Coushatta Tribe chairman speaks on 'fundamental issues of Native Americans'

David Sickey, chairman of the Coushatta Tribe in Louisiana, said "tribal leaders are not pleased" that the Trump administration was not prioritizing "Native American issues."
3:29 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Coushatta Tribe chairman speaks on 'fundamental issues of Native Americans'
And back to the 20/20 campaign Charlie tying about earlier today a big day in Iowa. Where bunch of candidates are continuing to circle thrill. Historic forum where native American leaders from around the country are gathering in that early crucial state. To make their pitch to the presidential candidates. Asked for listening time and and hear the candidates have to say on their issue as I talked earlier today to one of those tribal leaders from a Louisiana. About when he was hoping to hear from the candidates let's take a lesson. Chairman sticking thank you so much for joining us your child is in. Louisiana that you're holding this event in Iowa explain to us the significance of all these tribal leaders gathering. In the early voting state. First and foremost it's extremely difficult for. To get our issues and concerns are heard even during normal day. But tribal leaders to be here in person is extremely important to you to get in front. Presidential candidates. And again the idea is to have these one on one discussions and dialogues and exchanges. So we could bring to the forefront what's most important to tribes not only did they shot us but the tribes across the country. We are hoping to hear from the candidates a fundamental understanding of the core issues that are facing natives this day. In this day and age and going full. We want to hear from candidates what they're going to do as president war. Missing in murdered indigenous women across this country which is at an all time epidemic right now. We are hoping to hear from candidates. Issues such as tribal health care tribal housing and tribal infrastructure. I was talking to a tribal leader this morning for example he showed me a picture of they rode on a reservation back home. That it that is completely washed out and in nobody's. Is offering up any type of a corporations or any funding to sixties grows in of course infrastructure contributes to job creation. Workforce development. Tribal children need to get to schools so with inadequate in sub standard. Infrastructure on tribal lands across this country. That is unacceptable in India and tribal leaders are not very pleased with that situation. But is there a consensus that working with this administration has been different than working the administration in the past. Embarrassed sense that a democratic administration tends to treat track differently can you explain that relationship that's a historical our relations. Ships. Depending on administration's US administration's presidential administrations of the past. Obviously you get to see different priorities. And sometimes. The previous administration for example. Prioritize native American concerns in needs and interests. For example the previous administration. Created and started the tribal nations conference which was discontinued. They're under this current administration. Those are things that were interest today. And again it's it's it's it's all about presidential administrations and he and their and their priorities what's important to them as president what would be like to see. How would that how and if it. And if they do you prioritize native Americans what would do what what she would that look like what form that take. First and foremost you need funding for anything so appropriations wise we need a lot of funding for tribal health care housing education and social programs.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"David Sickey, chairman of the Coushatta Tribe in Louisiana, said \"tribal leaders are not pleased\" that the Trump administration was not prioritizing \"Native American issues.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65063626","title":"Coushatta Tribe chairman speaks on 'fundamental issues of Native Americans'","url":"/Politics/video/coushatta-tribe-chairman-speaks-fundamental-issues-native-americans-65063626"}