Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly Begins

ABC News' Josh Haskell goes inside the hearing for Department of Homeland Security and breaks down what to expect as it begins.
6:43 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly Begins
ABC's Josh Haskell behind an immediate confirmation hearing. For John Kelly used present elect Donald Trump's picked to head the Department of Homeland Security Kelly will be introduced by Senator John McCain. And by god gave us. Former Defense Secretary and there are. Mostly media and here now it's a pretty tight room Dirksen and the Dirksen office building on Capitol Hill there are. A few Ku and protesters who are behaving. Else so far as. Nominee is greeting senators Rob Portman came obstacle his wife. So who two on John Kelly's daughter and so that's kind of scene right now as he's about to take his. He is found to be introduced so let's take you in a little tighter. More. And there's John Kelly the senator screen. He. You always Judy there's his home order. I'm. Smart here. This marks. Doing well these. Are. Warm welcome. It's all here. Yeah. Yeah and eight mile. When Romo who. Former yeah audience. Good morning. Our mission here early this morning there's yeah I'll. A lot of my eyes bruises. Here we are here yeah. We use. He didn't. Greater America. Yeah here yeah. It is are we outside. Yeah. About what you're hearing inside their first of all us. The chairman was actually. Introducing some of the new senators calmly Harris. Of course Maggie Haston from New Hampshire so Rand Paul command he's of course not new. To this group but there were some mind. Senators that just started work. Arm last week and so they were all here for the first time. Music room to question John Kelly another thing that I thought that was interest in was there were some instructions given. To the crowd and although I mentioned it's really only one or two rows. Members the public. But. That'd person that was leading the opening introductions. Noted how. This morning's. Beginning hearing with senator sessions pretty boisterous but many in eruptions protesters from different groups. Armed we counted at least ten so far. Who had taken out in different moments really disrupting. Statements given not just by senator sessions but by people supporting him. A home and so that's something that. They said will not be tolerated this time around we'll of course keep an eye on back. And this is the door right over here that. The would come out of this if any went to get taken out on it seems again like a small crowd we're not sure that'll happen. On and that they want John Kelly to have this time to answer. Questions as Donald tree president elect Donald Trump's nominees for the Department of Homeland Security. And a walk you guys down all we hear something that there's still some people we just getting doesn't. Likely will. Okay. I think mostly members of oppressors also an overflow rooms downstairs. We are right now in the US capitol Dirksen office building. Found maneuvers windowsill and know not ensued deep but anyone who's been here before noted it's easy. To get lost inside his place on the third floor however you guys back inside the hearing right now. I can't talk to loud because it's ongoing and I don't want to disrupt this small room. Arm but I'll come out from time to time to give you put that in context about what's happening so let's head back yes. And 40. Do you. Certain. Yours I talk personal way. Borger passers. He will ask hall what we're I'm partner. Put your name you. I think he's probably not. If you recognize how important is or any press. Via news. Here she didn't want. So. It's. All. I burns is. And earthy tree. There are statements. Which he and there you my news. All safe and senators Bob. Here.

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{"duration":"6:43","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell goes inside the hearing for Department of Homeland Security and breaks down what to expect as it begins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44687629","title":"Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly Begins","url":"/Politics/video/confirmation-hearing-gen-john-kelly-begins-44687629"}