Cuomo calls for hazard pay for frontline workers

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a 50% bonus, stressing the fact that about 40% of frontline workers are people of color and one-third are from low-income households.
6:50 | 04/20/20

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Transcript for Cuomo calls for hazard pay for frontline workers
Today's 51 days since the first case in New York just for perspective. So we know we're we are. 92 days since the first case cute the United States of America. Those in Seattle and in California. These are the hospitalization numbers for today. Take down from yesterday. But it slight tick. Statistically relevant. The question for us as we are are we past the apex. We have had a number of days that have seen it reduction reduction is of course the board. Hospitals also say anecdotally that they have less. Patience and your emergency room. Which. You're in perspective the emergency rooms were way over capacity. It was chaotic it was hellish. And the emergency rooms are still at or over capacity. But it's better than it was. These. Total change across civilizations you see that it's been going down. The three B average of hospitalizations. Going down. Number of integrations is down again that is great news. Not down as much as yesterday but down. Number of new people coming in the door where if hope it diagnosis. Is again just about flat with yesterday. This was reporting over a weekend sometimes that we can't reporting can get little funky because it's Saturday and Sunday and they have less of the staff the reporting may not be as accurate but it's basically flat. The question. That we initially dealt with. At the beginning of this is the numbers we're going up the question was how. Until we reach the top of the mountain wreck every day it was the numbers higher than a retired numbers higher numbers higher. Question was when the. You get to the top how high can ago. Then. We get to the top the top turns out not to be a peak. It turns out to be applied toe now on the plateau and it's basically flat and the question was how long are we going beyond this plot to help. How long how wide is the plateau. The question our voices. Assuming were off the plateau and we're seeing it dissent. Which the numbers would suggest we're seeing it descent to question is now. How long. Is that the senate and house fee is that dissent. And nobody knows I and I would propose hazard pay for Frontline workers. We all say the boy they did a great job health care workers did a great job to police figures. Yes they are. But you know what banks is nice. But also recognition of their efforts. And their sacrifice. Is also appropriate. They are the ones that are carrying us through this crisis. And this crisis is not over. And if you look at who they are. And the equity and fairness. What is happening. I think any reasonable person. Would say. We should write this rule. 40% of the Frontline workers are people call. Forty per percent in public transit 57%. Of the building workers 40% of the health care workers. People of color are also disproportionately. Represented. Represented in delivery services and child care observers. Right the economy slows down the economy did not closed. It closed down for those people frankly have the luxury of staying at home. All those essential workers. Who had to get up every morning to put food on the shelves. And go to the hospitals to provide health care. Under extraordinary circumstances. In the police officer who had to go out to keep you safe from the firefighter who still had to go out and fight the fire. Those people worked. And they wonder didn't expose themselves to the virus two thirds. Of those Frontline workers. Are women. 13. Come from low income households. So they've been doing this work they've been stressed they're going home to our household. Often had. To wage earners one of them is not now not working it you're living just on that one's salary. And after all of that we see you infection rate. Among African American brown Americans. Hide here proportionately. The other groups want. Because they work out there exposing themselves. That's why and you think about health disparities at center. I believe all the studies and warned of saying yes when you work home with your doors locked. Dealing with cabin fever they were out there dealing with the corona virus. And that's why they are more infected. Pay them what they deserve. I would. Would say a hazard pay give them a 50% bonus and I would do that now. What we're doing here. You know as a general rule. What we do. The term is our future write as Smart as government is the smartest people are that's how how you shape your future. This is cause and effect and start it's what we do today. Will determine tomorrow. And we're not going to need. To wait to read the history books. We make Smart decisions. You was he Smart outcomes. In two weeks. We make bad decisions you will see bad outcomes. In two weeks. So when they say the future is in our hands the future is really in our hands. And we're going to get through this. We we can control the beast. Beast will not destroy us we can't control the beats great news. We have a lot of work to do to keep the beast under control we have a lot of work to do. To reopen. But we're gonna set the bar high when re imagined. And what we reopened will be better than what we had before build back better build back better BBB. And that's what we're going to do.

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed a 50% bonus, stressing the fact that about 40% of frontline workers are people of color and one-third are from low-income households.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70246416","title":"Cuomo calls for hazard pay for frontline workers","url":"/Politics/video/cuomo-calls-hazard-pay-frontline-workers-70246416"}