incidents against this points and went missing in any degree on what it means. That we're watching. I think just participation. In politics that that's an important. Element Alan beating women in bikinis inning aptly happens and watching that election it. You know really interesting and that's when it comes to the where friends. I don't think about Casey Anthony treatment trees hot today hurt you know. Still covered and voted stickers and I just think accepted. Importantly I honor the history and the progress that he felt I let it. Its tickets it there. Actually picked them up yesterday. It to the Bronx that's and it was really. Like he eat just kind of mine. Got eaten Allen went. I. Or. Ali now completely her friends and running and I guess I'm. Yeah you're name's angry and I'm actually we worked for right now. Yeah giving them her element apparently they're keeping us feel than mine. We're here just your partner this cap and pretty incredible and in the end. You know I think that's how long can. Came to see it comes at this moment and be a part of history and I feel like we're so lucky to be in new York and human experience. You mentioning husbands it. And hear how things happens ninth inning. See play out. I think the message tonight in the Indian mountain range and ending any I'm not about honoring history but I also is looking. Celebrating like in the first hundred days an in the next four years that many many years to. We have partners. He's LaMont and young voters and I find a lot of the women right. Cries are just decided. Have you found that most women you know I have been supporting Hillary hall on its. Yeah I mean I think it's in and saying there are a lot of people I know there's a girl I'm. We work wet. Is originally from Ohio Hillary is Republican and I'm really makes me comers in this match your pilots and you know environment wearing. Being a Democrat is that day you know have come under our cat so I think that you know you've what I've watched people out of struggle to make that decision and you know have just been certain rooting on the guidelines for them to choose Mary snow. Yeah I feel like at least the people live close this web. Had been decided how long did you certainly have seen. Between choosing her ears you know thinking about what Republicans it ain't so do you know there's it definitely wasn't. I don't think anyone think that have been done deal obviously it's a lot of Republicans in his apartment entering. Votes to be passed out again Kenya and honey yeah. I'm yeah. Absolutely not believe her she anybody's mind personal values. Anything. Experienced person in the job making. She knows how to. And I yeah. I don't really. That's certainly that is something to celebrate and champion and I like 93. And I just watching this election because. Been reading I'm. On this night that anger goes on the end ample time. Now it's something you look back half watching that you think it's almost humorous how common. Rational newer and it's kind of unfortunate. There's every young kids growing up as that person out there putting in an experience. I think Burton in front end. Well I think you know what we certainly think that. There will be looking growing up with her there aren't that kind of thing that I can't adding about one out and. Think he's gonna act like you know. I have to get. I think you yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. And as you can see a lot of young women high in the house tonight I'll very excited. About the potential history that could be me here obviously I'm bin. A very high ten election cycle today Eileen. I'm in a lot of the voters here and eat that night or I think hopes happens tonight. I'm stands in contrast. She who all of that acrimony that we've been seen eye out for months if not. I'm gonna make my way back in the Javits Center there is they keep security line. Luckily I will keep Howard here with my kind of dark premise the lady friend kind bark out that doesn't Brittany are now. You can see people still have piling into the Javits Center can act tonight how much for watching eastern check out all of our rate is rising. Patty dean is not content you can follow me on Twitter accurate bouts every day.

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{"duration":"11:27","description":"ABC News' Jordyn Phelps talks to the people who are waiting on line to attend Hillary Clinton's election night party. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43393657","title":"Clinton Supporters Line Up Outside the Javits Center in New York ","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-supporters-line-javits-center-york-43393657"}