Cory Booker to the Rescue: Mayor Helps Chilled Dog

Newark mayor responded to TV reporter's tweets about a dog left out in the cold.
1:48 | 01/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cory Booker to the Rescue: Mayor Helps Chilled Dog
We have been reporting all week about how dangerous is cold weather is for our pets so tonight exhibit a a dog in New Jersey left outside in the deep freeze. Found by Eyewitness News only our camera was there when she was rescued by -- -- and caped crusader mayor Cory Booker and approach. Had a secret here's New Jersey reporter well. Heading to a story photographer Ernie -- tonight couldn't stop thinking about those little lady that we passed out in the cold. Check back hours later she was still out nothing but raising concrete to rest on no good. We took to Twitter. I -- mayor Cory Booker reported dollop miles re tweets and so do our followers many of you thank you because look what happens. Detectives. Who -- to just take it may have look at shows up and takes charge this is. Brutal weather is -- -- really bad. And that you just can't leave your -- -- they let this go away. Another -- comes the mayor picks up the dog carries -- -- to keep warm inside. The mayor finds out the dog's -- cell phone number and -- -- Kelly yes how high school level can only groups are yet in them a clue to what what he -- -- yes it -- is a good but it's a -- titles -- He says they -- visiting over in Queens it had no idea -- outlets outside. But she always inside the house is week moving do we getting I don't know what in general she probably by the -- -- -- this stuff in the cause you probably got out. She's a new mom -- she's just pet puppies thankfully this little guy I was not outside. And mom is much happier now by mistake or on purpose pets can die in this bitter cold -- if you know of an animal. Being left out speaking up. Might save -- life. -- -- -- it's channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"Newark mayor responded to TV reporter's tweets about a dog left out in the cold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"18313273","title":"Cory Booker to the Rescue: Mayor Helps Chilled Dog","url":"/Politics/video/cory-booker-to-the-rescue-mayor-saves-frozen-dog-18313273"}